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Discounted Present Value

Fig 1: DPV Formula

Figure 1 shows the Discounted Present Value formula. DPV is the discounted present value of the future cash flow FV(t), or FV(t) adjusted for the delay in receipt. FV(t) is the nominal value of a cash flow amount in a future period; r is the interest rate or discount rate, which reflects the cost of tying up capital and may also allow for the risk that the payment may not be received in full, t is time. 

Hamilton's Rule

Fig 2: Hamilton's Rule Formula

-c +rB > 0
rB > c

Figure 2 shows the Hamilton's rule formula. In Hamilton’s rule, B is the increase in fitness (benefit) of a social partner from the behaviour of a focal individual, c is the decrease in fitness (cost) of a focal individual that performs the behaviour, and r measures genetic relatedness between focal and recipient individuals. 


Fig 1: Book Shelf

Fig 1 depicts some of the texts that played a key role in developing's framework and processes.

For: Motivated SaaS & Online Entrepreneurs

It's possible to quickly build a hyper-profitable, fast-growing B2B SaaS/Online business without raising money if "one" can simultaneously practice sales, marketing, solution-design, and engineering. 

A gap in one or multiple of these areas can express itself as underachievement, waste, frustration, and "meh" or "less than meh" returns on capital. 

We help you fill in these gaps. 

As a result, you will be able to achieve hilariously-high returns on capital and calories invested. 

Fig 1: The Three Paths

Figure 1 depicts three potential paths an entrepreneur can take on their path to scaling up. 

The purple path depicts an entrepreneur who never finds 'the profitable unit case' , which results in cash burn and eventual failure. This is a common path, unfortunately. 

The second path (blue), depicts a 'typical success'- burn cash until the 'inflection point' - where the profitable unit case is found, then scale up (entrepreneurs tolerate this for 2 years ish). 

The third path (green) depicts the 'new way' or 'better way'- solving for the profitable unit case in only 2a few months, then using cash flow to fund growth and further product development. This results in minimal dilution and higher overall yield. The green path is the path our customers follow. 

Fig 2: Net Cash Flow Against Time - Ramp to $500k Per Month

Figure 2 depicts cash flow against time during a ramp to $500k per month ( offer). 

Fig 3: Net Cash Flow Against Lead Source

Figure 3 depicts cash flow against the lead source during a ramp to $500k per month ( offer). Notice that outbound methods were used to get off the ground, then paid traffic channels were used to scale into the millions.

Fig 4: Net Cash Flow Against Rep

Figure 4 depicts the net cash flow against sales rep for during a ramp to $500k per month. Notice that (Nick) founder was the first sales rep and other reps joined only after the sales process was proven.

Fig 5: Cash Accounts During Ramp to $500k Per Month 

Figure 5 depicts the cash account balances of (after-tax) during the ramp. Notice that positive cash flow was achieved during this ramp. This was achieved without raising money or taking on any debt.

Fig 6: Example of Ramp to $500k Per Month. Bootstrapped. Profitable. No BS.

Over 800 Clients Helped And Counting...

Clients Backed By:

Featured In:

Kevin from AdvisorStream - $0-$1M ARR in 12 Months, $1M-$5M in 24 Months

State 1: $0, burning cash, a few months of runway
State 2: $1M ARR, then $5M ARR, investors happy
Time Frame: $0-$1M in 12 months, $1M-$5M in 24 months

Kevin is the CEO of AdvisorStream, a Toronto-based fin-tech startup that specializes in empowering financial advisors with content marketing. He raised a little bit of money (~$1M) and spent a few years developing a rock-solid thesis that demonstrated the relationship between an advisor's content quality that advisor's AUM. Upon completing initial product development, he had his first few raving testimonials and solid case studies, but no formal, repeatable sales process... yet. He was eager to get his valuable solution into the hands of more advisors, and we didn't blame him. The product was excellent. 

He started working with us, and within one month, the construction of the sales pages, marketing collateral, sales scripts, outbound prospecting messages, and ads were completed. We helped him hire and train four salespeople and install a full customer success department. Within 12 months, AdvisorStream grew from a few paying customers to $1M ARR. Kevin and his investors were delighted with these results. He used the initial momentum to develop his solution further so he could sell into large enterprises and banks. He shot us an email not too long ago that only read "Hey, you can change your website. We are at $5M ARR."
Founder and CEO: Kevin Mulhern
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Financial Advisors

Kevin's Background

Fig 1: AdvisorStream ARR Growth

Figure 1 depicts the ARR growth of AdvisorStream. Screenshot is taken from ChartMogul, which ties into Stripe account. 

Fig 2: Visiting the AdvisorStream Office

Figure 2 is a clip of CEO, Nick Kozmin, visiting the AdvisorStream team at their office.
"We had just raised $1,100,000 in seed financing, we had a good product, a great market, and some beta customers. We needed to get the product in the hands of more people and achieve scale. 

However, our message wasn't resonating. We had enterprise deals in the pipeline, but they were taking longer than expected to close. We tried selling direct, but we were unable to get success. We needed to get to our first million ASAP.

We were referred to Nick by one of our board members, and we decided to start working with him to build out our sales funnel. He helped with messaging, sales scripts, ads, landing pages, comp. structure, CRM integration, hiring, investor decks, financial forecasts and analysis, capital allocation, channel partner agreements and the customer success process.

The results were incredible.

Within 12 months, we grew to over $1M annual recurring revenue.

The funnel worked and it was profitable. 

Because we had traction, we were able to close larger enterprise deals and sign healthy channel partner agreements. 

We are now cash flow positive and growing fast using the systems Nick helped build. Nick continues to consult with us."

Kevin Mulhern, Founder and CEO of AdvisorStream

Henry from CoPilot AI - $0-$1M ARR in 11 Months

State 1: $0, burning cash, few months of runway
State 2: $1M ARR, higher converting assets, able to raise money, sales team closing, founders happy
Time Frame: 11 months

Henry Bee from CoPilot leads a team of fantastic engineers that are helping solve problems in the wealth-tech niche over in Vancouver, Canada. 

He's razor-sharp and has honed an impressive set of technical skills. 

He started working with us, and within a month, the sales pages, outbound scripts, sales scripts, and ads were firing, and demos were coming in hot. 

His sales team was closing sales, however... with some resistance. 

Henry, being a true professional, went back to the whiteboard and put on his scientist hat. He determined a more urgent problem for his financial advisors customers - marketing. He had the insights to solve it and went out to the current customer base with a new offer. 

Betas immediately signed up. He worked on the underlying mechanics of the solution over Christmas and demonstrated the first results for the beta customer within a few weeks. 

He and his team took the thesis and manual steps used to deliver the results and built a full SaaS solution, now CoPilot, just within a few months. We helped him spin up new landing pages and ads, train the sales team on a new script, and turn the machine back on. The new offer at a new price worked, and his team shot to $1M ARR in 11 months. Henry, now armed with technical and sales skills, can now perform "digital alchemy" whenever he wants. If I were just an investor looking for someone to bet on, I'd take a look at Henry!
Co-Founder and CEO: Henry Bee
Location: Vancouver, BC
Vertical: Fin-Tech

Henry's Background

Fig 1: CoPilot AI MRR Growth

Figure 1 depicts the MRR growth of CoPilot AI. Screenshot is taken from ChartMogul, which ties into Stripe account. 

Fig 2: Video Testimonial by Henry Bee of CoPilot AI

"We finished building our product and we had some initial traction with beta customers. We raised a little less than $1M in seed financing and we needed to prove out a profitable distribution strategy to justify the model. We had no proven sales strategy. Our close rates were low and our lead volume unpredictable. We were getting worried. 

We started working with Nick after hearing about what he did for AdvisorStream. He built out our inside sales funnel, and our lead generation campaigns. The results were great. 

Our outbound prospecting lead capture rate went from .5% to 2%, 
Our paid cold traffic campaign lead capture rate increase from 4% to 12%,
Our demo booking rate increased from 20% to 40%, 
Our demo closing rate went from 10% to 38%. 

With the funnel fully built, sales will catch up to our expenses in 6 months or less. This means we can raise serious capital and scale on the backs of real revenue and strong growth.

What's even more impressive is that Nick has continued to figure out how to lower the CAC. With a fully automated funnel we are now able to confidently close channel deals and send people through the funnel at scale.” 

Henry Bee, Co-Founder and CEO at CoPilot AI

Jeremy from Press Advantage - $0-$1M ARR in 11 Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR
Time Frame: 11 months

Jeremy from Press Advantage is one heck of an entrepreneur. He lives on a farm, has five kids, and is as smart as a whip. He's a self-proclaimed "techy," and he'd be the first to tell you that sales was not his strength before 2018. 

Jeremy signed up for after "taking a flyer" via one of my FB cold messages. He followed the framework to a t and took each step as literally as an engineer possibly could. He spun up landing pages, did outbound prospecting, worked on his sales scripts and other assets, between picking up his kids from school and other family activities. He practiced his sales presentation in the mirror, charged through the live demos, and closed his deals. 

While selling, he was able to identify small holes in his offer and use his product development skills to fill them in quickly. 

He sold for a few months and got his new offer to $10kish per month. 

Then he used the webinar scripts and action flows provided by us to help craft a webinar. 

He went out to a channel partner and presented his webinar live. That one live webinar did $400k ARR in one day (this includes trailing sales from replays). 

He's now past $1M ARR and still growing fast. He was able to take his learnings and further refine his offer and is currently sitting pretty as the best-in-class solution for press releases in his specific niche (SEO agencies). 

Perhaps Jeremy still believes that he's not a gifted salesperson, and even might tell you so, however, I will tell you otherwise. 
Co-Founder and CEO: Jeremy Noetzelman
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Vertical: SEO Agencies

Jeremy's Background

Fig 1: Video Testimonial by Jeremy Noetzelman of Press Advantage

Fig 2: Jeremy Noetzelman - Reference Interview

"Our profits and return on investment with you is stratospheric. I can’t even quantify it. It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m a tech guy...I’ve been in the tech industry for 25 years...I’ve done development, managed giant teams at Microsoft, managed $50 million budgets. But I’m a tech guy and I’d never done sales before. 

We weren’t bringing on any new customers. There was certainly a sense of urgency for me to get this going back on the right track. I think my schedule was booked out for three weeks straight with no gaps. I didn’t leave myself any gaps for lunch breaks. I was on the phone from 8am-5pm. 

We hope to get to that goal [$2M ARR] in the next year and looking forward to working with you on the paid advertising front and getting that dialed in. We hope to get to that within the first year or so and I’m confident we can. I’ve had to stop selling after this last promotion because my fulfillment is capped out. I have to increase my fulfillment before I can start selling again, which is a great problem to have."

Jeremy Noetzelman, Co-Founder and CEO of Press Advantage

Fig 3: Webinar Results

Figure 3 is an update from Jeremy on his webinar, which he made using the scripts and action flows. Jeremy sold 30 plans live (37.5% conversion rate), and sold many more off replays.

Fig 4: Closing Deals

Figure 4 is an update from Jeremy on his sales performance. Jeremy used the advanced sales training and sales scripts provided by to develop his selling and closing skills.

Ben from Sourcewater - $0-$1M ARR in 10 Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR, completed Series A round
Time Frame: 10 months

Ben Reed led the marketing and sales efforts Sourcewater, a West Texas-based company that developed the technology to track and arrange disposal water from oil fields. 

He is an insanely sharp cat with fantastic technical comprehension and communication abilities...and he happened to know his way around marketing tech stacks and sales - and extremely valuable skill set! 

He came to us in Nov 2018 after seeing one of our Facebook ads. Ben and his teammates had just finished validating their use cases - they were testing market hypothesis and running experiments for a few years until one specifically expressed the tech in a slightly different way than before... and BOOM. Utility was found, customers were jacked up, and Ben and the Team were ready to go to market. 

Ben whipped up an educational piece of content, recorded it, and drove traffic to it, using what he learned in the Framework. 

He and the team changed up the website architecture to funnel to clear CTAs and to highlight their case studies, value props, and unique insights. 

Ben used the sales training, Framework, and scripts to craft a compelling sales argument and install it into the sales organization. In Jan 2019, Ben validated the new script with a $25k sale. He then went on to duplicate the process and climbed to $1M in 11 months. In May 2019, Sourcewater closed its series A round of $7M. Since then, Ben has moved on to new projects, and the Source Water Team is accelerating the momentum created from the early push.
CMO: Ben Reed
Location: Houston, TX
Vertical: Fin-Tech/Oil & Gas

Fig 1: Audio Testimonial by Ben Reed from Sourcewater

Fig 2: Completing a Series A

Figure 2 is an update from Ben after Sourcewater closed its $7.2M Series A round.

Fig 3: Adding $220k in New ARR 

Figure 3 in an update from Ben after his team brought in $220k in new ARR by selling high-ticket deals.
"Through the funnel, we've generated about 200 leads, probably on average like $35 per lead and in terms of a qualified meeting, we're spending about $850 per qualified meeting. 

I truly believe that the lifetime value of the customers is probably $50,000 to $100,000, so I'm willing to spend a heck of a lot more than the average buyer or marketer. So I'm really excited about the funnel. 

I think as I tweak it and throw some more angles at it and as I penetrate the market, I think that funnel is going to produce millions of dollars. That's the true, full, honest story of it."

Ben Reed, CMO at Sourcewater

Brandon from - $200k-$3.5M ARR in 11 Months

State 1: $200k ARR
State 2: $3.5M ARR
Time Frame: 11 months

Brandon is an excellent salesperson - blood runs with enthusiasm and charisma, but he's also smart as a tack.

