Foxpass - Doubled In 12 Months

Aren informiing me that he doubled in 12 months! Him and his team learned from us and took the reigns!

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  • Niche: Security
  • Result : Doubled In 12 Months.
  • Client : Aren Sandersen, CEO


Aren from Foxpass is an incredibly smart entrepreneur who’s created a better, faster, cheaper way to manage and maintain security best practices for growing companies (significant problem). He’s currently addressing many different verticals: Fin-tech, entertainment, medical, tech, and E-commerce. Aren participated in the Y Combinator incubation program and came to us in mid-2018 while he was wrapping up the documentation of his core case studies and thesis. He has incredibly strong technical skills, but at the time, he was not thoroughly versed in the sales and marketing best-practices. His team went through and framework, and got a full grasp on what tasks needed to complete, in what order, and how. He hired a full-time marketer to execute the steps and doubled in one year.

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