It's possible to quickly build a hyper-profitable, fast-growing B2B SaaS business without raising money if "one" can simultaneously practice sales, marketing, solution-design, and engineering. 

A gap in one or multiple of these areas can express itself as underachievement, waste, frustration, and "meh" or "less than meh" returns on capital. 

We help you fill in these gaps. 

As a result, you will be able to achieve hilariously-high returns on capital and calories invested. 

Step 1: Please Watch the Training Video 
Step 2: Book a Rainmaking Session
$10k - $500,000 PER MONTH in 12 Months. Bootstrapped.
Commission-Only Reps Using The Framework.


Discounted Present Value: 
DPV is the discounted present value of the future cash flow FV(t), or FV(t) adjusted for the delay in receipt;
FV(t) is the nominal value of a cash flow amount in a future period;
r is the interest rate or discount rate, which reflects the cost of tying up capital and may also allow for the risk that the payment may not be received in full, t is time. 
Hamilton's Rule: 
An allele for a social behavior increases in frequency when the “inclusive fitness effect” is positive, namely

-c +rXb > 0  (1)
rXb > c     (2)

In Hamilton’s rule (1), b is the increase in fitness (benefit) of a social partner from the behavior of a focal individual, c is the decrease in fitness (cost) of a focal individual that performs the behavior, and r measures genetic relatedness between focal and recipient individuals. 

Build Things People Love By Getting Full Scope

The two data streams needed to build something useful include:

 (1) Environment data - what is in the realm of possibilities - current technologies, trends, active forces, and winds blowing in an environment. 

 (2) Customer data - activities the customer is trying to do or doing, the path they are on, and the specific forces are acting on them. 

Most entrepreneurs have (1) covered - they understand how to build and how the technology works; however, they are missing (2) - how the technology applies in a way that makes it useful. 

Once the entrepreneur has a full scope, they can spot the intersection points of the customer's path and the forces in the environment.  With this information, they form useful unique insights - cause-effect relationships between new activities and benefits that only they know to be true. 

They express their useful unique insights into vehicles (entrepreneur's technological application of the useful unique insights) that they exchange with a customer for money.  

The customer will exchange money for the entrepreneur's vehicle only if the benefits (relative to the customer) exceed the energy cost of the new activity (relative to the customer), and there are no better energy-activity trades available (relative to the customer).  

Having one "data stream" without the other is like navigating through a dangerous jungle with perfectly functioning ears, blindfolded. 

To properly navigate through the jungle, one needs to open up that second data stream and take off the blindfold. 

Customer feedback from sales and discovery calls is that second data stream. 

Learning how to sell is taking off that blindfold. 

When you can sell and build simultaneously, getting to your first $100k profit is about as difficult as falling off a chair.
Fig 1: Force Fields In An Environment With No Customer Path Visibility 
Fig 2: Time-Dependent Path Of Customer Overlaid On Environment Force Fields
A customer will travel on their own path in their own plane in time.  

The customer's path has little peaks and valleys (as they go about their day). 

The environment is independent of this customer - forces and winds are blowing, title waves brewing, tectonic plates shifting, new technologies advancing, new regulations imposing, new conflicts, new competitors. A lot is going on in the world! 

So what is the point? 

These environmental forces and winds could eventually affect your customer in some way; however, if you don't understand both the environment forces and your customer's path through time, you won't be able to determine the points of intersection! When the environment forces meet the customer on its path (or vice versa), the customer reacts.

If you have a scope of both the customer's path and the environment forces, you can help the customer at the intersection point. 

For example: Let's pretend you meet your friend for coffee at Starbucks every morning at 9 am. One night, due to overnight freezing, water pipes break at that Starbucks, which results in a flood, making that store unavailable in the morning. You are up late listening to the radio and catch the flood report; however, your friend is fast asleep when the report plays and doesn't learn of this information. The following morning your friend arrives at the usual Starbucks, but now seeing that it's closed, is slightly disappointed. Being the smart friend you are, you intersect your friend's path just at the perfect time with a fresh cup of coffee from the Starbucks 1 mile down the road.    

You could do this because you had scope of both the path on which your friend was traveling and the environment conditions. 

To your friend, this act might have felt like magic for a split second, but to you, it was the obvious thing to do. 

The same thing happens when you are helping customers. 

