Please take a few minutes to go through this short quiz. It will help us determine exactly if and how we can help you.  We will also email you our execution process schematic diagrams along with our thesis.

For: SaaS & Online Entrepreneurs

Fig 1: Net Cash Flow Against Time - Ramp to $500k Per Month

Figure 1 depicts cash flow against time during a ramp to $500k per month ( offer). 

Fig 2: Net Cash Flow Against Lead Source

Figure 2 depicts cash flow against the lead source during a ramp to $500k per month ( offer). Notice that outbound methods were used to get off the ground, then paid traffic channels were used to scale into the millions.

Fig 3: Net Cash Flow Against Rep

Figure 3 depicts the net cash flow against sales rep for during a ramp to $500k per month. Notice that (Nick) founder was the first sales rep and other reps joined only after the sales process was proven.

Fig 4: Cash Accounts During Ramp to $500k Per Month 

Figure 4 depicts the cash account balances of (after-tax) during the ramp. Notice that positive cash flow was achieved during this ramp. This was achieved without raising money or taking on any debt.

Fig 5: Example of Ramp to $500k Per Month. Bootstrapped. Profitable. No BS.

Over 800 Clients Helped and Counting...

Clients Backed By:

Featured In:

AdvisorStream - $0-$1M ARR in 12 Months, $1M-$5M in 24 Months

State 1: $0, burning cash, a few months of runway
State 2: $1M ARR, then $5M ARR, investors happy
Time Frame: $0-$1M in 12 months, $1M-$5M in 24 months

Kevin is the CEO of AdvisorStream, a Toronto-based fin-tech startup that specializes in empowering financial advisors with content marketing. He raised a little bit of money (~$1M) and spent a few years developing a rock-solid thesis that demonstrated the relationship between an advisor's content quality that advisor's AUM. Upon completing initial product development, he had his first few raving testimonials and solid case studies, but no formal, repeatable sales process... yet. He was eager to get his valuable solution into the hands of more advisors, and we didn't blame him. The product was excellent. 

He started working with us, and within one month, the construction of the sales pages, marketing collateral, sales scripts, outbound prospecting messages, and ads were completed. We helped him hire and train four salespeople and install a full customer success department. Within 12 months, AdvisorStream grew from a few paying customers to $1M ARR. Kevin and his investors were delighted with these results. He used the initial momentum to develop his solution further so he could sell into large enterprises and banks. He shot us an email not too long ago that only read "Hey, you can change your website. We are at $5M ARR."
Founder and CEO: Kevin Mulhern
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Financial Advisors

Kevin's Background

Fig 1: AdvisorStream ARR Growth

Figure 1 depicts the ARR growth of AdvisorStream. Screenshot is taken from ChartMogul, which ties into Stripe account. 

Fig 2: Visiting the AdvisorStream Office

Figure 2 is a clip of CEO, Nick Kozmin, visiting the AdvisorStream team at their office.
"We had just raised $1,100,000 in seed financing, we had a good product, a great market, and some beta customers. We needed to get the product in the hands of more people and achieve scale. 

However, our message wasn't resonating. We had enterprise deals in the pipeline, but they were taking longer than expected to close. We tried selling direct, but we were unable to get success. We needed to get to our first million ASAP.

We were referred to Nick by one of our board members, and we decided to start working with him to build out our sales funnel. He helped with messaging, sales scripts, ads, landing pages, comp. structure, CRM integration, hiring, investor decks, financial forecasts and analysis, capital allocation, channel partner agreements and the customer success process.

The results were incredible.

Within 12 months, we grew to over $1M annual recurring revenue.

The funnel worked and it was profitable. 

Because we had traction, we were able to close larger enterprise deals and sign healthy channel partner agreements. 

We are now cash flow positive and growing fast using the systems Nick helped build. Nick continues to consult with us."

Kevin Mulhern, Founder and CEO of AdvisorStream

CoPilot AI - $0-$1M in 11 Months

State 1: $0, burning cash, few months of runway
State 2: $1M ARR, higher converting assets, able to raise money, sales team closing, founders happy
Time Frame: 11 months

Henry Bee from CoPilot leads a team of fantastic engineers that are helping solve problems in the wealth-tech niche over in Vancouver, Canada. 

He's razor-sharp and has honed an impressive set of technical skills. 

He started working with us, and within a month, the sales pages, outbound scripts, sales scripts, and ads were firing, and demos were coming in hot. 

His sales team was closing sales, however... with some resistance. 

Henry, being a true professional, went back to the whiteboard and put on his scientist hat. He determined a more urgent problem for his financial advisors customers - marketing. He had the insights to solve it and went out to the current customer base with a new offer. 

Betas immediately signed up. He worked on the underlying mechanics of the solution over Christmas and demonstrated the first results for the beta customer within a few weeks. 