He was a top salesperson at Google and IBM and made a fortune selling into the enterprise. However, while selling, he encountered a problem that he couldn't ignore - contact data was crap.

He correlated his sales productivity with the quality of his contact data and found that even him, a top salesperson, still struggled without having cheap, accessible, accurate contact data.

Brandon quit his job and made it his mission to build a solution that lived up to the claim: the World's Best Contact Data, something that he would consider fit for slinging b2b accounts. He mined the data manually and sold it early to customers to validate his hypothesis. Then, he hired a developer to help technologically express his hypothesis into a product.

He wandered into our funnel in early 2019 after raising some money and having about $20k per month in sales. Within a few days of working with us, he launched a video sales letter using our guidance and copy and updated his FB ads.

If you visit our pages, then visit Seamless', you might smell some similarities. In 11 months, Seamless grew to $3.5M ARR and is on pace for even more growth. He and his team came to visit in Toronto for one of our private Mastermind events, and I got to meet them in person. They are a great group of lads and are serious about solving this darn contact problem. They are continuously improving their product in pursuit of their bodacious claims. If you require some contact data, give em a try!
Founder and CEO: Brandon Bornancin
Location: Columbus, OH
Vertical: Marketing Automation

Brandon's Background

Fig 1: Jason Hamilton from Test Launcher and Brandon Bornancin from Speak About

Fig 2: Facebook Ads

Figure 2 shows's Facebook ads, which were created using's framework, templates, and action flows.
“We do a lot of paralysis by analysis where we get caught up in five creatives, 17 different ads, 20 things for just slows us down and kills our momentum. 

What’s cool about the Mastermind is we got what we needed to get the ads out there to drive results. One of the biggest things was looking at the marketing unit economics and we realized we’re pricing our product too cheap to really scale the business to $100 million in sales, which is the big goal.”

Brandon Bornancin, Founder and CEO at

Pavel from Keboola - $3M-$6M ARR in 10 Months

State 1: $3M ARR
State 2: $6M ARR
Time Frame: 10 months

If your physics prof is a dual-core processor, then Pavel from Keboola is a Xeon 18-Core - he's one of the smartest and quickest people along which we've ever had the pleasure of working.

Like a gazelle striding through the African grasslands, Pavel picked up the framework, manuals, and templates for him and his teammates, learned the underlying concepts, applied them like you would imagine, popped in to get one of his VSL decked reviewed for structure, went awol for a bit, then fired off an email four months later stating he doubled to $6M. 

The VSL structure helped him "pull down" his complex enterprise database architecture insights into a format in which a salesperson could more effectively communicate. Just another example of what happens when an extremely technical and talented person solves sales... Rain.
Co-Founder and CEO: Pavel Dolezal
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Vertical: Data Infrastructure

Fig 1: Keboola Doubles to $6M ARR

Figure 1 is an update from Pavel, saying he doubled to $6M in ARR after just four months of working with

Fig 2: Recommendation by Pavel from Keboola

Patrick from Lead Engine - $0-$1M ARR in Four Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR, adding $200k ARR each month
Time Frame: Four months

"Before, Lead Engine was in its infancy as a company...we were just getting our feet under us and didn't have all the knowledge and structure that we needed. We were a bit all over the place, but we were still growing. 

Now, the training has allowed me to put Lead Engine on a path to our first $1M in ARR in our first year. It has given us better process, structure, and know-how to effectively reach audiences that we never imagined. 

Nick and his team give excellent support and are with you every step of the way. It takes time and dedication, but it's completely worth it. My only regret is that I didn't know about them sooner!"

Patrick Spielmann, Co-Founder and CEO at Lead Engine
Co-Founder and CEO: Patrick Spielmann
Location: St. Paul, MN
Vertical: B2B Lead Gen

Fig 1: Recommendation by Patrick from Lead Engine

Greg from Kinobody - $2M-$12M in 24 Months

State 1: $2M
State 2: $12M
Time Frame: 24 months

“After being stuck for over a year, unable to break past the $100,000 dollar per month profit, I decided to consult with Nick at I explained my situation and how I was unable to really scale beyond $8,000-$10,000 per day with about $4-$5k in daily ad spend. 

We looked at my entire funnel and began to really boil down my messaging and my target market. We adjusted my funnel and copy to really reflect what makes my offer so unique and compelling. Then we began to come up with a whole new ads strategy and script. Once we had everything locked in, I simply couldn’t believe it. 

It was almost as if we had doubled and even tripled over night. Our conversions improved about 20% with the changes to the funnel. The new ads were smashing it out of the park, delivering a 2-3x in ROI. Many of my new ads now have millions of views and have generated hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks. 

We are now averaging $20,000 to $22,000 per day in revenue with just $6,000 - $8,000 per day in ads spend. We tripled our monthly profit in just a few really simple steps. I'm blown away haha. Feels great to finally bust through a plateau when you've been stuck for almost two years."

Greg O'Gallagher, Founder at Kinobody
Founder: Greg O'Gallagher
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Fitness

Fig 1: Helping Greg from Kinobody Write His Sales Letter & Increase Ticket Size

A day later...

Fig 2: Video Testimonial by Greg O'Gallagher of Kinobody

Aren from Foxpass - Doubled Sales in 12 Months

State 1: Struggling with growth
State 2: Doubled sales
Time Frame: 12 months

Aren from Foxpass is an incredibly smart entrepreneur who's created a better, faster, cheaper way to manage and maintain security best practices for growing companies.

He's currently addressing many different verticals: Fin-tech, entertainment, medical, tech, and E-commerce. 

Aren participated in the Y Combinator incubation program and came to us in mid-2018, while he was wrapping up the documentation of his core case studies and thesis. 

He has incredibly strong technical skills, but at the time, he was not thoroughly versed in the sales and marketing best-practices. His team went through and framework, and got a full grasp on what tasks needed to complete, in what order, and how. 

He hired a full-time marketer to execute the steps and doubled in one year.
Founder and CEO: Aren Sandersen
Location: San Francisco, CA
Vertical: Network Security

Fig 1: Update from Aren - Doubled Sales in One Year

Figure 1 shows Aren's results working with - doubled sales in one year.

Jono from Hubbli - $30k MRR to $80k MRR ($1M ARR) in Less Than 12 Months

State 1: Stuck at $30k MRR for 10 months
State 2: $80k MRR, growing 300%, reduced CAC by 50%
Time Frame: Less than 12 months

"Hey Nick, happy to be a case study for you at any time. 

Your program helped me go from being stuck at $30k MRR for 10 months, to growing to $70k MRR in six months. 

I now close an average of 1.5 sales a day, and 92% of my deals close in one call, with a $5k transaction on an annual subscription. LTV of the customer is $30k."

"I've been going through Nick's program and I can vouch that it, and he, are the real deal. Our growth has doubled in the last few months and I have reduced my CAC by over 50%."

Jono Landon, Founder and CEO at Hubbli
Founder and CEO: Jono Landon
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Education

Fig 1: Video Testimonial by Jono Landon of Hubbli

Fig 2: Strong Investor Demand for Hubbli

Figure 2 shows an email from Jono. Notice the subject line, "the term sheets are piling up". 

Tyler from LTV Numbers - Achieved Product-Market-Fit from Scratch in Six Months

State 1: $0, no product, starting from scratch
State 2: 10 paying customers with positive contribution
Time Frame: Six months

Tyler was an engineer from NASA who wanted to start a SaaS company. He had a strong technical background and had honed his development skills through years of specialized training. He had deep domain expertise and insights relative to the info product merchant segment and consequently was able to identify a problem relative to paid traffic multi-channel attribution.

He did not have his product built yet, but he had a strong desire to express his insights into features that could help the people he understood so well. He came to us from a referral in June 2019.

Within the first week, we identified a gap in the market using the research method and framework available to customers. Tyler built his first design in one week and demonstrated it to a prospect using the method taught to him. The prospect bought for $3K per month.

Tyler then signed up another two customers and validated that he could deliver the promises made by building an MVP. He had to rebuild the product from scratch a few times over five months after encountering technical limitations, but that did not phase him a little. Building this type of software is a walk in the park compared to Nasa responsibilities.

He now has compelling case studies, his customers are renewing, and he's starting to write his sales arguments using the data collected from the case studies, which he'll use for a marketing and sales campaigns. He now has over 10 paying customers, who are happily paying and grateful that Tyler's solution exists. Tyler is well on his way to building a precious asset and helping a ton of people.
Founder and CEO: Tyler Ryan
Location: Burbank, CA
Vertical: Sales Analytics

Tyler's Background

Fig 1: Tyler's First Close with Positive Contribution

Figure 1 shows Tyler's first close with positive contribution within weeks of using the framework and action flows. Notice he pre-sold his offer using a mock-up.

Zac from Sisu - $0-$216k ARR in Nine Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $216k ARR
Time Frame: Nine months

"[] helped with building out our funnels and a strong foundation of social proof/credibility to convert cold traffic.

My favourite quote that [Nick] shared is "a business is a system that takes one dollar and produces more than one dollar". The accelerator simplifies the process. Prove your unit case. Throw more money at it. Track your conversion rates, and scale.  

Proving your case unit is the most valuable thing you can do as an entrepreneur/marketer. teaches you how to do that. 

Follow up with me in three months and I'll have even better numbers for you. We've just barely passed $100k/yr... expecting exponential growth from $100k-$1M.”

Zac Muir, Director of Marketing & Sales at Sisu
Director of Marketing & Sales: Zac Muir
Location: Bountiful, UT
Vertical: Real Estate

Fig 1: Sisu MRR Growth

Figure 1 shows Sisu's MRR growth over the course of a year, all while being profitable. This was shared by Sisu team. 

Sabrina from - Got Her First Sales for New Offer in a Few Months. 

State 1: Low resonance with existing product
State 2: New product built, profitable unit case solved
Time Frame: Three months

Sabrina is a wickedly smart entrepreneur from San Francisco.

She studied computer science and physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and also was awarded a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition.

Sabrina had deep domain expertise relative to the process of hiring technical talent within high-growth companies. Consequently, she was able to identify an acute problem - engineers being unhappy at the workplace, which results in high turnover due to...(ask Sabrina).

Determined to solve this problem, she built her first solution that leveraged a Slack mechanism.

She came into contact with some of our content, conducted her research, and signed up for in Feb 2019.

After going through our foundational sales training learning how to outbound prospect and sell over the phone, she was booking meetings with prospects at a rate faster than the rate at which she could complete them.

Prospects were engaged, however, not throwing credit cards and purchase orders at her just yet. Sabrina understands the discovery process and is also an incredibly rational thinker, so she was unfazed.

She looped around and booked "discovery meetings" with her prospects using the discovery method taught by During these discovery meetings, she was able to uncover critical insights that she had not had before (she spent 2.5 hours speaking to one customer and going real deep).

These new insights led to the conception of a slightly different offer - one that aligned better to the niche's more urgent needs. She built the mock-up in one week, pre-sold it, then made the product inside of two weeks. She validated her new solution and collected case studies. She's now moving quickly and helping even more people solve a problem that she understands so well.
Founder and CEO: Sabrina Atienza
Location: San Francisco, CA
Vertical: HR-Tech

Sabrina's Background

Fig 1: Sabrina's First Close with Positive Contribution

Figure 1 shows an update from Sabrina after she closed her first deal with positive contribution. 

Rafael from Feng Gui - Increased Revenue by 200% in Three Months

State 1: Low self-serve conversion rate, struggling with growth
State 2: 200% revenue growth
Time Frame: Five months

Initially... first of all, when you speak about ROI, I mentioned in the beginning of the call, I didn't do any numbers, but the sales has increased by... they've doubled. And we did not do, yet, any ads or any kind of marketing. Everything is still organic. So what it means... every person that comes to our website we've doubled the conversion. So people are buying twice than they've bought before and that's all because of the material that we have in the website. That material was improved because of the program. 

Two months after starting the program, it's starting... going from this to this. You need to keep on going, you need to make it better. You need to find the competitors. I mean I do have fun, I do watch movies, I go out with my family. But I never just think that the business will perpetual itself. So the angle was changed and I'm hoping through more little sales scripts, like you're teaching, and eventually also using ads to scale it even more. I think at some point, maybe the goal would be to merge our company into like a huge conglomerate like those kinds of companies. Huge ones so they can convert us into a de facto. Or just continue having a lifestyle and business that keeps us happy. So whatever we have right now, to continue having it and aim for more.”

Rafael Mizrahi, Co-Founder and CEO at Feng GUI
Founder and CEO: Rafael Mizrahi
Location: Rehovot, Israel
Vertical: Digital Agencies

Fig 1: Video Testimonial by Rafael Mizrahi of Feng GUI

Figure 1 is a video testimonial by Rafael Mizrahi of Feng Gui, on his experience of working with

Nick from Effct - $6k-$146k MRR in Four Months

State 1: $6k MRR
State 2: $146k MRR
Time Frame: Six months

"Things are cranking away. We had $146,000 in revenue in March with ~$60,000 in income. By far our biggest month ever. We have elections in about a month, and then we'll be rebuilding our client base, and hopefully resigning lots of happy clients for the next election cycle. 

Lots of our clients are local, and from previous relationships. But, I feel like they know we play ball, and that's why our ad spends and retainers are getting larger. Still looking to really get down prospecting and qualifying in a predictable way. That will help us scale and go nationwide."

