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$10k - $500k in 12 Months. Bootstrapped.
Commission-Only Reps. Accelerator Process (Scaling Your Sales and Marketing)
Product-Market-Fit Thesis Overview: “Entrepreneurs fail not because they can’t build products, identify markets, market their products, or price their products properly, but because they conduct these activities in the wrong order and run out of money before they get traction.” - Nick Kozmin

Link To Google Sheet Version: Funnel Schematics And Unit Economic Spreadsheet

$0 - $5,000,000 in 14 Months. Bootstrapped.
Commission-Only Reps. The Lab and Customer Development Process (Starting From Scratch)
500 + SaaS and High-Ticket Service Companies And Counting 
We have members from...
Featured in... $0-$5M 14 Months. Bootstrapped. 2 Commission-Based Employees. 
AdvisorStream - $0-$1M ARR 12 Months
[09/19 UPDATE: Past $5M ARR]
“We had just raised $1,100,000 in seed financing, we had a good product, a great market, and some beta customers. We needed to get the product in the hands of more people and achieve scale. 

However, our message wasn’t resonating. We had enterprise deals in the pipeline, but they were taking longer than expected to close. We tried selling direct, but we were unable to get success. We needed to get to our first million ASAP.  

We were referred to Nick by one of our board members, and we decided to start working with him to build out our sales funnel. He helped with messaging, sales scripts, ads, landing pages, comp. structure, CRM integration, hiring, investor decks, financial forecasts and analysis, capital allocation, channel partner agreements and the customer success process. 

The results were incredible. 

Within 12 months, we grew to over $1M annual recurring revenue. 
The funnel worked and it was profitable. 

Because we had traction, we were able to close larger enterprise deals and sign healthy channel partner agreements.

We are now cash flow positive and growing fast using the systems Nick helped build.

Nick continues to consult with us." 

Kevin Mulhern, Founder and CEO @ AdvisorStream
CoPilot Advisor - $0-$1M ARR 11 Months
"We finished building our product and we had some initial traction with beta customers. We raised a little less than $1M in seed financing and we needed to prove out a profitable distribution strategy to justify the model. We had no proven sales strategy. Our close rates were low and our lead volume unpredictable. We were getting worried. 

We started working with Nick after hearing about what he did for AdvisorStream. He built out our inside sales funnel, and our lead generation campaigns. The results were great. 

Our outbound prospecting lead capture rate went from .5% to 2%, 
Our paid cold traffic campaign lead capture rate increase from 4% to 12%,
Our demo booking rate increased from 20% to 40%, 
Our demo closing rate went from 10% to 38%. 

With the funnel fully built, sales will catch up to our expenses in 6 months or less. This means we can raise serious capital and scale on the backs of real revenue and strong growth.

Whats even more impressive is that Nick has continued to figure out how to lower the CAC. With a fully automated funnel we are now able to confidently close channel deals and send people through the funnel at scale.” 

Henry Bee, Founder and CEO @ CoPilot Advisor/Cassia Research
Kinobody - $2M-$12M 24 Months
“After being stuck for over a year, unable to break past the $100,000 dollar per month profit, I decided to consult with Nick at Sales Process. I explained my situation and how I was unable to really scale beyond $8,000-$10,000 per day with about $4-$5k in daily ads spend. 

We looked at my entire funnel and began to really boil down my messaging and my target market. We adjusted my funnel and copy to really reflect what makes my offer so unique and compelling. Then we began to come up with a whole new ads strategy and script. Once we had everything locked in, I simply couldn’t believe it. 

It was almost as if we had doubled and even tripled over night. Our conversions improved about 20% with the changes to the funnel. The new ads were smashing it out of the park, delivering a 2-3x in ROI. Many of my new ads now have millions of views and have generated hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks. 

We are now averaging $20,000 to $22,000 per day in revenue with just $6,000 - $8,000 per day in ads spend. We tripled our monthly profit in just a few really simple steps. I'm blown away haha. Feels great to finally bust through a plateau when you've been stuck for almost two years." 

Greg O'Gallagher, Founder @
Press Advantage - $0-$400k ARR 3 Months
Added 72 customers
Story of Revitalization: 4 yrs ago 
Before: 1/mo or less (6 customers in 12 months)

Webinar Results (1 hr became 2.5 hrs fully engaged audience, nobody left)
Total Attendance: 80 
Sold (Live): 30 plans (37.5% conversion rate)
Sold (Replay): 31 plans (5.1% conversion rate) 
SourceWater - $0-$1M ARR In 10 Months: 
"Revenue generated solely through the funnels built with exceed $50k/month and growing."
“I think it’s early on the funnel, I think that I need to tweak it and I need to continue to work through the leads. 

Through the funnel we’ve generated about 200 leads, probably on average like $35 per lead and in terms of a qualified meeting we’re spending about $850 per qualified meeting.

I truly believe that the lifetime value of the customers is probably $50,000 to $100,000, so i’m willing to spend a heck of a lot more than the average buyer or marketer.

So i’m really excited about the funnel, I think as I tweak it and throw some more angles at it and as I penetrate the market, I think that funnels going to produce millions of dollars.

That’s the true, full, honest story of it.”

Benjamin Reed, COO @ SourceWater - $6k - $146k MRR 4 Months 

"Things are cranking away. We had $146,000 in revenue in March with ~ $60,000 in income. By far our biggest month ever.

We have elections in about a month, and then we'll be rebuilding our client base, and hopefully resigning lots of happy clients for the next election cycle.

Lots of our clients are local, and from previous relationships. But, I feel like they know we play ball, and that's why our ad spends and retainers are getting larger.

Still looking to really get down prospecting and qualifying in a predictable way. That will help us scale and go nationwide."

 Nick Brown, Founder @
Nick Kozmin - Founder, Head Of Research
B.Sc. Engineering Physics, Queen's University, Canada
Thesis: Organic Photovoltaic Cells 
Founder of (Acquired by GoWrench Auto)
10 Years Experience In Direct Sales
Derek Szeto - Advisor And Co-Founder (First Customer back in 2014)
B. Comm. Commerce, Queen's University, Canada 

Founder of RedFlagDeals - Acquired By Yellow Pages Group (2010)
Jacob Zavita 
Jacob joined with a rich background in revenue growth for small businesses. As the first sales hire at Fleet Logistics, he lead the team from zero to $100k MRR securing their series A. From there he joined DiscoverOrg and helped over 500 companies grow by focusing on data cleanliness and sales operations. - Sales and Customer Success 
Jason Kim - B. Comm. (Honours), Queen's University  - Research, Product And Customer Success
Mitch Lougheed - Sales and Customer Success 
Marco Hylwka - Sales and Customer Success
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