He and his team took the thesis and manual steps used to deliver the results and built a full SaaS solution, now CoPilot, just within a few months. We helped him spin up new landing pages and ads, train the sales team on a new script, and turn the machine back on. The new offer at a new price worked, and his team shot to $1M ARR in 11 months. Henry, now armed with technical and sales skills, can now perform "digital alchemy" whenever he wants. If I were just an investor looking for someone to bet on, I'd take a look at Henry!
Co-Founder and CEO: Henry Bee
Location: Vancouver, BC
Vertical: Fin-Tech

Henry's Background

Fig 1: CoPilot AI MRR Growth

Figure 1 depicts the MRR growth of CoPilot AI. Screenshot is taken from ChartMogul, which ties into Stripe account. 

Fig 2: Video Testimonial by Henry Bee of CoPilot AI

"We finished building our product and we had some initial traction with beta customers. We raised a little less than $1M in seed financing and we needed to prove out a profitable distribution strategy to justify the model. We had no proven sales strategy. Our close rates were low and our lead volume unpredictable. We were getting worried. 

We started working with Nick after hearing about what he did for AdvisorStream. He built out our inside sales funnel, and our lead generation campaigns. The results were great. 

Our outbound prospecting lead capture rate went from .5% to 2%, 
Our paid cold traffic campaign lead capture rate increase from 4% to 12%,
Our demo booking rate increased from 20% to 40%, 
Our demo closing rate went from 10% to 38%. 

With the funnel fully built, sales will catch up to our expenses in 6 months or less. This means we can raise serious capital and scale on the backs of real revenue and strong growth.

What's even more impressive is that Nick has continued to figure out how to lower the CAC. With a fully automated funnel we are now able to confidently close channel deals and send people through the funnel at scale.” 

Henry Bee, Co-Founder and CEO at CoPilot AI

Press Advantage - $0-$1M ARR in 12 Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR
Time Frame: 12 months

Jeremy from Press Advantage is one heck of an entrepreneur. He lives on a farm, has five kids, and is as smart as a whip. He's a self-proclaimed "techy," and he'd be the first to tell you that sales was not his strength before 2018. 

Jeremy signed up for after "taking a flyer" via one of my FB cold messages. He followed the framework to a t and took each step as literally as an engineer possibly could. He spun up landing pages, did outbound prospecting, worked on his sales scripts and other assets, between picking up his kids from school and other family activities. He practiced his sales presentation in the mirror, charged through the live demos, and closed his deals. 

While selling, he was able to identify small holes in his offer and use his product development skills to fill them in quickly. 

He sold for a few months and got his new offer to $10kish per month. 

Then he used the webinar scripts and action flows provided by us to help craft a webinar. 

He went out to a channel partner and presented his webinar live. That one live webinar did $400k ARR in one day (this includes trailing sales from replays). 

He's now past $1M ARR and still growing fast. He was able to take his learnings and further refine his offer and is currently sitting pretty as the best-in-class solution for press releases in his specific niche (SEO agencies). 

Perhaps Jeremy still believes that he's not a gifted salesperson, and even might tell you so, however, I will tell you otherwise. 
Co-Founder and CEO: Jeremy Noetzelman
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Vertical: SEO Agencies

Jeremy's Background

Fig 1: Video Testimonial by Jeremy Noetzelman of Press Advantage

"Our profits and return on investment with you is stratospheric. I can’t even quantify it. It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m a tech guy...I’ve been in the tech industry for 25 years...I’ve done development, managed giant teams at Microsoft, managed $50 million budgets. But I’m a tech guy and I’d never done sales before. 

We weren’t bringing on any new customers. There was certainly a sense of urgency for me to get this going back on the right track. I think my schedule was booked out for three weeks straight with no gaps. I didn’t leave myself any gaps for lunch breaks. I was on the phone from 8am-5pm. 

We hope to get to that goal [$2M ARR] in the next year and looking forward to working with you on the paid advertising front and getting that dialed in. We hope to get to that within the first year or so and I’m confident we can. I’ve had to stop selling after this last promotion because my fulfillment is capped out. I have to increase my fulfillment before I can start selling again, which is a great problem to have."

Jeremy Noetzelman, Co-Founder and CEO of Press Advantage

Fig 2: Webinar Results

Figure 2 is an update from Jeremy on his webinar, which he made using the scripts and action flows. Jeremy sold 30 plans live (37.5% conversion rate), and sold many more off replays.

Fig 3: Closing Deals

Figure 3 is an update from Jeremy on his sales performance. Jeremy used the advanced sales training and sales scripts provided by to develop his selling and closing skills.

Sourcewater - $0-$1M ARR in 10 Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR, completed Series A round
Time Frame: 10 months

Ben Reed led the marketing and sales efforts Sourcewater, a West Texas-based company that developed the technology to track and arrange disposal water from oil fields. 

He is an insanely sharp cat with fantastic technical comprehension and communication abilities...and he happened to know his way around marketing tech stacks and sales - and extremely valuable skill set! 