Nick Brown, Co-Founder and CEO at Effct
Co-Founder and CEO: Nick Brown
Location: Denver, CO
Vertical: Public Sector

Fig 1: Closing Profitable Deals

Figure 1 shows an email from Nick from Effct. Notice he says, "I've closed $20,000 in sales with a 50% margin in the past two weeks through methods."

Our Founding Story

Starts selling door-to-door for summer job. $50k in debt. Becomes #1 door-to-door salesperson out of 400. Pays off debt. Banks $20k in capital. Learns to be a stallion from mentor, Ben Stewart. [Age 20]
Completes Engineering Physics Degree, Queen's University (honours). 
Runs door-to-door auto detailing business, targeting wealthy people during summers. Banks $300k. Works on online tutoring business during winters. Does direct marketing and sales at local hockey arenas. Hockey moms dig the service. Obviously doesn't know what a tailor is yet.  [Age 23]
Works with Toronto SaaS companies (Wirkn, AdvisorStream). Builds sales team for Wirkn (early stage), scales AdvisorStream from $0-$1M ARR in 12 months, then CoPilot from $0-$1M ARR in 11 months. Codes a few apps and gets them to $10k-$20k MRR, but no home runs yet. 
Gets pissed off that he's not super successful yet. Reads more books. Hires $50k per year business coach. Learns that alcohol is bad. Starts drinking waters only. [Age 25]
Doesn't leave chair for two years. Helps over 500 customers make millions. Customers dig it. Gets a bit fat in the process. 
Becomes liquid multi-millionaire. Goes through unavoidable Lambo phase.  [Age 26-27]
Hires and trains a sales team. Still does waters only. Learns what a tailor is. 
Hires the best trainer in the world, Greg O'Gallagher, to get shredded and healthy. Also helped Greg make more mils as a consulting client.  [Age 27-28]
Becomes hilariously-good at making clients money.  
 Works with clients in the clouds and hasn't looked back. [Age 28-Present]

What it Looks Like to Make it Rain

Example of 20% Month-over-Month Growth

How to Fill Up Your Calendar with Demos

Example of 5-7X Returns on Ads

Example of a High-Performance Sales Team

Testimonials From Our Facebook Group


Sell Before You Build to Save Money and Time

Fig 1: How to Find Painful Problems and Solve For Product Market Fit

The Old Way
The old way involves building products without fully understanding the customer or building offers for multiple customers simultaneously, and using the iteration method to find a problem in the market. It could involve pre-maturely hiring a team and raising money and introducing complexity to the capital table. To spend months or even years building a product without ever pre-selling results in disappointment and frustration.
The New Way
Go heavy on research using sound principles, and flood your brain with customer data without writing one line of code. Combine customer data with your unique insights to hypothesize useful offers. Spin up a working model using lean engineering, and sign up your first customers without hiring anyone or recruiting investors. Recruit an investor only if your solution is capital intensive. When you do build, be confident that efforts won't be wasted.
The Old Result
Build products without fully understanding the customer or building offers for multiple customers simultaneously, and using the iteration method to find a problem in the market. Pre-maturely hire a team and raise money and add complexity to the capital table.
The New Result
Avoid personal problems, team complexity and drama, massive dilution, and burning capital and calories. Watch all teams become hyper-focused and motivated - like NASA in 1958. Get your first paying customers within a few months and collect your first rock-solid case studies.

Two Data Streams

The two data streams needed to build something useful include: (1) Environment data - what is in the realm of possibilities, current technologies, trends, active forces, and winds blowing in an environment, and (2) Customer data - activities the customer is trying to do or doing, the path they are on, and specific forces acting on them.

Most entrepreneurs have (1) covered - they understand how to build and how the technology works; however, they are missing (2) - how the technology applies in a way that makes it useful. Once the entrepreneur has a full scope, they can spot the intersection points of the customer's path and the forces in the environment. With this information, they form useful unique insights - cause-effect relationships between new activities and benefits that only they know to be true.

They express their useful unique insights into vehicles (entrepreneur's technological application of the useful unique insights) that they exchange with a customer for money. The customer will exchange money for the entrepreneur's vehicle only if the benefits exceed the energy cost of the new activity, and there are no better energy activity trades available.

Having one data stream without the other is like navigating a dangerous jungle with perfectly functioning ears, blindfolded. To properly navigate through the jungle, one needs to open up that second data stream and take off the blindfold.

When you can build and sell simultaneously, getting to your first $100k per month is about as easy as falling off a chair.

Customers will travel on their own path in their own plane in time. The customer's path has little peaks and valleys, as they travel about their day. The environment is independent of the customer - forces and winds are blowing, title waves brewing, tectonic plates shifting, new technologies advancing, new regulations imposing, new conflicts, and new competitors. A lot is going in the world!

So what is the point? These environmental forces and winds could eventually affect your customer in some way; however, if you don't understand the customer's path and the environment forces, you won't be able to determine the points of intersection!
Fig 2: Force Fields in an Environment With No Customer Path Visibility 
Fig 3: Time-Dependent Path of Customer Overlaid on Environment Force Fields

When the environment forces meet the customer on its path (or vice versa), the customer reacts. If you have scope of both the customer's path and the environment forces, you can help the customer at the intersection point. At the intersection point, you can build or provide useful things for your customer at the time they need it.

These environment conditions could be technology available that was not before, a new method to do something, interest rate changes, a famine, a storm, a virus, a war, etc. Lots of people call this "market timing" and regard market-vehicle resonance as indeterministic. However, if you truly have scope of the customer, their path, and the environment, you can significantly raise your chances of success.

Learning about the environment requires access to information in other planes. Learning the customer's path requires observation and interaction with that customer. You can do this with sales calls and discovery calls, or by making yourself the customer.

Once you have scope, a problem (relative to your customer) or a unique useful insight will appear and its application will be obvious. Useful unique insights are useful in that their application leads to benefit (the delta in survival or replication energy) and unique in that you are the only one who knows of them. Peter Thiel calls these "secrets." In Peter's language, we can call them "useful secrets."

If you can: (1) Determine a useful unique insight, and (2) Have the skills and resources to express a solution, you can meet the customer with a valid solution at the right time for an exchange of money. Design and engineering skills are required to know how to build. Sales and research skills are needed to know what to build. Calories, capital, and time are required to apply these skills.

This lens explains why entrepreneurs who solve their own problems get resonance so quickly; they are the customer. They have a first-person view of the path (since they are on it). They only need environment scope to create "obvious" solutions. This lens also explains Elon Musk's behvaiour. He wanted the fastest car, so he built one. He hated traffic, so he built a tunnel. At some point, he learned the probability of extinction significantly increases after 1945, so he made a working rocket ship. Picking up a rocketry textbook was probably the obvious thing to do with $180M in after-tax cash, the energy of someone in their 30s, and scope of advanced technologies and cultural winds.

Can you limp along without a deep understanding of your customer and its environment? Sure, you can, but expect resistance, frustration, and less than spectacular returns on your efforts. Is it difficult to find these unique useful insights? Not in terms of calories or capital.

*Finding a Solution to Utility That Satisfies Two Separate Multi-Dimensional Problems Simultaneously Is Difficult*

If you think of the Utility (U) of your solution as related to how well it helps your customer achieve "benefit" as it travels along its path through time, then we can suggest for a second that, U(r(t)), where r is the position of the customer (polar coordinate in 3D space) and t is time. 

However, relative Utility is also dependent on other options available to the customer at time t - alternatives . 

In your customer's reference point, utility value drops if there are alternatives available that provide the same or better benefit for the same cost and increases if no viable alternatives are around, so we should account for it: 

U(r(t), a(t)) - where a(t) are the other options that provide benefit available at time t (relative to the customer.) 

If your customer's r(t) (position) is dependent on F(t) (forces acting on customer) - see Newton's version of motion in forcefields, then U(r(F(t), a(t)) - meaning the Utility of your solution is dependent on forces acting on the customer at time t and the alternatives available at time t (relative to customer). 

Solving for for meaningful Utility for one customer is difficult, even for any group of people with computers, capital and time.  

Now imagine solving Utility for two customers simultaneously... 

That's what most entrepreneurs and businesses try to do. 

Laying on another layer of complexity makes solving for Utility even harder than it already is. 

As a result, Utility relative to your customer is "meh," and as a result of that, returns on capital and calories are "meh" or "less than meh." Meh.

This lens supports Peter Thiel's "no competition = profits" logic since customers trade money for Utility. It also supports his "start in small markets and expand" points - the market of 1. It also supports Peter's "you are not a coin-flip" points (btw I'm a big fan of Peter's if you couldn't already tell). 

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he cut everything and focused on one thing and made sure he did that one thing right. He solved for Utility. As a result, the return on capital and calories were spectacular. 

When we applied this strategy, the cash-on-cash and cash-on-calories return were staggering - thousands of % and millions in after-tax surplus.  

How should one determine the person for which Utility should be solved? Stick around for a bit and you will find out.

Find a High Resonance Message to Flood your Calendar With Opportunities

Fig 1: How to Write a High Resonance Message

The Old Way

Write messages without understanding how to achieve resonance. Spout technical jargon to see what sticks. Speak to features instead of the underlying transformation and benefits that are of interest to your ideal customers.

The Old Result

Extremely poor cold email response rates, poor returns on advertising, low lead volume, apathetic or confused prospects, poor calendar rates, long sales cycles, frustration among all team members, long time periods between product iteration and customer feedback, and poor overall yield on capital and efforts.

Fig 2: Wrong Wave Length

Figure 2 depicts the wave length of a low-to-no resonance message. A message with the wrong wavelength achieves no resonance in the market. Broadcasting messages to your customers in this wavelength results in apathy. 

The New Way

Learn how to craft high-resonance messages that not only aligns with the market desires and the benefits of your offer, but can wake a prospect up out of bed at 4am in a sweat and get them excited to go through your funnel.

The New Result

Consistently high cold email demo-booking rates and extremely high resonance at the ad level. Lower cost per acquisition, better unit economics, and warmer leads coming into the pipeline. You will also be able to flood your calendar with appointments and opportunities when needed. 

Fig 3: Correct Wave Length

Figure 3 depicts the wave length of a high-resonance message. A message with the correct wave length achieves high resonance in the market. Broadcasting these types of messages get customers dancing and excited to speak with you. 

Fig 4: Packed SDR Calendar with Discovery Calls

Figure 4 shows what happens to an SDR's calendar when you identify and communicate a high-resonance message to potential customers. This is how you pack a calendar.

The Importance of a High-Resonance Message

A vehicle you build can have many benefits. However, there is typically one benefit that cuts through the noise and resonates better than any other. When the market hears this benefit or claim, they light up like a little kid who feels grass for the first time. Forces act on them that they didn't know to exist - immediate interest. Whiskers start to tingle. They don't quite exactly know what you do or how you do it, or if they believe you, but they will think "Well, sure...I'll take a flyer!"

Without this high-resonance message, drumming up interest will feel like running up a dune. For this reason, we solve it first. There are formulas and algorithms used to do it, and it is usable by anyone interested in learning and applying it.

Customers are not only moving around the physical world on their path, but they also have a set of internal beliefs and ideas that they use for guidance and navigation.

When you align your messages to those ideas and beliefs, you get what is called "resonance" - customers will describe this as "something about it just caught my attention, I don't quite remember", "I'm picking up what she's putting down," "That makes sense", "Wait, this is cool", "I really like this", etc. 

A message that doesn't align with the ideas and beliefs will be out of phase and won't achieve resonance. Low resonance is harder to detect since it results in disinterest or apathy/ Customers will think "Ugh, why? Hey, what's for dinner?", "Hmm cool colours, but not for me", or "That sounds neat."

Even if whatever you are selling is the best thing since sliced bread, the customer won't listen if you can't resonate with them. To meet them on their wavelength, you will need to understand exactly what is going on in their heads! Which means you need to do more customer sales calls and interact with them, observe them in their environment, and get a scope of the information they are putting into their head.

For example: If they like reading a particular blog, you should read it too, so, you know what is feeding their brain. When you see, you can write a message in five seconds that achieves resonance.

Whether or not you have something useful for them that they can afford is a different story, but that is irrelevant if you can't first get their attention.

When you've found your high-resonance message, you could hire a squirrel or robot to send your cold emails for you and you'd still get a 15% reply and positive response rate. When you combine a high-resonance message with a personal touch, you can achieve 30%+ positive reply rates.

Fig 5: Example of Facebook Ad Engagement

Figure 5 shows one of's Facebook ads. Notice the level of engagement (1.5k reactions and 281 comments). This is what happens when you communicate a high-resonance message  that strikes a nerve with the market.

Write and Produce Black Hole Content to Shorten Sales Cycles

Fig 1: The Importance of Black Hole Content

The Old Way

Engage agencies or folks without deep domain expertise to write many surface-level content pieces and general marketing collateral.

The Old Result

Unnecessary expense, unqualified traffic entering the funnel, repulsion of best buyers with deep pockets, unnecessarily long cycles, unnecessarily long prospect journeys, and prospect confusion. Low returns on capital and calories.

The New Way

Use content writing best practices and scaffolding to write a "black hole" core thesis that draws your ideal customers.

The New Result

Extremely qualified and engaged prospects jive with your view of the world swarm your funnel, and your team becomes aligned to one message, which makes managing simple. Sales cycles compress and sophisticated buyers are ready to pull the trigger quickly.

Fig 2: Content Authors and Their Effect on the Market

Figure 2 illustrates the varying levels of resonance that a piece of content will generate, depending on who writes it. Founders, execs, employees who are closest to the business should be writing the content since the information enclosed requires deep domain expertise. Most often, this is the founder and CEO. Using the right framework, one with deep domain expertise can create valuable content that achieves deep resonance with the niche.