When you have scope of both the customer's path and the environment conditions, you can spot the time the customer is forced to motion and the direction, then build or provide useful things for your customer at the time they need it.

 These environment conditions could be technology available that was not before, a new method to do something, interest rate changes, information becomes widespread, a famine, a storm, a virus, a war, etc..

Lots of people call this "market timing" and regard market-vehicle resonance as indeterministic (loosy-goosy or a coin-flip). However, if you truly have scope of the customer, its path, and its environment, you can time things perfectly (or at least better than others) and significantly increase your probability of success. 

Learning about the environment requires access to information in other planes. 

Learning the customer's path requires observation and interaction with that customer. You can do this with sales calls and discovery calls, or by making yourself the customer :) 

Once you have "scope," a problem (relative to your customer) or a "useful-unique insight" will appear, and its application will be just as obvious as picking up an extra coffee for a friend in need when a Starbucks floods. 

Useful-unique insights. They are useful in that their application leads to benefit (the delta in either survival or replication energy - see Dr. David Buss' texts for a month) and unique in that you are the only one who knows of them. Peter Thiel regularly calls these "secrets." In Peter's idiom, we can call them "useful secrets."

If you can determine a "useful unique insight" AND you have the skills and resources to express a solution, you can meet the customer with a valid solution at the right time for an exchange of money. 

Design and engineering skills are required to know how to build. 

Sales and research skills are needed to know what to build.

Calories, capital, and time are required to apply these skills.   

This lens explains why entrepreneurs who solve their own problems get resonance so quickly - they are the customer. They have a first-person view of the path (since they are on it). They only need environment scope to create "obvious" solutions. 

This lens also explains Elon Musk's behavior: He wanted the fastest car, so he built one. He hated traffic, so he built a tunnel. At some point, he learned the probability of near extinction significantly increased after 1945, so he made a working rocket ship. Picking up a rocketry textbook was probably the obvious thing to do with $180m in after-tax cash, the energy of someone in their 30s, and scope of advanced technologies and cultural winds.  

Can you limp along without a deep understanding of your customer and its environment? Sure. But expect resistance, frustration, and less than spectacular returns on your efforts. We've done it.   

Is it difficult to find these unique insights? Not in terms of calories or capital.  

*Finding A Solution To Utility That Satisfies Two Separate Multi-Dimensional Problems Simultaneously Is Difficult *

If you think of the Utility (U) of your solution as related to how well it helps your customer achieve "benefit" as it travels along its path through time, then we can suggest for a second that, U(r(t)), where r is the position of the customer (polar coordinate in 3d space) and t is time. 

However, relative Utility is also dependent on other options available to the customer at time t - alternatives . 

In your customer's reference point, utility value drops if there are alternatives available that provide the same or better benefit for the same cost and increases if no viable alternatives are around, so we should account for it: 

U(r(t), a(t)) - where a(t) are the other options that provide benefit available at time t (relative to the customer.) 

If your customer's r(t) (position) is dependent on F(t) (forces acting on customer) - see Newton's version of motion in forcefields, then U(r(F(t), a(t)) - meaning the Utility of your solution is dependent on forces acting on the customer at time t and the alternatives available at time t (relative to customer). 

Solving for for meaningful Utility for one customer is difficult, even for any group of people with computers, capital and time.  

Now imagine solving Utility for two customers simultaneously... 

That's what most entrepreneurs and businesses try to do. 

Laying on another layer of complexity makes solving for Utility even harder than it already is. 

As a result, Utility relative to your customer is "meh," and as a result of that, returns on capital and calories are "meh" or "less than meh." Meh.

This lens supports Peter Thiel's "no competition = profits" logic since customers trade money for Utility. It also supports his "start in small markets and expand" points - the market of 1. It also supports Peter's "you are not a coin-flip" points (btw I'm a big fan of Peter's if you couldn't already tell). 

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he cut everything and focused on one thing and made sure he did that one thing right. He solved for Utility. As a result, the return on capital and calories were spectacular. 

When we applied this strategy, the cash-on-cash and cash-on-calories return were staggering - thousands of % and millions in after-tax surplus.  

How should one determine the person for which Utility should be solved? Stick around for a bit and you will find out.  

Find a Message That Resonates With Your Customer

Fig 3: A message with the wrong wavelength achieves no resonance in the market. Broadcasting messages to your customers in this wavelength results in apathy. 
Fig 4: A message with the same wavelength as your customers will result in resonance. Broadcasting these types of messages get customers dancing and excited to speak with you. 
A vehicle you build can have many benefits. 

