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[Case Study] How We Took a Toronto-Based Software Startup From $0-$1M Annual Recurring Revenue In 12 Months Using Inside Sales
In this case study, you will learn... 
  • How we validated a market quickly using a landing page and cold email.
  • How we validated an offer quickly using inside sales. 
  • How we scaled up lead generation using paid traffic and a high-converting funnel. 
  • How we duplicated the sales process by building an inside sales team. 
  • How we ran a financial analysis and built an investment thesis. 
500 + SaaS and High-Ticket Service Companies And Counting 
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$0-$5M ARR
14 Months. 
3 Commission-Based Employees. 
Nick Kozmin
BSc. Engineering Physics, Queen's University, Canada
Thesis: Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Founder of (Acquired by GoWrench Auto)

Founder of ($0-$1.5M ARR. 6 months. 1 employee.)
Derek Szeto
BSc. Commerce, Queen's University, Canada 

Founder of RedFlagDeals - Acquired By Yellow Pages Group (2010) Inc - 350 Bay St. Toronto, Canada, M5H2S6