The Relationship Between Black Hole Content and Conversion Rate, Price and Sales Cycle Length

In academia, a useful thesis can win you respect from your peers and maybe a Nobel Prize. In markets, a useful thesis will earn you millions.

A thesis is just a collection of insights.

An insight is a cause-effect relationship between an activity and an outcome.

A useful insight is a cause-effect relationship between an activity and a good outcome - a benefit, which is relative to a person (or customer).

A useful unique insight is a useful insight that only you or a handful of people know.

If your thesis is a collection of unique useful insights, and you can express those insights through technology into a product, then into marketing, you will be wildly successful.

Steve Jobs: "The best marketing is education." We agree.

Marketing is communicating useful unique insights, so thesis points express in the sales pages, sales scripts, opt-in pages, outbound emails, social pages, ads, etc.

Content optimized for utility, and nothing else, will drive sales and profit.

Of course, you can sprinkle in some personality and a hint of entertainment; however, let's leave the bulk of that to Hollywood and focus on utility.

If the thesis is good enough, it becomes a "black hole" that customers and prospects can't escape.

It takes time, isolation, and in some cases, a mistress or mister, to write your thesis and collect its unique insights.

Fig 3: Erwin Schrodinger, Inventor of Quantum Theory

Figure 3 shows Erwin Schordinger, an Austrian physicist. "By late 1925, Schrodinger was stymied in his attempt, and decided to spend some time in seclusion at a mountain cabin in Arosa, Switzerland, accompanied by one of his mistresses. Romantic seclusion did the trick: He cracked the problem in January 1926, and then he published his wave equation for a hydrogen-like atom and also a series of four papers that year applying his equation to various other systems."
Also, recall that Bruce Wayne left Gotham for seven years and came back as Batman.

It pays to "go to the mountains" and put your insights on paper.

Evidence supports your insights first-hand - your observations, second-hand from customer case studies, or an analysis of other people's observations.

It's best that whoever synthesizes the unique insights write the thesis so that there are no "broken telephone" effects.

See Ray Dalio's content: "How the Economy Works".

Whoever helped Ray produce that video likely didn't come up with the relationships between short-term debt, long-term debt, and productivity,

Truncating and spouting "black hole" content through different media attracts your perfect customer and renders technical gymnastics unnecessary.

Validate the Profitable Unit Case - "Shoot From The Hip" 

Fig 1: How to Make a Profit With Your New Offer - Shooting From The Hip

The Old Way

Raise money or hire team members, and increase fixed costs before the profitable unit case is adequately solved. Try to justify an arbitrary price to prospects, and sell at a price that does not achieve a profitable unit case.

The New Way

Shoot from the hip, and validate a hyper-profitable unit case before making leaps with marketing and increasing fixed costs. Use a mock-up instead of a fully-built product to pre-sell your offer and validate the profitable unit case.

The Old Result

Errors at the unit level propagate throughout the whole organization and magnify with time, which results in "leaky bucket syndrome", marketing losses, frustration, unnecessarily-high cash burn rates, frustrations, anxiety, complexity, unnecessarily-long times to solve for utility since machine is no longer agile, investor complexity, bridge loans, dilution, and in some cases, implosion, lawsuits, and reputation damage. As a result, returns on capital and efforts are low.

The New Result

Errors are minimized at the unit level, which minimizes propagation, profits are found quickly, which renders fundraising optional, anxiety is minimized since fixed costs and fiduciary responsibilities are not unmanageable, utility is solved quickly, which simplifies iteration loops in the future as team grows and investors consider you the golden child. Lawsuits and reputation damage are completely avoided. As a result, returns on capital and efforts are high.

Fig 2: Outbound Prospecting + Inside Sales Funnel Flow

Fig 3: Paid Traffic + Inside Sales Funnel Flow

Fig 4: Channel Partner + Inside Sales Funnel Flow

Fig 5: Paid Traffic + Automated Funnel Flow

Fig 6: Revenue by Lead Source

Figure 6 shows the ramp from $0-$100k per month. Notice outbound prospecting was used to validate the profitable unit case before scaling with Facebook advertising.

Fig 7: Facebook Conversion Funnel

Figure 7 shows a visual representation of a paid traffic inside sales funnel by Facebook Analytics. Notice the conversion rates. These rates were achieved before scale was introduced.

Fig 8: Tyler Ryan Validates the Profitable Unit Case in Three Weeks

Figure 8 shows an update email from Tyler Ryan of LTV Numbers after he validated his profitable unit case using outbound prospecting and inside sales.

Why It's Important to Validate the Profitable Unit Case Before Scaling Marketing

Our ancestors didn't go into battle with dull swords because they knew there were no "do-overs."

Contrary to popular entrepreneur rhetoric, "do-overs" are incredibly costly - due to the compounding effect of money.

"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1." - Warren Buffet

Synchronizing your offer and price to your messaging and validating a hyper-profitable unit case before you step on the marketing pedals helps you follow Warren's instructions and avoid: "Leaky bucket syndrome"...or worse..." death spiral" - scaling a machine that loses money at the unit level until accounts drain, and employees investors disgruntle.

We test our thesis and sales argument before we scale to avoid this awful syndrome.

Testing your message and your thesis can be done in the following ways:

1. Reciting it to a prospect one-on-one in person
2. Outbound Prospecting
3. Organic Mining
4. Paid Traffic
5. Press
6. Superbowl Ads.

We don't suggest method 5 or 6 at this stage.

You will also be validating that your sales script converts an offer at a price that sustains a profitable business.

Again, one with the most domain expertise conducts the early sales calls since they can "tweak things on the fly" and exercise liberty with respect to pricing to match the offer to the customer's needs at the precise moment they see fit. We call this "shooting from the hip."

If you can "shoot from the hip," you can find offers and prices that are solutions to a hyper-profitable unit case before your next sip of coffee.

Validate the Scalable Lead Gen Source - "Liquid Oxygen"

Fig 1: Outbound Prospecting, Paid Traffic, Channels + Inside Sales = Lethal

Figure 1 is a video explaining the concept of validating the scalable lead source.

The Old Way

Dabble with many marketing channels and methods simultaneously without formal training. Read lots of books by "gurus" on digital marketing, funnels, and sales. Watch YouTube tutorials. Struggle to distinguish signal from noise. 

The Old Result

Bandwidth is diluted, complexity increases, and mastery is not achieved. As a result of that, cost per lead and cost per opportunity is unnecessarily high, which results in unnecessary efficiency drag, which results in poor yield and an uncertain path to scale.

The New Way

Engage in formal training created by someone who has demonstrated mastery or proficiency. Learn from someone who has actually achieved high returns on capital from paid advertising, which significantly increases the probability of success, and saves both time and energy.

The New Result

Quickly become versed and confident with new platforms and their nuances, which allows you to spot winning channels and scrap losers with stoicism and little waste, and validate a winning channel and a clear path to profitable growth and scale.

The Importance of a Scalable Lead Source - Liquid Oxygen

A woodfire without oxygen will extinguish. 

A woodfire in the air will flicker. 

A woodfire in liquid oxygen can tear down its neighboring trees, sear eyebrows, and cause small animals to scurry for their lives. 

This woodfire is your sales organization; the oxygen is its leads. Liquid oxygen is paid traffic, channel partners, or a highly-functioning SDR team that scales with cash. 

There has never been a time in history when someone in an apartment in Toronto can reach someone on their couch in Bangalore in 1 minute by spending 10 cents. 

For an entrepreneur whose intent is to get an important message out to the world, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube are a gift sent from the Heavens. 

With a few clicks of a button and a credit card, one can get a message to millions. However, the ad platforms function like auctions, which means bid prices and strategies change with environmental conditions, so expertise is required to navigate and achieve high yield. In other words, you don't want to be the sucker at the poker table because Zucks will take unapologetically take all of your money. 

Einstein said that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. If he were alive and on Instagram today, maybe he'd say that pushing offers through channel partners is the 9th. 

Kylie drops $250k on lipstick with her name on it, launches it to her Instagram audience, sells out in 1 minute, crashes the site, calls in Shopify to help with the backend, orders more inventory, then sells $420m. All in 18 months. 

One of our customers and friend, Jeremy from Press Advantage, had a similar story; however, not of the order of Kylie's. Jeremy worked to craft his thesis and assets, he validated it himself and "sharpened his sword," then he paired up with a channel partner, delivered one live webinar and shot to $400k ARR in one day. He's now past $1M and growing fast. 

If you utilize a channel, then push your "black hole" content through it, rain will fall. 

In the 50s, if you wanted to reach sophisticated decision-makers, you would need to use your feet, in the 80s, a telephone. Today, the "vessel of choice" is cold email. 

Sending cold emails is an art, just like door-to-door and cold-calling was in their times. Many understand what it is; however, few are versed in its nuances. Many will discount its effectiveness likely because they haven't yet witnessed "digital alchemy" - the process of floating a cold email over to a sophisticated prospect, conducting a discovery call, and closing a 5-6 figure deal all within a 7-14 day timeframe. 

Why isn't everyone doing this? Not sure. I guess that the concepts are somewhat unique to us since I (Nick) was "lucky" enough to be trained in a door-to-door environment; consequently, I was able to borrow tactics and strategies from that "lovely" world and bring them over here. 

If you become versed in "digital alchemy," it's like a cheat code to profit since it only requires a Gmail account and a sharp pencil. When you install a team of SDRs who can do this, you can storm markets.

Fig 2: Facebook Ad Reach

Figure 2 depicts Facebook's global ad reach capabilities. Notice you can advertise to people anywhere in the world. Learning how to leverage this powerful technology can result in a cost-efficient flow of qualified demos with your ideal customers on your calendar.

Standardize Your Sales Process to Lower Ramp Time and Hit $1M Per Quota Per Rep

Fig 1: How to Ramp a $1M Per Salesperson Sales Team

The Old Way

Hire a sales team before profitable unit case and scalable lead sources are determined or install a sales team without a framework and formal training.

The Old Result

Extremely sophisticated (relative to your domain) salespeople are needed since sales arguments are complex and reps lean on working memory and domain expertise, ramp times are unnecessarily long, rep attrition rate is unnecessarily high, unnecessary bandwidth is spent answering questions and explaining core concepts in different idioms over Slack. Unnecessary amounts of capital are needed to install and validate a scalable conversion mechanism, which results in poor returns on capital and efforts.

The New Way

Use a framework to organize points and scaffolding to create assets that align perfectly to sales argument, while simultaneously inheriting best-practice formatting.

The New Result

As a result, salespeople are armed with laser-tight assets, arguments, Q&A, rebuttals, and methods, ramp time is shorter, extreme domain expertise is not needed (relative to rep), reps ramp to $1M+ quota quickly, close rates hover between 40-50%, the work environment is competitive and respectful, team morale stays positive, the profitable unit case is held, reps perform consistently month after month, time is freed up for product development, incentives are aligned, rep attrition is low, and return on capital and efforts remain positive.

Fig 2: New Sales Rep Ramp Example

Figure 2 shows the performance of a new sales rep at who is armed with strong assets, scripts, and training. Notice he was able to ramp extremely fast, bringing in $100k in net cash flow in the month of May after joining the team in late January.

The Effects of Standardizing Your Sales Process

When your sales team is following a linear process and presenting a rock-solid sales argument written by someone on the team with deep domain expertise who's guided by sound copywriting and sales fundamentals, they produce like a brigade of Spartans would if Zoom accounts and headsets existed in 480 BC. 

The concept: the fewer the decisions a sales rep needs to make during the day and the more they can "lean on assets" to explain the thesis, the better they perform, the shorter the ramp time, the happier and the more $80k sports cars they can buy. 

They are like 3-point-shooters. Just give em the ball, let em drain the 3s, stay out of their way, and sign the fat commission checks.

Fig 3: Net Cash Flow Against Rep

Figure 3 shows the net cash flow against rep over time for Notice that the founder (Nick) kicked off the sales team himself, then brought on other reps as he continued to sell. 

Prove the Investment Thesis and Profitably Scale

Fig 1: Example of 5x Return on Capital in Four Months

Figure 1 is a video explaining how to prove the investment thesis, and provides an example of generating a 5x return in four months.

The Old Way

Justify internal scaling investment thesis assumptions with "leaps of faith." Rely technical jargon to woo and confuse investors.

The Old Result

Managed investor uncertainty with charisma and technical jargon. Business is exposed to unnecessary risk, and the profitable unit case is non-existent. This results in extremely poor returns on capital and effort, frustration, family breakdowns (see Dr. David Buss), substance abuse, illegal activity (higher-risk survival strategies), waste of potential, negative effects that ripple through kinetic generations.

The New Way

Use a proven framework to clearly validate that your machine can eat quarters and spit out dollar bills and create real utility in the market.

The New Result

Validate internal investment assumptions with historical data, profit-loss statements, and customer testimonials, which results in an upward spiral, high-quality work relationships, high returns on capital and efforts, family strengthening (See Dr. David Buss), potential is realized, and positive effects that ripple through kinetic generations. Positive value is created for all stakeholders.

Fig 2: Facebook Returns

Figure 2 displays attractive returns on Facebook ad spend. Notice that the revenue generated is well in excess of the spend. Net cash ROI is 3-5x in four months.

Fig 3: Sourcewater Series A

Figure 3 shows that Sourcewater was able to secure a $7.2M Series A financing after validating the profitable unit case and proving the scalable lead source.