However, there is typically just one benefit that cuts through the noise and resonates better than any other. 

When the customer hears this benefit or claim, they light up. 

Forces act on them that they didn't know to exist — immediate interest. Whiskers start to tingle. They don't quite exactly know what you do or how you do it, or if they believe, you but they will think "well, sure...I'll take a flyer!" 

Without this "high-resonance" message, drumming up interest will be difficult. 

For this reason we solve it right after Utility. There are formulas and algorithms used to do it, and usable for anyone interested in learning and applying them.

Create a Compelling Thesis and Supporting Scaffolding - A "Black Hole" 

In academia, a useful thesis could win you respect from your peers and maybe a Nobel prize. In markets, a useful thesis will earn you millions. 

A thesis is just a collection of insights. 

An insight is a cause-effect relationship between an activity and an outcome. 

A useful insight is a cause-effect relationship between an activity and a good outcome - a benefit, which is relative to a person (or customer). 

A unique-useful-insight is a useful insight of that only you or a handful of people know. 

If your thesis is a collection of unique-useful-insights, and you express those insights through technology into a product then into your marketing, you will be wildly successful. 

Steve Jobs said: "The best marketing is education." We agree.

Marketing is communicating useful unique insights, so thesis points express in the sales pages, sales scripts, opt-in pages, outbound emails, social pages, ads, etc..  

Content optimized for utility, and nothing else will drive sales and profit.   

Of course, you can sprinkle in some personality and a hint of entertainment here and there; however, let's leave the bulk of that to Hollywood and focus on utility. 

If the thesis is good enough, it becomes a "black hole" that customers and prospects can't escape.  

It takes time, isolation, and in some cases, a mistress or mister to write your thesis and collect its unique insights.

"By late 1925, Schroedinger was stymied in his attempt, and decided to spend some time in seclusion at a mountain cabin in Arosa, Switzerland, accompanied by one of his mistresses. Romantic seclusion did the trick: He cracked the problem in January 1926, and then he published his wave equation for a hydrogen-like atom and also a series of four papers that year applying his equation to various other systems."

Also, recall that Bruce Wayne left Gotham for 7 years and came back as Batman. 

It pays to go "into the mountains" and put your insights on paper. 

Evidence that supports your insights can be first-hand - your observations, second-hand from customer case studies, or an analysis of other people's observations.

It's best that whoever synthesizes the unique insights write the thesis so there are no "broken telephone" effects. 

An inexperienced marketer or agency will find to crafting useful unique insights difficult.
See Ray Dalio's content..."How the Economy Works". 

Whoever helped Ray produce that video likely didn't come up with the relationships between short-term debt, long-term debt, and productivity.  

Truncating and spouting "black hole" content through different media attracts your perfect customer and renders technical gymnastics unnecessary.

Validate the Profitable Unit Case After Marketing - "Shoot From The Hip" 

 Contrary to popular entrepreneur rhetoric, "do-overs" are incredibly costly - due to the compounding effect of money. 

"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1." - Warren Buffet

Synchronizing your offer and price to your messaging and validating a hyper-profitable unit case before you step on the marketing pedals helps you follow Warren's instructions and protect against:

"Leaky bucket syndrome"...or worse..." death spiral" - scaling a machine that loses money at the unit level until accounts drain, and employees and investors disgruntle. 
A few different methods can be used during validation: 

1. Reciting Thesis To a Prospect One-On-One In Person 
2. Send Along Thesis In Outbound Prospecting Email and Conduct Sales Calls Over The Phone 
3. Push Thesis To Organic Channels, Then Phone Sales 
4. Paid Traffic, Then Phone Sales 
5. Press, Then Phone/Automated Funnels 
6. Superbowl Ads, Then Broken Landing Pages 

We don't suggest method 5 or 6, or anything similar at this stage. 

You will also be validating that your sales script converts at a price that sustains a profitable business. 

Again, one with the most domain expertise conducts the early sales calls since they can "tweak things on the fly" and exercise liberty with respect to pricing to match the offer to the customer's needs at the precise moment they see fit. 

 We call this "shooting from the hip." 

If you can "shoot from the hip," you can find offers and prices that are solutions to a hyper-profitable unit case before your next sip of coffee.

