How I Made $8M By Not Drinking Alcohol

Nick Kozmin


Alrighty, in this video, I'm going to tell you the story of how I made $8 million by not drinking alcohol. I asked my team, "What stories would you want? I'm producing some content today, which stories you want to hear?" And one of the sales guys said he wants to hear this story. So the story is, I had the engineering background, I had the sales background. And in Toronto, in Canada, for some reason, they like drinking their beers, and they like drinking their alcohol. What I did, I learned from a mentor, and he gave me permission to not fall into that social pressure. And he said, "It's okay not to drink and do that stuff." It's funny what happens when you stop doing that stuff. Your brain, all of a sudden, just gets so good, you can just see through walls.

If you do it for six months, where you just don't do drugs or alcohol, or you don't do any stupid stuff, you can build this compounding effect. There're a lot of other factors that went into it, but not drinking alcohol was a big one. This was when I was 25 years old, just completely cut that out of my life. Now I'm almost 30, within six months, I made my first million bucks. And then I just kept that momentum going. If you want to make a big gain, you've got to cut all that stuff out, so stop drinking alcohol. It's like putting a handicap, like a parking brake, on you. So drinking will not necessarily collapse your life. Drugs and cocaine will do that.

If you do any sort of drugs, and stuff like that, I watched people ruin their lives because of this. If you do hard drugs and stuff, that's going to collapse your life, that's going to put you on a fricking negative spiral. So stay away, stay clear of that crap. If you drink, you're just going to stay where you're at. If you're completely sober, what'll end up happening is, you're going to go up. So if you want to make a big gain, just don't do that stuff. And you're just going to go up, go up, go up, it's just a perfectly natural thing. Because if you think about it, everyone else has this handicap, right? That's the strategy that I used.

No one really talks about this, the relationship to that, but I've been thinking about it for the last few years. My mentors operate in the same way. Even my first mentor, Ben, he was a multimillionaire when he was 32, and he didn't drink alcohol. He was clean as a whistle. And it wasn't like he was a super genius. But he just didn't do the stuff that puts a handicap on him. So, that's a strategy that I used to make $8 million bucks before 30. And yeah, I can't say that it was just that, but I think there's a relationship between not drinking and making some progress. So hopefully that information helps.

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