Option 1: The Hard Way

Trial and error methods for finding your perfect customer. 

Reading books and piecing together information blocks. 

Going at this alone. 

Hiring someone without experience who means well, but who is unable to really help.

As a result, the time it takes to find the perfect customer and fit is unnecessarily long. You could waste years and millions of dollars traveling in the wrong direction. This results in losses, and frustration.

Doing the copywriting yourself. 

Hiring an agency or an in-house expert to derive messaging and copy.

This results in poor message resonance and extremely poor overall yield since the copy is not written by someone with deep domain expertise relative to your niche. This is also extremely expensive and frustrating. It could feel like you are playing 'broken telephone' with your marketer or copywriter.

Learn how to code, build websites, build assets, hire an agency or freelancer, engage a HubSpot person.

As a result, you end up spending huge bucks on 'experts', developers, funnel builders, takes months to see any progress and at the end of the day, the funnel doesn't even convert, so it's just a waste of time and you will be forced to redo everything. This is extremely frustrating.

Try advertising or prospecting on your own, hire an agency, charge your marketer to run the campaigns.

As a result, your reply rates are low, you are unable to book a significant amount of appointments on the calendar, unable to generate leads and stuff your pipeline, and you get extremely frustrated. 

It is also extremely expensive carrying salaries of marketers who are not yielding any qualified opps. Agencies can be cheaper than in house marketers, however, their bandwidth is spread over multiple accounts and their results are nil or close to nil.

Charge your in-house marketing person with scaling ads when they don't have the experience, engage an agency who has multiple clients and little bandwidth, do this yourself.

This results in leaky-bucket syndrome. This could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted due to errors made.

Hire a salesperson or salespeople on your own without any formal guidance and expertise.

Engage a staffing agency. 

This results in slow ramp times, unnecessary costs, unnecessary frustration, and waste.

Invest your own money or raise from others without a clear investment thesis - backed up by leaps of faith assumptions.

This could result in the improper allocation of resources, waste, and losses. This also could result in unnecessary dilution, cap table complexity. Worst case scenario, it could result in litigation or worse.

Or....Option 2: Work With Us

Go from $10k-$500k Per Month in 12 Months or Less

Go from $0-$1M ARR in 12 Months or Less

Pack Your Calendar With Qualified Opportunities In Three Months Or Less

Fire Your Marketing Agency

Achieve $50k Per Month in Free Cash Flow In 12 Months Or Less

Get Your First Three Customers In Three Months or Less Even If You Don't Have a Product (Sell Before You Build)

Get a 4-5x ROI on Ads Within Four Months or Less

Hire and Ramp a Rep to $1M in 3-6 Months

One Call Close $100k Deals in 2 Weeks or Less

How it Works and Q&A

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Customer and Get Aligned

We do a full audit of your current segments, case studies, domain expertise, and a few other factors to determine your best customer segment. 

We use our proprietary tools and software to help connect the dots. We determine the price, the funnel structure, the resources, and timelines that are needed to get you to your goal. 

You are able to leverage the expertise and experience in this part to save you time. 

We ask you to fill in questions, then we jump on a consulting call to jam on inputs.

As a result, you will be able to determine your best buyer, with the least competition that will yield you the most profitable unit case much faster than if you were to do this alone. 

You and your team will get clear, and motivated. The probability of you traveling in the wrong direction is limited. You will be able to get to your profitable unit case and scale much quicker than if you were to do this alone since you are significantly reducing the quantity and magnitude of errors. 

You will be able to save years of time and so much frustration it's not even funny.

Fig 1: Example of Business Unit Case Model

Fig 2: Example of Module 0

We will be working with you to determine the best path of action. 

Fig 3: Support Calendar

We will be speaking over Zoom as you are going through this process. 

Fig 4: Get Clear

Figure 4 shows a customer comment. We provide world-class support to provide clarity and validation as you build your business.

Step 2: Derive Messaging

We work with you to identify all niche attributes, environment conditions, activities, unique insights, benefits, features, offers, q and a, team member stories, social proof, etc... We use our home-made on Rails framework to help you stay organized. Then we derive high-resonance messaging and a sales argument. We write skeletons for all of your sales letters, sales pages, video sales letter, opt-in pages, your ads, your email follow-ups, and your outbound campaigns.

As a result, you will have world-class assets and a funnel that converts like a champ in less than 3 weeks or less. It's faster, easier, better performance, and cheaper.

Fig 1: Screenshot of on Rails Inputs

We work with you to determine your niche, the niche's environment conditions, the promises, the activities, the benefits, the case studies, the how it works, the q and a, etc.. You and your team will be spending quite a lot of time in the beginning working on this. The higher the quality of the inputs, the higher the quality of the outputs, and the better the funnel and whole machine will perform. 

Fig 2: Screenshot of on Rails App Deriving Sales Argument

We take your inputs and spit arrange Sales letters, video sales letters, outbound email copy, opt-in copy, autoresponder copy, plus much more. You focus on quality inputs, we will focus on the arrangement and make sure you are following best-practice asset creation methods. 

Fig 3: Screenshot of On Rails Deriving Ad Copy

Using your inputs, we are able to derive skeletons of high-converting long-form ads that can be used on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.. We takes these skeletons and add "flare" to get these puppies converting like champs. 

These types of ads can yield extremely high conversion rates. 

Fig 4: Screenshot of Nurture Email Copy Output 

Using your inputs, we derive the email nurture campaign skeletons. Again, we work with you to add 'flare' and get these converting. 

Fig 5: Screenshot of Deriving Case Study Copy

Example of Hubbi's website. Messaging was derived using framework. $360k-$1m in 14 months. 

Fig 6: Example of Sales Letter Template

We will be writing your sales letter and helping you produce a high-converting sales argument. 

Step 3: Build Assets

Once the skeletons of all of your assets are created by us, we help you implement the copy and create your pages, ads, outbound messages, funnels, follow up emails, sales scripts. We provide you with templates, training and best-practice techniques on how to implement your funnel quickly. We also have a service that builds the funnel for you in record time to kick start you and get you set up within a few weeks.

As a result, you will have world-class assets and a funnel that converts like a champ in less than 3 weeks or less. It's faster, easier, better performance, and cheaper.

Fig 1: Asset Outline

Figure 1 shows the asset outline that contains all the assets that we will be building throughout the process.

Fig 2: Niche-Specific Opt-in Page

Example of lead opt-in page that we will be helping you create. This page is used to capture prospect information from channels and cold traffic campaigns. 

Fig 3: Booking Page

Example of funnel booking page that we will be helping you create. 

Fig 4: on Rails Sales Letter Print

Example of a sales letter print using in-house On Rails Tool. 

Fig 5: Blog Index

Example of a blog index page that we will be helping you create.

Fig 6: Niche-Specific Black Hole Content

Example of black hole content. We will be helping you create this. 

Fig 7: Video Sales Letter

Example of video sales letter/video version of black hole content. We will be helping you create one of these for your own offer.

Step 4: Test Traffic Channels and Conversion Mechanisms

We work with you to validate either your outbound prospecting lead source, your paid traffic lead source or your channel partner lead source. You send us over your copy, your ads, your sales scripts along with your data and we help tune it such that you are able to create a hyper-profitable unit case. We train you on best-practices (what is working right now - since we are doing it). We provide you with workflows and step-by-step methods to get you set up. You jump on calls with our team to tweak and iterate as you go.

As a result, you will be able to get your funnel up and producing demos in one month. You will be able to book at least 3-4 demos per day per sales rep. Working with us is faster, better, cheaper and much easier than any of the alternative paths.

Fig 1: Funnel Flows with KPIs

Figure 1 shows the funnel flows with the benchmark KPIs. The top, mid and bottom of funnel must be operating at KPI for the machine to be both profitable and scalable.

Fig 2: Cost Per Discovery Call

Figure 4 shows the cost per discovery call with an SDR of $98. Assuming a 45% show-up rate, 70% discovery-to-demo booking rate, a 30% close rate, a 15% commission rate split between the SDR and sales rep, and a gross contribution of $8000, the total cost per acquisition is $2238. Hence, the ROI (gross contribution divided by total CPA) equals a healthy 3.6x. Most deals are sold upfront, with some being sold on 2-3 month payment plans.

Fig 3: Example of One of the Cold Email Flows (Also Available In Written Version)

Step 5: Scale Up Marketing

Work with us to scale up your marketing and paid traffic campaigns and marketing. We coach you through the scaling process, help you avoid any sandtraps, teach you how to use the ad platforms at scale and get a 3-5x yield. We jump on weekly coaching calls to help you go through this process and share insights with you the second we have them.

As a result, you will be able to scale up quickly and without making costly mistakes. You will be able to get a 3-5x ROI on your marketing and feel confident dropping big bucks on the ad platforms.

Fig 1: Facebook Returns

Figure 1 shows the Facebook ad spend vs. the revenue from Facebook. Notice it was profitable from day one. The return from Facebook has been about 6x.

Fig 2: LinkedIn Returns

Figure 2 shows the LinkedIn ad spend vs. the revenue from LinkedIn. Notice at the beginning there was a testing phase, which lasted about a month.

Fig 3: Packing Calendars

Figure 3 shows the SDRs and Account Executives' calendars. Most of these calls were booked through the paid traffic funnel. When you can crack the paid ad platforms, the number of demos on the calendar simply becomes a function of cash.

Step 6: Install the Sales Team

Work with us to help you install your sales team. We help you define the role, we help you write the job descriptions, the offers, the interview scripts, the comp. plans. We help you plan your morning meetings and handle the ups and downs of managing a sales team. We help you avoid costly errors and we coach you through the process as you are scaling up.

As a result, you will be able to build a hyper-effective sales team in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost. It's also much easier than doing this alone or following instructions from someone who has never built a multi-million-dollar sales team from scratch.

Fig 1: Advanced Sales Training Doc

Figure 1 shows the Advanced Sales Training document, which is an in-depth guide on how to become and stay a $1M producer.

Fig 2: Advanced Sales Training Videos

Figure 2 shows a sample of the Advanced Sales Training Videos, which is a lethal sales training that can be used to train new and existing sales reps.

Fig 3: Sales Team Ramp

Figure 3 shows the net cash flow by rep for Notice the consistent and predictable ramp for each new rep. This can be achieved when you arm hardworking people with the right assets, scripts, and training. Also notice Nick's gradual phase out of the sales, as he leverages the sales team to bring in new business, while he focuses on customer success and product development.

Fig 4: New Rep Deposit Closes on His First Demo

Figure 4 shows the Slack channel after a new rep closed a deposit on his first ever demo. This rep was trained through the system and was selling a complex offer to a sophisticated buyer. When a new rep has the right training and scripts, it is possible to get them producing right away.

Step 7: Scale or Raise Money

We work with you to craft your investment thesis that will be used to justify the internal or external investment. We use our experience and models to guide you through the process. We can also make recommendations to others in our investment network. If the thesis is strong enough, we ask to participate.

As a result, you will be able to confidently invest your own money or raise money with ease.

Fig 1: Cash in the Bank

Figure 1 shows the cash account's growth over time.

Fig 2: Sourcewater $7.2M Series A Financing

Figure 2 shows the press release for Sourcewater's Series A round, which they completed after using the framework to create a machine with healthy unit economics that scales with cash.

Fig 3: Clients' Investor Base Sample

Figure 3 shows some of the investors that have backed clients before, during, or after working with us.


$0-$100k In 3 months
Get Price
  • Customer Discovery
  • First Sales
  • Collection Of First Case Studies
$100k-$1M in 9-12 Months
Get Price
  • Sales Argument Derivation
  • Funnel Building 
  • Sales Process Standardization
  • Validation Of Scalable Lead Sources (Ads, Outbound Teams, Channel Partners)
$1m-$10M in 9-12 Months
Get Price
  • Black Hole Content Derivation 
  • Scaling Advertising to $50k-$200k Per Month
  • Installation and Management Of Sales Team
  • Currently Full

Product-Market-Fit Thesis Overview: "Entrepreneurs fail not because they can't build products, identify markets, market their products, or price their products properly, but because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and run out of money before they get traction." - Nick Kozmin

Link to Product-Market-Fit Thesis: Solving for Product-Market-Fit Thesis

Team Members

Nick Kozmin

Founder & CEO

Nick founded in 2014, helping SaaS companies in the Toronto area. He then started a training, consulting, and software offer in 2018, bootstrapping it from $0 to $5M in 18 months. 

Prior to founding, Nick built and sold a successful car detailing business, MidnightDetailing, to GoWrench Auto in 2015. 

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queen's University, where he completed his thesis on organic photovoltaic cells.

Derek Szeto


Derek has been an Advisor to since 2014, and was the first customer.

Currently, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Butter, an RBC Ventures company.

Previously, Derek was the Founder and CEO of Wirkn. 

Prior to Wirkn, Derek was the Founder and CEO of, which was acquired by the Yellow Page Group in 2008.

Derek holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University.

Jason Kim


Jason joined in 2019.

Previously, he worked as an investment professional at Constellation Software, where he performed duties related to capital deployment in software M&A opportunities.

Prior to Constellation, Jason worked as an investment analyst at a large Canadian investment management firm, where he researched investment opportunities in the public equity markets.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University, where he graduated with First Class Honours.

Mitch Lougheed

Sales & Customer Success

Mitch joined in 2019.

Previously, Mitch worked at Forest Hill Yorkville, a real estate brokerage firm, where he sold over $5M of luxury residential real estate in his first year.