Validate the Scalable Lead Channel - "Test Thrusters" 

A woodfire without oxygen will extinguish. 

A woodfire in the air will flicker. 

A woodfire in liquid oxygen can tear down its neighboring trees, sear eyebrows, and cause small animals to scurry for their lives. 

This woodfire is your sales organization; the oxygen is its leads. Liquid oxygen is paid traffic, channel partners, or a highly-functioning SDR team that scales with cash. 

There has never been a time in history when someone in an apartment in Toronto can reach someone on their couch in Bangalore in 1 minute by spending 10 cents. 

For an entrepreneur whose intent is to get an important message out to the world, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube are a gift sent from the Heavens. 

With a few clicks of a button and a credit card, one can get a message to millions. However, the ad platforms function like auctions, which means bid prices and strategies change with environmental conditions, so expertise is required to navigate and achieve high yield. In other words, you don't want to be the sucker at the poker table because Zucks will take unapologetically take all of your money. 

Einstein said that compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. If he were alive and on Instagram today, maybe he'd say that pushing offers through channel partners is the 9th. 

Kylie drops $250k on lipstick with her name on it, launches it to her Instagram audience, sells out in 1 minute, crashes the site, calls in Shopify to help with the backend, orders more inventory, then sells $420m. All in 18 months. 

One of our customers and friend, Jeremy from Press Advantage, had a similar story; however, not of the order of Kylie's. Jeremy worked to craft his thesis and assets, he validated it himself and "sharpened his sword," then he paired up with a channel partner, delivered one live webinar and shot to $400k ARR in one day. He's now past $1M and growing fast. 

If you utilize a channel, then push your "black hole" content through it, rain will fall. 

In the 50s, if you wanted to reach sophisticated decision-makers, you would need to use your feet, in the 80s, a telephone. Today, the "vessel of choice" is cold email. 

Sending cold emails is an art, just like door-to-door and cold-calling was in their times. Many understand what it is; however, few are versed in its nuances. Many will discount its effectiveness likely because they haven't yet witnessed "digital alchemy" - the process of floating a cold email over to a sophisticated prospect, conducting a discovery call, and closing a 5-6 figure deal all within a 7-14 day timeframe. 

Why isn't everyone doing this? Not sure. I guess that the concepts are somewhat unique to us since I (Nick) was "lucky" enough to be trained in a door-to-door environment; consequently, I was able to borrow tactics and strategies from that "lovely" world and bring them over here. 

If you become versed in "digital alchemy," it's like a cheat code to profit since it only requires a Gmail account and a sharp pencil. When you install a team of SDRs who can do this, you can storm markets.

Install Scalable Conversion Mechanism - "Brigade Of Spartans" 

When your sales team is following a linear process and presenting a rock-solid sales argument written by someone on the team with deep domain expertise who's guided by sound copywriting and sales fundamentals, they produce like a brigade of Spartans would if Zoom accounts and headsets existed in 480 BC. 

The concept: the fewer the decisions a sales rep needs to make during the day and the more they can "lean on assets" to explain the thesis, the better they perform, the shorter the ramp time, the happier and the more $80k sports cars they can buy. 

They are like 3-point-shooters. Just give em the ball, let em drain the 3s, stay out of their way, and sign the fat commission checks.

Prove the Investment Thesis and "Shoo Off Investors With A Broom" 

When you have an offer that provides legitimate value, a "liquid oxygen" lead source that scales with cash and a scalable, repeatable sales system that operates like a brigade of Spartans would, you can achieve a hilariously-high return on capital invested. 

So high and outrageous that you can draw your investment thesis on a napkin and fundraise from whoever you want whenever you want...if ever you want. 

Or you can collect profits and build your war chest so in the future you can solve meaningful problems through charity, buy tickets to Mars from Elon or Jeff, or whatever else you had in mind that requires an extraordinary amount of capital. 
Product-Market-Fit Thesis Overview: “Entrepreneurs fail not because they can’t build products, identify markets, market their products, or price their products properly, but because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and run out of money before they get traction.” - Nick Kozmin

Link To Google Doc Version: Solving For Product-Market-Fit Thesis 

Link To Google Sheet Version: Funnel Schematics And Unit Economic Spreadsheet

For Founders Who Are Seeking Product-Market-Fit: $0 - $5,000,000 in 14 Months. Bootstrapped.
Commission-Only Reps. The Lab and Customer Development Process (Starting From Scratch)
Action Flow Diagrams
Accelerator And Fund
12 Month Rainmaking Accelerator (Remote) 
Check Size = $25k-$200k 
Over 800+ Customers and growing quickly.  
Many customers come to us after attending incubation programs.  
We don't do much press since we spend spend most time building things and worrying about our customers. $0-$5M 14 Months. Bootstrapped. 2 Commission-Based Employees. 
"We used to say we "eat our own dogfood," however, a respected customer insisted we say "drink our own champagne" instead... So, "champagne" it is. 

