Hubbli - $360k-$1M 12 Months

Jono Catches Up With Nick at a Toronto SaaS Event

Jono Checks in With Us as He Crosses $1M ARR and Grows at 300%

Project Brief:

"Hey Nick, happy to be a case study for you at any time. Your program helped me go from being stuck at $30k MRR for 10 months, to growing to $70k MRR in six months. I now close an average of 1.5 sales a day, and 92% of my deals close in one call, with a $5k transaction on an annual subscription. LTV of the customer is $30k." "I've been going through Nick's program and I can vouch that it, and he, are the real deal. Our growth has doubled in the last few months and I have reduced my CAC by over 50%."

- Jono Landon, Founder and CEO at Hubbli

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