Prior to that, Mitch worked as an engineer at UGE, where he helped design and develop over 300 MW of solar projects.

Mitch also founded a successful contracting business called Ontario College Contractors, where he and his team specialized in residential construction projects.

Mitch is a graduate of the Architectural Technology program at Georgian College.

Marco Hlywka

Sales & Customer Success

Marco joined in 2019. 

Currently, alongside his role at, Marco is the Owner and Founder of CARV’M Training, a multi-award-winning private wellness club established in 2018, where he built the business from scratch to $936k ARR in 18 months.

Prior to CARV’M Training, Marco worked as a District Sales Manager for nine commercial fitness clubs across Southern Ontario, where he led a sales team specializing in high-ticket personal training offers.

Marco holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from McMaster University.

Jacob Zavita

Sales & Customer Success

Jacob joined in 2019. 

Previously, Jacob was at DiscoverOrg, where he helped over 500 companies grow by focusing on data cleanliness and sales operations. 

Prior to DiscoverOrg, Jacob worked at Fleet Logistics, where he led the sales team from $0 to $100k MRR, helping the company secure its series A round of financing. 

Jacob holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Oregon State University.

Camila Savia

Admin Assistant

Camila joined in 2020.

Currently, alongside her role at, Camila is a model at B&M Models, a boutique modelling agency in Toronto. She is regularly featured internationally in both print and commercial work.

A Few Industry-Specific Case Studies

Fin-Tech Case Studies

Marketing and Sales Tech

HR Tech

Healthcare Tech

Online Programs & E-Learning

Real Estate Tech

Enterprise & Data

Dev, Design, & Marketing Firms

800+ Clients and Counting

Kevin Mulhern (AdvisorStream)
Financial Advisors SaaS

Henry Bee (CoPilot AI)
Marketing Automation SaaS

Jeremy N. (Press Advantage)
SME Press Releases SaaS

Rafael Mizrahi (Feng GUI)
Digital Agency SaaS

Greg O'Gallagher (Kinobody)
Online Fitness Programs

Ben Reed (Sourcewater)
Fin-Tech/Oil & Gas SaaS

Kate Chelovich (Vizirecruiter)

Jason Hamilton (TestLauncher)
Software Testing Services

Michael Mahler (Vibo)

Graeham F. (
Emergency Responders SaaS

Mike Reynolds (Switchboard)
Audio & Communications SaaS

Brandon B. (
Marketing Automation SaaS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm ready for the Accelerator?
There is never a perfect time and you are never going to feel 100% ready to go. There are always 1001 tasks you could be doing, however, they are typically not the right tasks that will get you to your goal. 

Our core thesis is: Entrepreneurs fail not because they can't build products, identify markets, market their products, or price their products effectively, but because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and they run out of time and money before they achieve meaningful traction. We help our customers execute in the right order - the order that results in the highest efficiency. 

If your current strategies are not working and you are feeling frustrated because you are not progressing fast enough, then this is for you. 

If there is even a 10% chance that this will unstuck you and you and get you to your first $1M, then it usually makes sense to move forward. 

If you are at least 40% sure that this will help, you then move forward. 

We of course offer a guarantee since we back up everything that we do. If you are in doubt, just give it a shot and see for yourself. 
We are too early. Our product isn't built yet. Does this still work?
We coach you through the product-market-fit stages of building your business to line you up for marketing and sales efforts as quickly as possible. 

If you don't have your first sales or customers yet, then we can help get them. Then you can work to build your product to fulfil the promises you made to your first customers and collect your first case studies. 

From there, we will help you market and sell. 

So even if you don't have your first customers yet, then it makes sense to join because we can help you significantly shave down the time to that first case study. 
Who else is successful with this? Why are they successful? What about the non-successful ones. Why are they not successful?
We have a fantastic track record and as of this writing, we have over 800 customers who have either went through our program or have engaged with us in a consulting capacity. 

To name a few case studies: ($0-$5M in 18 Months - Bootstrapped)

Kinobody ($2M-$12M in 24 Months - Bootstrapped)

AdvisorStream ($0 - $1M ARR in 12 Months and now at $5M ARR)

CoPilot Advisor ($0- $1M ARR in 11 Months) 

Press Advantage ($0-$1M ARR in 12 Months)

Sourcewater ($0-$1M ARR in 10 Months) ($200k ARR- $3.5M ARR in 11 Months) ($80k ARR - $2.5M ARR in 12 Months) ($6k MRR-$146k MRR in 4 Months)

VA Flow ($0-$400k ARR in 4 Months)

Lead Engine Pro ($0-$1M ARR in 4 Months) ($2k MRR-$25k MRR 12 Months) 
 and many more. 

The successful customers have a few common attributes: 

- They take action without hesitation. Once they are given the action plan, they execute to spec without much questioning. 

- They have a dogged work ethic. There are many steps involved in the action plan that require disciplined focus for extended periods of time. The best customers barrel through the steps even when they have feelings of discomfort. 

- They participate and engage on the support and workshop calls. They are diligence students and complete the work, then get the work edited during the support calls. They take the feedback and iterate quickly. 

- They have a positive attitude. They understand that the task of building and growing a successful business is challenging and littered with hurdles. Without a positive attitude, a single hurdle could cause discouragement. Our best customers maintain an unwavering positive attitude. 

- They take care of their health. The amount of work involved requires high energy levels. Without managing one's state and health, energy levels could drop. Our most successful customers are also the ones who mind their physical and mental health using exercise and meditation.  

- They are courageous. A lot of what we help our customers do requires them to jump out of their comfort zone. This requires courage. We will encourage our customers, help them break free from limiting beliefs and push their boundaries. The best customers understand that this courage is necessary to get the best results. 

- They are respectful and polite. We have noticed a positive correlation between manners of the customer and customer success.  

Not all customers experience dramatic results. Here are a few reasons why: 

1. Lack of focus - Some customers will engage with us and purchase our products, but decide to not spend the necessary time going through the material and executing the steps. 

Getting great results requires that you can sit down for at least 1 hour and execute one task. 

Some customers struggle to do this and are sometimes unable to complete the tasks. We help as much as possible, but we ask our customers to manipulate their environment in a way that helps focus levels - quiet area, turn off phone, etc.. 

2. Poor Attitude - Some customers (not many) will purchase, but their attitude prevents them from working through difficult problems. A positive attitude is needed to take in data and use reason to make iterations with the help of our team. 

3. Personal and Health Problems - Like everyone, some customers have personal problems that simply take priority over actives. For example: a death in the family, a health problem becomes more pronounced, a divorce or litigation etc.. These circumstances are unfortunate and are mostly unavoidable. 

4. Lack of Money to Meet Basic Needs - Sometimes founders who are bootstrapping need to pause on their activities or only go part-time on because they need to earn income for themselves and their family as they are working on the business. This often just slows the founders down a little, but in some cases the financial pressure causes a pause in the program. If this is the case, we recommend executing the steps and using a job or other income source to supplement your needs as you are building up the income from your business. 

How can I trust this?
The underlying techniques and concepts brought forth by the framework, training manuals, videos, and scripts were derived by unifying many data points from the source texts. 

Technical concepts were borrowed from formal engineering trainings (with a deep dive into physics). 

Product-market-fit concepts reference: The Four Steps to the Epiphany, The Innovator's Solution, The Innovator's Dilemma, The Lean StartUp , Zero To One. 

Personal management concepts reference: Money – Master the Game, Deep Work, Think and Grow Rich, Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science Of The Mind , Psycho-Cybernetics ,The 80/20 Principle, Principles: Life and Work, Civilization And Its Discontents , Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit Of Less, The Greatest Minds and Ideas Of All Time, The One Thing, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, The Lessons Of History , 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People , Essentialism: The Discipline Pursuit Of Less. 

Sales concepts reference: Jordan Belfort Sales Scripts, The Little Red Book Of Selling, NLP: The Essential Guide To Neuro-Linguistic Programming, How To Win Friends And Influence People, Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion, From Impossible To Inevitable, The Ultimate Sales Machine, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life, Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street, The Sales Bible.

Marketing concepts reference: Facebook Advertising Documentation, Switch, Breakthrough Advertising, Ogilvy On Advertising, Scientific Advertising, The Baron Letters, The Sales Acceleration Formula, Words That Sell, Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets.

Team building concepts reference: The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Sam Walton: Made In America, Good To Great, Principles: Life and Work.

Capital Management concepts reference: The Intelligent Investor, Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less, Profit First, Venture Deals, THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BIBLE TO VENTURE CAPITAL: Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Startup Game, Warren Buffett's shareholder letters (Berkshire Hathaway, largest conglomerate in the world), Mark Leonard's shareholder letters (Constellation Software, $26 billion market cap software conglomerate).

Relationships between source sales concepts were understood from experience knocking on over 20,000 doors (door-to-door sales), doing 5,000 cold sales calls via the phone, and 2,000 sales calls via online demos.

Relationships between source sales management concepts understood from building multiple successful sales teams - MidnightDetailing (0-3000 customers in two years using a door to door model), AdvisorStream ($0-$1M in 12 months using three sales people), CoPilot ($0-$1M ARR in 11 months using four salespeople, ($0-$5M ARR in 18 months using four salespeople).

Relationships between source marketing concepts were understood by spending $3M on paid advertising and building hundreds of assets (sales pages, content pieces, follow up emails etc..)

Relationships between source product and design concepts were understood by running 15 full business experiments, and helping over 800 entrepreneurs.

Relationships between capital manage concepts were understood by personal experience raising money, accruing capital and deploying capital. Capital amounts were of the order of millions.
Are your clients mainly bootstrapped or backed by VC?
We have many customers who are bootstrapped and many who are backed by some real money. Both are entrepreneurs :)

Funding is just like gasoline on the fire, but you still need to get the fire started in the first place.

We will help you start that fire, and THEN help you dump gasoline on it with paid ads and inside sales teams.

Customers who are backed by VC firms are often lead by highly-motivated founders who take our information and tactics and run like the damn wind since they have the resources to execute extremely quickly. If you raised any money, you should get your hands on our product ASAP. You could be sitting on dynamite.

Our bootstrapped customers smash it too, however, it sometimes takes them a little longer than funded companies to get a multi-million dollar case study since they have less time and resources.

That being said, some of our most successful customers are bootstrapped. Personally, I prefer being bootstrapped because that means if I make $1m after tax, I get to keep $1m. Lots of our customers can dance to that drumbeat.
How long does our relationship last?
We put you through a rigorous curriculum and action plan in the first 8 weeks and we continue to support you for the remaining 10 months as you are executing and tuning your machine.

You will be up for renewal at the end of your first 12 months. This renewal is not obligatory.
Will this work with my existing CRM tool?
Yes, of course. We will show you how to integrate your existing CRM into the stack that we help you set up.
Are you interested in investing in our company?
We will need to work with your for at least 6 months before we consider investing in your company or recommending it to our network of investors.
In terms of the content, do you interview us and we write it?
We will coach you through the content discovery process where you interview your prospects and customers to determine their most urgent problems and language they use to describe those problems. We provide you with copywriting templates that you will use to create stellar assets. 

From there, you will send them to us for revisions and feedback. This process helps you hone your copywriting skills as quickly as possible. Teaching you how to write compelling copy is the best way to ensure your long-term success.
How does your relationship work with Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars?
We are not formally affiliated with these accelerators, however, we have many customers who attend these accelerators to achieve product-market-fit, then come to us for sales and marketing help.
Do you help enter new markets and new geographies?
Yes, many of our customers come to us to learn how to enter new markets quickly.

Online advertising and internet marketing techniques taught in the Scale Accelerator makes entering new markets from ""long range"" easy. Once you master these skills, you can spin up a sales letter and an ad, then start testing resonance within a few hours.

There is no better way to enter new territories than with paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.
My customers aren't active on LinkedIn and Facebook. Will this still work?
This is a common misconception. Your customers are either on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, or at least using their email accounts.

We can use either of these platforms to effectively target your customers.

Personally, I was extremely surprised to know that my customers were all on Facebook! Everyone still likes to check in on their kids, grandkids, ex-girlfriends :), competitors, etc..

You will likely be surprised too.
What if I'm in a different time zone? How do I get support?
We have support calls in the morning EST and at night EST to help accommodate everyone who needs the help. We also have all support calls recorded and hosted in our content portal so you can watch when you have the time. We also tend to a facebook group and offer asynchronous email support.
What if I'm not B2B SaaS?
You don't need to be a B2B SaaS company to experience results.

At the end of the day, we help our customers produce fantastic content and then implement a sales process.

The content creation process is the same whether you are selling B2B SaaS or B2B services or fruits on the side of the street.

The only difference is the method you use to deliver the transformation to the customer, which is independent of the marketing and messaging.
I've hired someone to do this for me already. Why do I need to work with you?
This is great. You and that person can work with us to get your funnel and content up ASAP. Think of us like the NOS button on your 10 second race car.
What % of your case studies are successful? What is the breakdown?
100% of students who complete the program are successful. This is why we offer the money-back-guarantee.
When does this not work? Why are people not successful?
The program requires you to do a lot of work and learn quickly. Some students do not complete the program due to work ethic, however, if they did complete the program, then they would be successful.
Do you help me write and edit the templates? How much do you guys do, how much do we do?
Yes, we help you edit the templates and provide input on the calls. You will be writing the copy, and you will be sending it us for editing and revision. You are working with one of the best copywriters in the world. Just take in the feedback, iterate, and start making some serious mula.
What happens after 12 months of consulting? Are we flying solo?
After 12 months, you can choose to renew at the accelerator level, or you can join our mastermind where we help you scale up even further.
Does Accelerator Scale work for project-based consulting offers or just SaaS?
At the end of the day, we are helping you put appointments on the calendar and closing at over 20%. That's it. You can be selling SaaS, Services, or magic beans - the process is the same:

Develop Niche-Specific Content and Assets - assets that floor your prospects, suck in your ideal customers, and repel everyone else.