The reason why we can get results for our customers is that we are going through the processes ourselves and using the very framework we invented. When your core business relies on you being the best in the world at something, you get pretty darn good at it. 

We used our customer development techniques to find an acute problem for a specific group of people. 

We used our research and experiment techniques to uncover unique insights concerning that problem, which allowed us to determine a solution. We used our engineering techniques to express our unique insights through our products and services, and we used our sales and marketing practices to get the answer in the hands of lots of people who need it. 

The new offer was built in Jan 2018. By April 2019, it reached $5M in sales. We did this without raising any money, taking on any debt, or even buying any furniture for our office. 

Seriously, there are three white desks, three white chairs, a whiteboard, some toilet paper (also white), a coffee machine, and a few Robert Greene books scattered on the floor. 

We started with outbound prospecting, and inside sales to get to the first $50k per month, then we tacked on Facebook ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and the GDN to flood the calendar with appointments to scale up - pretty much using muscle memory. 

ROI on marketing spends hover around 5-7x, salespeople are getting married, the business is profitable, the work environment is fun and exciting, but more importantly, customers are getting fantastic results. We can create a real impact on their lives. 

It is not uncommon for us to get stories of how we saved someone from "walking into a pole," or how we "opened someone's eyes."   How we empowered someone and gave them confidence in their sales calls, or that they raised a series A round, or that they are growing by leaps and bounds, or that they decided to have a new baby after stabilizing their business and income. 

We set out to help people with their sales process, and we did just fine with that, but we had no idea what kind of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th order consequences came along with doing a good job. Fun stuff. 
Below Is the Net Cash Flow Against Time (less processor fees)
Below Is the Net Cash Flow Against Lead Source. Notice that we scaled with outbound prospecting first to validate the offer, then scaled up with Paid Advertising. 
Below Is Net Cash Flow Against Sales Rep. Notice how the sales reps "stack" one-by-one to avoid too much complexity. 
This is what a regular day for an SDR looks like. SDRs do outbound prospecting and receive incoming demos. They also can exercise, study, and go to church on Sundays. 
AdvisorStream - $0-$1M ARR 12 Months - Past $5M ARR
Kevin is the CEO of AdvisorStream, a Toronto-based fin-tech startup that specializes in empowering financial advisors with content marketing. He raised a little bit of money ($1m ish) and spent a few years developing a rock-solid thesis that demonstrated the relationship between an advisor's content quality that advisor's AUM. 

Upon completing initial product development, he had his first few raving testimonials and solid case studies, but no formal, repeatable sales process... yet. He was eager to get his valuable solution into the hands of more advisors, and we didn't blame him. The product was excellent. He started working with us, and within one month, the construction of the sales pages, marketing collateral, sales scripts, outbound prospecting messages, and ads were completed. 

We helped him hire and train four salespeople and install a full customer success department. Within 12 months, AdvisorStream grew from a few paying customers to $1M ARR. Kevin and his investors were delighted with these results. He used the initial momentum to develop his solution further so he could sell into large enterprises and banks. He shot us an email not too long ago that only read ""Hey, you can change your website. We are at $5M ARR"". "
“We had just raised $1,100,000 in seed financing, we had a good product, a great market, and some beta customers. We needed to get the product in the hands of more people and achieve scale. 

However, our message wasn’t resonating. We had enterprise deals in the pipeline, but they were taking longer than expected to close. We tried selling direct, but we were unable to get success. We needed to get to our first million ASAP.  

We were referred to Nick by one of our board members, and we decided to start working with him to build out our sales funnel. He helped with messaging, sales scripts, ads, landing pages, comp. structure, CRM integration, hiring, investor decks, financial forecasts and analysis, capital allocation, channel partner agreements and the customer success process. 