Drive Traffic Via Outbound/Organic (free) or Paid Sources - this is easy if you know how to click a few buttons.

Drive Appointments, Trials, Or Trip Wires - This is done with high converting sales pages and stellar content.

Convert Using VSLs, Webinars, or Inside Sales - This is done by developing amazing sales scripts and hiring competent, commission-based sales reps to flood your CRM with won opportunities.

I'm getting excited just writing about this. Let's go.
I'm not ready to buy today, I just wanted to learn about what you guys do.
That is totally fine. We want to make sure you are armed with enough information to make an informed decision.

You are on this page or you have spoken to us for a reason: this reason could be that you are struggling with one of the particular problems we solve and you are in need of help.

If that's the case, then take the chance and give us a shot to help you. Worst case, you learn what you don't know and get a clear perspective. You will only lose your time since we offer a best in class guarantee.

Best case, you solve the heck out of the problem and you increase your momentum like never before.
Why can't I hire an agency to do this for me?
Agencies can help you with page building, ad monitoring, tracking, and scaling budgets, but they won't be able to build the funnel for you that actually converts - simply because they don't have the domain expertise necessary to write compelling copy.

We will be working with you to build the funnel, then you can hire an agency to manage the funnel or you can hire someone in house to manage the funnel - we recommend bringing someone in house since agency account reps often service multiple customers simultaneously and their bandwidth is spread spin which results in less attention on your particular campaign.
If we do the Accelerator program, how much access do we have to Nick?
You will be able to speak to Nick up to two times per week and you will be able to speak to Nick in the Facebook group and through email.

If you enrol in the Mastermind group, you will be able to speak to Nick via a one-on-one call and in person at his house or in one of our mastermind locations.
We are a two-sided marketplace. Can we still benefit from this?
Yes, of course. We will be teaching you how to write compelling copy and content such that you can break through the noise on the internet.

If you are offering a marketplace, you will still need to attract, engage and educate the market on why your solution makes sense for them. We have worked with marketplaces in the past and they have benefited by learning these skills from us.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is 1. Content creation and 2. Product - You likely have a great product, but the content creation might not be there yet. Working with us, we will get you there.
Who's going to be sending the outbound emails?
In the initial stages, you will be sending the outbound emails so you can find resonance by tweaking the messaging. Once you solve the messaging (with our help of course), you will likely bring on someone junior to send at least 100 emails per day.
What if I don't do inside sales?
If you don't do inside sales for your offer, we will be building an automated funnel and order page. You will still need to write incredible content that will attract and educate your audience and drive them towards a purchase.

We will help you plan out this content and coach you through the writing and production process.
I'm currently using channel partners, will this help me go direct?
Yes, channel partners are a great way to originate traffic. We will be crafting niche-specific content that you will be able to use while to sell direct.
My customers are not going to watch a webinar. Long form pages look scammy. This is "too internet markety". My customers are way too sophisticated.
This is a common misconception. The truth is that customers won't read long-form sales copy if it's not done well. However, if the copy is written properly, they will read it and be influenced by it.

Written word is just a mode of conveying information, just like speaking in-person or speaking to someone on the telephone. Written word and video is just infinitely more efficient.
We are doing a lot of inbound/referral business right now. Is there value in this for me since I'm already doing alright without marketing?
Yes, of course. If you are already getting a ton of traction without marketing, that means your product or offer is stellar.

The next thing we need to tack on is content creation - compelling pieces that break through the noise of the internet so that we can drive more people to your site and get them signed up.

We love working with folks who are already successful. They do extremely well once they learn the content creation strategies from us.
Will you help me write the outbound messages?
Yes, of course. We offer templates for outbound messages and we will be editing them on our workshop calls and via email and in the FB group. We will make sure your outbound messages are stellar and convert :)
Do I have to cold call and cold email people all day?
We will be teaching you how to do cold calling and cold emailing (outbound prospecting). In the beginning, you will want to do these activities yourself so you can teach your other team members how to do it properly. It will usually take you a few weeks to get the hang of it, but once you do, you can bring on someone else execute for you.
A lot of the companies referenced on your site look either really small or where there aren't sales/marketing leaders. We want to be confident that would actually be driving new learnings for us.
Great question. The thing is that it's not about the individual parts or one successful strategy, it's the synchronization of the parts - how they work together to solve for positive Future Cash Flow. You will need to update the landing pages, the copy, the resources, etc.. to drive serious demand. Knowing what to do and successfully pulling it off are two different things. If you successfully pull it off, the checking account increases every month. That's the litmus test. We help synchronize everything and get to profitability quickly. (See Axioms)
How much time is required?
The time required to go through the process depends on: Your level of insights, your technical ability, your design ability, and your current sales skills. The lower limit is approx 3 months. In this scenario, you already have a deep understanding of who your customer is, what their problem is, what needs to be built, and you already have a customer who is willing to work with you. You also have the ability to build it without hiring anyone. The upper limit is 12-14 months. In this scenario, you have under-developed customer insights and few pre-orders and you will need to do a full discovery using sales and discovery skills, you have a premature design which will require you to connect the dots and create a mock up using your insights, you haven't built the product yet which means you will need to recruit someone technical or learn the technical skills yourself. This just takes a little longer, but the path is there for you to follow.
What else am I going to have to pay for? What tools are needed?
While going through Product-Market-Fit Accelerator, you will just need an email account, a warm bed, a computer and a great attitude.

While going through Scale Accelerator, you will need:

CRM (, Hubspot, or Salesforce, Or any other one - it doesn't really matter). We have discounts for We can save you 40% on your licenses.

A landing page builder like Clickfunnels, Lead Pages, Wordpress (again doesn't really matter what you use). This will cost you approx. $97 per month.

An email account. You should already have one of those :)

If you are using outbound prospecting, you will need a data source like LinkedIn Sales Navigator ($89 per month). You will also need a data scraper like Lead Leaper or ($20-$100 per month). Don't worry, we have discounts on everything.

If you are starting with paid advertising, we recommend using a starter-budget of $100 per day. We don't recommend paid ads until you already have at least 2-10 paying customers with healthy contribution values.

You will need a quiz tool like Jotform or Typeform - $20 ish per month. We have discounts.

Zoom - $15 per month.

Everything else is not completely necessary. We will show you how to make $1m per year with just a LinkedIn account, a Zoom account and a sharp pencil.
There are like 30 potential customers in my market. Is there value in your process if my TAM is small?
If there are only 30 people in your market, then we will be using hyper-personalized spearing to bring prospects into your world.

You will still need to produce content and engage them. Then you will need to close them. The margin for error is low in this situation, so you want to make sure you are using the most effective strategy possible with respect to enterprise sales. We will give you strategies and coach you through that process.

In fact, the smaller the market, the better since there will be little competition.

An example is Christine from - she is selling large enterprise contracts to a very small market. She was able to book 14+ calls with decision-markers in the first few weeks using our help.
My market is too small. Will this work?
The smaller the better when you are starting since the competition is zero. I love working with companies who are in small, unique markets and with founders who have weirdly specific domain experience that is useful in a small market. These founders often KILL IT.

Don't let anyone tell you that your market is too small when you are starting.

Facebook started with just Harvard.
Paypal started with just Ebay power sellers.
We started with just Fin-tech companies in Toronto.

Once you exhaust your small market (you will know this happens when you start getting a diminishing return on your marketing dollars), then you will pivot into an adjacent market and leverage your current case studies, learnings, and profits from your first market.

Let's get you going with your small market!
What sets you apart from your competitors? Why are you different and better?
This is a great question. There are many reasons so we will start with a few obvious ones: 

1. Learning and trusting someone who has not mastered what you are trying to learn will not only prevent you from getting to your goal, but it could harm you as well. The implications of travelling down the wrong path could cost you years and millions of dollars in real costs and opportunity costs. 

If you are going to trust someone to help you, you will need to analyze their track record. Don't just look at revenue numbers, but also look at shareholder value or profits. Only then can you determine if they can truly help you or hurt you. 

We understand this and that's why we are transparent with our case studies and our own results. We have made millions using the same strategies we help our customers employ. We still use the strategies being taught. We are the only ones who can show real growth numbers, but also profit as seen in tax returns and other financial statements. 

Our case studies and track record are the strongest. $0-$1M back to back to back. $0-$5M. $2M-$12M. 

Everything is documented.  

2. We focus on making our customers money over anything else. There are many fancy BS marketing and sales techniques out there, however, they often just confuse customers and don't move the needle. 

In Product-Market-Fit Training, WE FOCUS ON GETTING 2 Back To Back Case Studies With Healthy Contribution. 

In Scale, we FOCUS ON PUTTING APPOINTMENTS ON THE CALENDAR AND CLOSING AT OVER 20%. That's it. Anything that doesn't directly affect those metrics should be discontinued. 

3. We are engineers and we are winners from day 1. 

Engineering skills are difficult to copy since it will require our competitors who lead their companies to attend world-class engineering training. 

There are many marketing and sales coaches, trainers, consultants who push their "rags to riches" story. Or how they "were in trouble with the law" and they had their "come to Jesus" moment. 

We are different. We have been winners since day 1. We played high-level sports, we went to the best schools in the country. We excelled academically. We didn't take a day off in our 20s. We pay taxes. We just win. Learning from someone with a long track record of winning will help you achieve your results much faster. 

4. I have never met a 7-figure, multi-millionnaire CEO or founder who outsources marketing and copywriting. 

The domain expertise required to write compelling copy is out of scope for anyone but the founder, the execs, the head of marketing or someone who is talking to your customers all day long. 

Marketing agencies and media buying works, however, without solid content and copy, any media buying won't provide positive yield. 

Here's why: 

The agency model is fundamentally flawed in that the more "successful" the agency is (the more customers they bring on), the less likely their customers will experience great results, due to bandwidth limits. 

The agency is incentivized to "not lose the customer" instead of "making the customer money". We understand this and teach our customers "how to fish". 

Not only does this work better in the long term, but it also works better in the short term since the copy that a marketing agency writes usually doesn't work anyway!

When you work with us, we help you develop the skills to achieve 7-figure results in the shortest amount of time possible.
Is there success-based pricing? Do you only get paid if we are successful?  
We don't do success-based pricing unless we own part of the business. The reason is because your success is heavily dependent on you and your team executing the tasks that we help define. We can give you everything that you need and help you a long the way, but we ultimately can't wake you up every morning and make sure that you execute. 

Our job is to put you in a position to succeed and make sure that the information we give you is the most accurate as possible. We will also help you and coach you and make it easier to execute. 
How does Nick have time to help all these clients?
Nick only brings on a few one-on-one clients per month so he can spend the proper amount of time with each of them. He spends approx. 6 hours per week conducting workshop sessions in a group environment. 
 Is this only for startup companies or more established companies too?
The Scale Accelerator is great for startups, but it is also extremely useful for established companies who are entering new markets or pushing new offers into existing markets. 

The Scientific Method To Solving For Product-Market-Fit can be used to get offers "working" quickly and without waste. Established companies can use this to save a tremendous amount of resources while trying to expand with new offers. 

The traffic and conversion techniques explained in Scale Accelerator work for either type of business. At its core, the program will turn you into a marketing wizard and teach you invaluable internet marketing tactics that can drive growth quickly.
How much energy is required?
Solving for product-market-fit and creating millions of dollars in cash and in equity value out of thin air is no small task. In physics there is something called the law of conservation of energy that states energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. This can be applied to this environment too. If you don't already have a ton of capital (stored energy), you will be exchanging your calories or your team's calories for your customer's capital (in the form of payment). 

If you have capital, you can charge people without capital to expend their calories to go through this process, however, you should still stay involved. It will be a lot of work for anyone going through the process, but it's a more efficient and effective way to get to your goal of product-market-fit than anything else we have come across.
How much does it cost?
Working with us and using our products is not the cheapest thing in the world, but if you use the components of our solution properly, the ROI is hilariously high. 

Our customer for this particular offer is someone who is interested in building something new, has the ability to do so, and the intent to do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality. It just so happens that these types of people are also the ones who have stored capital in savings, access to credit through a bank or friend, or access to capital through an investor or group of investors. So pricing is rarely something that holds them back. 

The tools needed during the product-market fit stage are few and inexpensive. You will need a computer, an email account, a LinkedIn account, a sharp pencil, probably a phone, a headset for phone calls, a good pair of shoes since you will be on your feet visiting customers and pacing around your office, a comfortable shirt and chair, a quiet space with natural light for thinking, a clean desk, lots of water, healthy snacks, and maybe a cat for companionship.
How much resources and time are required to get results?
The typical successful customer will spend 1-2 hours per day on related activities for 1-2 months straight and experience results.

Of course we have superstars who spend 8-10 hours per day on activities and experience exceptional results (millions in the first few months), however this is not everyone.

You and your team members will need to spend at least 2 hours per day to go through the action plan.
Why do you only have 50 case studies if you have more than 800 customers?
We choose to spotlight the "Golden Students". That being said, we are in the process of conducting more interviews and collecting more case studies. Once you join, you will have access to the 800+ customer-only Facebook group.
What is the long-term play for you guys?
The long term play for us is our fund. Working with and helping hundreds of SaaS companies affords us a unique scope into markets and insights that we can use to make quality investment decisions.
Why is the program and support 12 months long, but the action plan is only 3 months?
The curriculum is 3 months long, however, many founders and execs often go through the program multiple times. We offer support for 12 months to help our customers master the concepts.
Will this work for me if I'm in the UK, India, on the moon?
One of the beautiful aspects of operating an internet business is being location independent.

The internet has now allowed you to target and reach anyone who also has an internet connection.

I created a multi-million-dollar business while being cooped up in a windowless 2 bedroom apartment in Toronto Canada.

I could have done this in the African Plains or the North Pole as long as I had oatmeal, protein powder, a friend to keep me company and a strong internet connection.

This process will work for you in any country as long as you have commitment and a strong internet connection.

Yes, people in other countries respond to ads and respond to outbound messages.

The only thing you will need to be aware of are timezones. If you are offering support to your customers, it makes sense to establish a support rep in their timezone.

If you are selling via inside sales, it makes sense to position a sales rep in the timezone of your customers'.

Some of our most successful customers are from India, Europe, Asia, and South America.
I have to bring this to my board. How can you help with this process?
What most clients do is send the board members the recording of the meeting, the content, the thesis, and the track record.

Sometimes founders and CEOs purchase our program first to evaluate the quality of the work we do, then upgrade to a consulting engagement.
How does the guarantee work?
We offer an action-based guarantee. If our customers execute the action plan - where they write their content, publish it, drive traffic to it, and are still not able to drive opportunities, then we offer a full 100% money-back-guarantee. That's it. Our process works and we put our money where our mouth is.
How much are the software discounts? How do the software discounts work?
The software discounts range from 40% to 15% off. This can sometimes translate to a $10k per year savings.
Can I just hire someone to do this for me?
The truth is that you can get others to build the pages, launch the ad campaigns, report on campaigns, set up drip sequences, etc. But the content within the assets will need to be written by you or someone close to the customers (someone with the deep domain expertise).

If you hire someone to write the copy for you, it will likely be wrong, the marketing won't work, and you will end up wasting a ton of money.

We will guide you and teach you. Once you become versed in copywriting, you will be able to experience massive benefits and save years of frustration and thousands of dollars.
I'm not sure if we can dedicate financial resources to this at this time.
If the business is not spitting out profits, there are only 2 problems: 1. Your copy is off - you can't get someone's attention and convince them to buy your products or services, or 2. Your offer is off - meaning the products or services are not resonating as well as you need them to be in the market.

We will help you solve one or both of these problems.
How does the feedback from the sales calls get incorporated into the marketing and iterations?
This is a great question. You will be recording the sales calls, then listening to them and writing down all the objections that your prospect gave you. Then you will be writing rebuttals and posting them on a sales page and in your script.
Are you going to be the ones who are taking the calls coming in and closing?
We will be helping you close, and helping you hire closers who will be taking the calls. An outsourced sales team doesn't work and it is typically extremely expensive.
What case studies in my industry do you have?
We have case studies from many industries: Fin-tech, marketing-tech, sales-tech, real estate-tech, fitness, supplements, HR tech, etc.

At the end of the day, we are helping you product amazing content that cuts through the noise and floods your funnel with opportunities, then helping you convert these opps into full-paying customers. The tactics are industry agnostic. Even if you are selling to folks on the Moon, you will need a sales letter :)
Does this work for service offers or hourly rates?
Yes, of course. Again, these concepts help you put appointments on the calendar and close at over 20%.

In the Product-Market-Fit Accelerator, we will help you develop your offer such that you can deliver a valuable transformation and solve a painful problem for a specific customer, and then collect case studies that yield positive contribution.

In Scale Accelerator, we will help you develop your content and marketing collateral, then help you utilize powerful marketing techniques to flood your CRM with either trials or appointments. Then we will help you convert those leads into full fledged customers.

The process is the same whether you are selling services our products. In other words, the mechanism is independent of the promise.
What is a video sales letter?
A video sales letter is a video version of a written sales letter. It is sometimes referred to as a webinar or long-form-video-presentation. This form of content is extremely powerful. Previously, online online course creators leveraged video sales letters, however, now they are becoming more mainstream. We will guide you through the process of creating and publishing your first VSL. It's a skill worth developing. Our most successful customers are those who have become extremely proficient with video sales letters.

Ben Reed from Sourcewater
Alex Becker from Hyros
Brandon Bornancin from
and many more.
Does the testimonial headline need to be based on financial results?
No, not at all. The testimonial or case study will highlight the metrics and state change that you helped the customer achieve.

If you are selling to economic buyers who want a clear ROI justification, then you can translate the metrics affected by your solution to $$ using 3rd party data and accepted assumptions.
I've never written copy or produced a video before. Can I still implement the process?
Very few of our customers have actually written copy or built funnels before. This skillset is relatively new.

Up until now, long-form-direct response copywriting was most prominent in the direct mail space. However, with the advent of the internet, the long-form, funnel style of marketing has exploded.

We will be teaching you the ins and outs of copywriting and funnel building and you will be able to get your first funnel up in less than 30 days even if you have never written copy in the past.
I'm not a born salesperson. Do I need to be?
Absolutely not. Sales is a learnable skill just like anything else. There is a formula and a method to selling. We offer you the sales scripts that you can use to get you started and train new reps.
How many customers can I get using the paid-traffic funnel?
It depends on how much money you spend. When you are starting, you will be searching for the cost it takes to acquire one customer from paid sources. Once you solve for this number, you will be able to scale up and bring in as many customers as you want.
How many people are typically on group calls? Will I get my question answered?
The group workshop calls can go from 1 hour to 3 hours twice per week.

There are usually 10-20 attending them, however, many are just listening in or checking in with an update. You will of-course be able to get your questions answered. If you need extra help, we will be able to assist you in a one-on-one.
How much do I pay an SDR?
You can start by paying an SDR $3k-$5k per month. You can also put them on a commission-only where they get paid approx. 10% of the deal if something is closed by your sales team.
I've taken so many courses, I know all this stuff already. Why do I need this?
This program was created by one of the best in the industry. We stand behind the program 100% and if you complete it, you will get amazing results.
Will you help me raise capital?
The funny thing is that if you have traction, you will have to shoo off investors with a stick. Raising money is not hard if you can prove a great economic case to a qualified investor.

We will help you set up your machine such that your investment makes sense to the right investors. We will even give you strategies on how to approach investors.

In the beginning, the problem is likely not that you can't raise money, the problem is that you don't have traction. We will help you get traction.
I'm selling into the enterprise. Can you still help?
We love selling into the enterprise.

Some of our best customers sell large, complex deals to extremely sophisticated buyers (Keboola $3M-$6M ARR in 4 months).

Personally, I'd rather sell $500k deals to those who can afford it than $2k deals to those who struggle - the energy required and complexity is similar, but the payoff is drastically different.

Our Scale Accelerator shows you how flood your calendars with appointments using outbound prospecting, how to engage and filter the prospects using discovery calls, and how to close prospects in record time with a strategic sales approach that is ethical, helpful and pleasant for the prospect.

When your sales organization learns this approach, they will feel empowered and you will experience growth numbers like you have never seen before.
I don't have time to write content.
This is a common statement from customers who do not yet understand the importance of writing compelling content.

There are two levers that you can pull to increase the value of your business: content and product.

That's it. Great content + great product will win.

Saying "I don't have time to write content" is like saying "I don't have time to build a product" - which seems like a crazy thing to say, right?

We will help you strip everything else away that is not building products or writing great content. This will get you the best results possible.
Do we have to hire a videographer to do the VSLs?
No, not at all. You can do the VSLs and the content with your iPhone or your computer camera. We recommend purchasing a Rode Podcaster mic to get the best audio.
Who will I be working with?
You will be working with Nick and his highly-trained team members.
You don't have case studies in my industry. How do I know it will work?
The scaling methods within the framework are industry-agnostic. The reason is that the methods were derived using foundational truths or postulates. Waiting for a case study in your specific vertical is like waiting to develop a feature only once you've seen competitor deploy it. The asymmetric returns come from being the only one in the meadow. If you are the first to use such a sales technology, you will have a window in time to gain until your competitor catches on and imitates.
How many customers can I get using the paid-traffic funnel?
It depends on how much money you spend. When you are starting, you will be searching for the cost it takes to acquire one customer from paid sources. Once you solve for this number, you will be able to scale up and bring in as many customers as you want.
Will it work for me?
The concepts are derived from first principles and source texts. This makes the actions within the action plan industry-agnostic, location-agnostic, even language-agnostic if you have a decent translator. This will work for you if you are committed to the goal. It will work for you if you are on a plane, on boat, on a train, if you are a bear, a fish, a lion, or even a Pokemon. 

Customers from all over the world are using the framework and the results vary - customers who have inanely-high-horsepower engines and capital are getting ridiculous results - for example Pavel from Keboola $3M-$6M in 4 months, Erol from $200k-$2M ARR, Ben from Source Water $0-1M ARR in 10 months, Brandon from $200k-$2M in 12 months, Jeremy from Press Advantage $0-$1M ARR in 12 months. 

Customers without formal training and loads of capital are also getting meaningful results too. For example, Michael from got to his first $20k MRR in a few months and there are many more similar stories. About 10% of customers are in Canada, 50% are in the US, and the rest are in the UK, Australia, India, and all over. 

We did an audit on the customer archetypes and found that lots of the early adopters had backgrounds in computer science and physics from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, and IIT. Some of these early folks were backed by VC funds like Social Capital and Sequoia Capital. However, we also had early customers who are doing fabulously well in small and obscure markets with background from lesser-known schools or with no schooling at all. The background don't really matter. 

The common denominators of a successful customer are: (1) An intense desire to build something useful while accumulating capital for themselves and their family members using the entrepreneurship vehicle, (2) Discipline, (3) Pain tolerance and emotional control since ups and downs one needs to ride out can be "difficult". If you have desire, discipline and you are not afraid of a little discomfort, then let's get you going!
What's the minimum spend for paid advertising?
You don't want to be reckless when it comes to paid advertising. We recommend that you start with $50 to $100 per day to validate the unit economics.
How often will I speaking with you?
You will be able to speak with us as often as you like via the Facebook group, the workshop calls, and the one-on-one sessions.
What will be the return on investment?
We are not the cheapest solution out there, but we pride ourself on being the best and our main focus is helping the customer grow their business.

Clients have reported $1m revenue gains that have resulted in $10m+ equity gains in less than 12 months. The ROI in this situation is almost comical.

Most clients will report a 200-500% increase in the first 12 months. You will have to do the math, but the ROI is usually around the 10X range.

Some clients go through the product-market-fit stage and learn that their offers need to change.

This saves them years of work and tons of money since we corrected the path they are on.

The ROI is a bit less clear in these situations, but, consider this - let's say that the cost of going down the wrong path is burning $20k per month. We help the founder change directions 5 months earlier than they would if they hadn't worked with us. This resulted in a $100k savings. The founder will experience a 10-20X return when it is seen through this lens.
I don't have the bandwidth right now.
This is what most of our customers said before they signed up. However, they jumped into the program and often learned that the tasks they were prioritizing before they joined turned out to be of lower priority than they thought.

You will also find nuggets that you can apply right away to your current efforts.

For example, Pavel from Keboola went through the training and crafted a sales letter that helped his sales team become extremely effective. In just 4 months they grew from $3M ARR to $6M ARR.

When you are working with us, we will help you make the best use of your time and get much more out of your current efforts.

If you have someone who is managing marketing or sales, then you can put them through our training and significantly increase their output.

A good example is the team - their whole sales and marketing organization went through the program and they achieved a significant return.

If you give it a shot, you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the amount of time and energy we will be able to save you.
Can this help me if I'm starting from $0?
Yes, 100%. The biggest risk to someone starting from scratch or someone who is inventing a new offer is burning money and time by not executing the right tasks in the right order.

We often have customers who come to us only after they spent years travelling in the wrong direction and pursuing the wrong model, the wrong price, or the wrong promise. This results in tremendous frustration and waste.

However, once the direction is corrected with our program or services, these customers experience quick gains.

If you are starting from $0, you will limit the amount of risk you to which you are exposing yourself. This will save you years and tons of money.
My customers don't buy like this...Long form copy doesn't work. My customers don't have time to read long articles or watch long videos.
This is a common misconception. If you are familiar with any David Ogilvy (The grand daddy of copywriting), you will recall that he spouts about "long form sells better than short form" "fringe time sells better than prime time", "I do not regard advertising as entertainment or an art form, but as a medium of information."

Your customers are hungry for information and long form copy in the form of a video sales letter or written sales letters convey that information.

We have also found by qualitative and quantitative analysis that prospects need at least 7 hours of interaction with you or your business before they feel completely comfortable pulling the trigger and doing business with you. Long form copywriting and long form video sales letters do this job beautifully. In the old days, one would have to conduct 1-5 calls and conduct 10-15 follow up meetings to get large deals completed. Now, we can use long-form copywriting and video to get some of those hours in which will drastically decrease the sales cycle time and drastically increase the conversion rate on your marketing collateral.

To an unqualified person or someone who is simply not experiencing pain around a problem you are solving, your long form copy will be irritating. To the buyer, the long form will be helpful and engaging.

It is my belief that anyone who "poo poos" on long form copywriting simple hasn't yet experienced its benefits because they have either never done it before, or they are just plain bad at it. We will help you develop your long form skills and so you too can chuckle when naysayers comment on this.
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