The results were incredible. 

Within 12 months, we grew to over $1M annual recurring revenue. 
The funnel worked and it was profitable. 

Because we had traction, we were able to close larger enterprise deals and sign healthy channel partner agreements.

We are now cash flow positive and growing fast using the systems Nick helped build.

Nick continues to consult with us." 

Kevin Mulhern, Founder and CEO @ AdvisorStream
CoPilot Advisor - $0-$1M ARR 11 Months
Henry Bee from CoPilot leads a team of fantastic engineers that are helping solve problems in the wealth-tech niche over in Vancouver, Canada. 

He's razor-sharp and has honed an impressive set of technical skills. 

He started working with us, and within a month, the sales pages, outbound scripts, sales scripts, and ads were firing, and demos were coming in hot. 

His sales team was closing sales, however... with some resistance. 

Henry, being a true professional, went back to the whiteboard and put on his scientist hat. He determined a more urgent problem for his financial advisors customers - marketing. He had the insights to solve it and went out to the current customer base with a new offer. 

Betas immediately signed up. He worked on the underlying mechanics of the solution over Christmas and demonstrated the first results for the beta customer within a few weeks. 

He and his team took the thesis and manual steps used to deliver the results and built a full SaaS solution, now CoPilot, just within a few months. We helped him spin up new landing pages and ads, train the sales team on a new script, and turn the machine back on. The new offer at a new price worked, and his team shot to $1M ARR in 11 months. Henry, now armed with technical and sales skills, can now perform "digital alchemy" whenever he wants. If I were just an investor looking for someone to bet on, I'd take a look at Henry!
"We finished building our product and we had some initial traction with beta customers. We raised a little less than $1M in seed financing and we needed to prove out a profitable distribution strategy to justify the model. We had no proven sales strategy. Our close rates were low and our lead volume unpredictable. We were getting worried. 

We started working with Nick after hearing about what he did for AdvisorStream. He built out our inside sales funnel, and our lead generation campaigns. The results were great. 

Our outbound prospecting lead capture rate went from .5% to 2%, 
Our paid cold traffic campaign lead capture rate increase from 4% to 12%,
Our demo booking rate increased from 20% to 40%, 
Our demo closing rate went from 10% to 38%. 

With the funnel fully built, sales will catch up to our expenses in 6 months or less. This means we can raise serious capital and scale on the backs of real revenue and strong growth.

Whats even more impressive is that Nick has continued to figure out how to lower the CAC. With a fully automated funnel we are now able to confidently close channel deals and send people through the funnel at scale.” 

Henry Bee, Founder and CEO @ CoPilot Advisor/Cassia Research
Press Advantage - $0-$400k ARR 3 Months
Jeremy from Press Advantage is one heck of an entrepreneur. He lives on a farm, has five kids, and is as smart as a whip. He's a self-proclaimed "techy," and he'd be the first to tell you that sales was not his strength before 2018. 

Jeremy signed up for after "taking a flyer" via one of my FB cold messages. He followed the framework to a t and took each step as literally as an engineer possibly could. He spun up landing pages, did outbound prospecting, worked on his sales scripts and other assets, between picking up his kids from school and other family activities. He practiced his sales presentation in the mirror, charged through the live demos, and closed his deals. 

While selling, he was able to identify small holes in his offer and use his product development skills to fill them in quickly. 

He sold for a few months and got his new offer to $10kish per month. 

Then he used the webinar scripts and action flows provided by us to help craft a webinar. 

He went out to a channel partner and presented his webinar live. That one live webinar did $400k ARR in one day (this includes trailing sales from replays). 

He's now past $1M ARR and still growing fast. He was able to take his learnings and further refine his offer and is currently sitting pretty as the best-in-class solution for press releases in his specific niche (SEO agencies). 

Perhaps Jeremy still believes that he's not a gifted salesperson, and even might tell you so, however, I will tell you otherwise. 
Added 72 customers
$37K New MRR
Story of Revitalization: 4 yrs ago 
Before: 1/mo or less (6 customers in 12 months)

Webinar Results (1 hr became 2.5 hrs fully engaged audience, nobody left)
Total Attendance: 80 
Sold (Live): 30 plans (37.5% conversion rate)
Sold (Replay): 31 plans (5.1% conversion rate) 

NEXT YEAR GOAL: $2M/yr (ARR) / 12 = $167K/mo (MOM)

"We hope to get to that goal in the next year and looking forward to working with you on the paid advertising front and getting that dialed in. We hope to get to that within the first year or so and I’m confident we can."

Nick: "You haven’t even touch paid ads."

Jeremy: "No, I’ve had to stop selling after this last promotion because my fulfillment is capped out. I have to increase my fulfillment before I can start selling again which is a great problem to have."

Ben From Sourcewater  
$0-$1M ARR In 10 Months: 
"Revenue generated solely through the funnels built with exceed $50k/month and growing."
Ben Reed lead the marketing and sales efforts Sourcewater, a West Texas-based company that developed the technology to track and arrange disposal water from oil fields. 

He is an insanely sharp cat with fantastic technical comprehension and communication abilities... and he happened to know his way around marketing tech stacks and sales - and extremely valuable skill set! 

He came to us in Nov 2018 after seeing one of our Facebook ads. Ben and his teammates had just finished validating their use cases - they were testing market hypothesis and running experiments for a few years until one specifically expressed the tech in a slightly different way than before... and BOOM. Utility was found, customers were jacked up, and Ben and the Team were ready to go to market. 

Ben whipped up an educational piece of content, recorded it, and drove traffic to it, using what he learned in the Framework. 

He and the team changed up the website architecture to funnel to clear CTAs and to highlight their case studies, value props, and unique insights. 

Ben used the sales training, Framework, and scripts to craft a compelling sales argument and install it into the sales organization. In Jan 2019, Ben validated the new script with a $25k sale. He then went on to duplicate the process and climbed to $1M in 11 months. In May 2019, Sourcewater closed its series A round of $7M. Since then, Ben has moved on to new projects, and the Source Water Team is accelerating the momentum created from the early push.

"Through the funnel we’ve generated about 200 leads, probably on average like $35 per lead and in terms of a qualified meeting we’re spending about $850 per qualified meeting.

I truly believe that the lifetime value of the customers is probably $50,000 to $100,000, so I’m willing to spend a heck of a lot more than the average buyer or marketer.

So i’m really excited about the funnel, I think as I tweak it and throw some more angles at it and as I penetrate the market, I think that funnels going to produce millions of dollars.

That’s the true, full, honest story of it.”

Benjamin Reed, COO @ SourceWater
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Graeham Ford-Geliz - - Mastermind and Program Review
Kinobody - $2M-$12M 24 Months
“After being stuck for over a year, unable to break past the $100,000 dollar per month profit, I decided to consult with Nick at Sales Process. I explained my situation and how I was unable to really scale beyond $8,000-$10,000 per day with about $4-$5k in daily ads spend. 

We looked at my entire funnel and began to really boil down my messaging and my target market. We adjusted my funnel and copy to really reflect what makes my offer so unique and compelling. Then we began to come up with a whole new ads strategy and script. Once we had everything locked in, I simply couldn’t believe it. 

It was almost as if we had doubled and even tripled over night. Our conversions improved about 20% with the changes to the funnel. The new ads were smashing it out of the park, delivering a 2-3x in ROI. Many of my new ads now have millions of views and have generated hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks. 

We are now averaging $20,000 to $22,000 per day in revenue with just $6,000 - $8,000 per day in ads spend. We tripled our monthly profit in just a few really simple steps. I'm blown away haha. Feels great to finally bust through a plateau when you've been stuck for almost two years." 

Greg O'Gallagher, Founder @ - $6k - $146k MRR 4 Months 

"Things are cranking away. We had $146,000 in revenue in March with ~ $60,000 in income. By far our biggest month ever.

We have elections in about a month, and then we'll be rebuilding our client base, and hopefully resigning lots of happy clients for the next election cycle.

Lots of our clients are local, and from previous relationships. But, I feel like they know we play ball, and that's why our ad spends and retainers are getting larger.

Still looking to really get down prospecting and qualifying in a predictable way. That will help us scale and go nationwide."

 Nick Brown, Founder @
Nick Kozmin
B.Sc. Engineering Physics, Queen's University, Canada
Thesis: Organic Photovoltaic Cells
Founder of (Acquired by GoWrench Auto)

Founder of

GP At Fund
Derek Szeto
BSc. Commerce, Queen's University, Canada 

Founder of RedFlagDeals - Acquired By Yellow Pages Group (2010)
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