He came to us in Nov 2018 after seeing one of our Facebook ads. Ben and his teammates had just finished validating their use cases - they were testing market hypothesis and running experiments for a few years until one specifically expressed the tech in a slightly different way than before... and BOOM. Utility was found, customers were jacked up, and Ben and the Team were ready to go to market. 

Ben whipped up an educational piece of content, recorded it, and drove traffic to it, using what he learned in the Framework. 

He and the team changed up the website architecture to funnel to clear CTAs and to highlight their case studies, value props, and unique insights. 

Ben used the sales training, Framework, and scripts to craft a compelling sales argument and install it into the sales organization. In Jan 2019, Ben validated the new script with a $25k sale. He then went on to duplicate the process and climbed to $1M in 11 months. In May 2019, Sourcewater closed its series A round of $7M. Since then, Ben has moved on to new projects, and the Source Water Team is accelerating the momentum created from the early push.
CMO: Ben Reed
Location: Houston, TX
Vertical: Fin-Tech/Oil & Gas

Fig 1: Audio Testimonial by Ben Reed from Sourcewater

Fig 2: Completing a Series A

Figure 2 is an update from Ben after Sourcewater closed its $7.2M Series A round.

Fig 3: Adding $220k in New ARR 

Figure 3 in an update from Ben after his team brought in $220k in new ARR by selling high-ticket deals.
"Through the funnel, we've generated about 200 leads, probably on average like $35 per lead and in terms of a qualified meeting, we're spending about $850 per qualified meeting. 

I truly believe that the lifetime value of the customers is probably $50,000 to $100,000, so I'm willing to spend a heck of a lot more than the average buyer or marketer. So I'm really excited about the funnel. 

I think as I tweak it and throw some more angles at it and as I penetrate the market, I think that funnel is going to produce millions of dollars. That's the true, full, honest story of it."

Ben Reed, CMO at Sourcewater - $200k-$3.5M ARR in 11 Months

State 1: $200k ARR
State 2: $3.5M ARR
Time Frame: 11 months

Brandon is an excellent salesperson - blood runs with enthusiasm and charisma, but he's also smart as a tack.

He was a top salesperson at Google and IBM and made a fortune selling into the enterprise. However, while selling, he encountered a problem that he couldn't ignore - contact data was crap.

He correlated his sales productivity with the quality of his contact data and found that even him, a top salesperson, still struggled without having cheap, accessible, accurate contact data.

Brandon quit his job and made it his mission to build a solution that lived up to the claim: the World's Best Contact Data, something that he would consider fit for slinging b2b accounts. He mined the data manually and sold it early to customers to validate his hypothesis. Then, he hired a developer to help technologically express his hypothesis into a product.

He wandered into our funnel in early 2019 after raising some money and having about $20k per month in sales. Within a few days of working with us, he launched a video sales letter using our guidance and copy and updated his FB ads.

If you visit our pages, then visit Seamless', you might smell some similarities. In 11 months, Seamless grew to $3.5M ARR and is on pace for even more growth. He and his team came to visit in Toronto for one of our private Mastermind events, and I got to meet them in person. They are a great group of lads and are serious about solving this darn contact problem. They are continuously improving their product in pursuit of their bodacious claims. If you require some contact data, give em a try!
Founder and CEO: Brandon Bornancin
Location: Columbus, OH
Vertical: Marketing Automation

Brandon's Background

Fig 1: Jason Hamilton from Test Launcher and Brandon Bornancin from Speak About

Fig 2: Facebook Ads

Figure 2 shows's Facebook ads, which were created using's framework, templates, and action flows.
“We do a lot of paralysis by analysis where we get caught up in five creatives, 17 different ads, 20 things for just slows us down and kills our momentum. 

What’s cool about the Mastermind is we got what we needed to get the ads out there to drive results. One of the biggest things was looking at the marketing unit economics and we realized we’re pricing our product too cheap to really scale the business to $100 million in sales, which is the big goal.”

Brandon Bornancin, Founder and CEO at

Pavel from Keboola - $3M-$6M ARR in 10 Months

State 1: $3M ARR
State 2: $6M ARR
Time Frame: 10 months

If your physics prof is a dual-core processor, then Pavel from Keboola is a Xeon 18-Core - he's one of the smartest and quickest people along which we've ever had the pleasure of working.

Like a gazelle striding through the African grasslands, Pavel picked up the framework, manuals, and templates for him and his teammates, learned the underlying concepts, applied them like you would imagine, popped in to get one of his VSL decked reviewed for structure, went awol for a bit, then fired off an email four months later stating he doubled to $6M. 

The VSL structure helped him "pull down" his complex enterprise database architecture insights into a format in which a salesperson could more effectively communicate. Just another example of what happens when an extremely technical and talented person solves sales... Rain.
Co-Founder and CEO: Pavel Dolezal
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Vertical: Data Infrastructure

Fig 1: Keboola Doubles to $6M ARR

Figure 1 is an update from Pavel, saying he doubled to $6M in ARR after just four months of working with

Fig 2: Recommendation by Pavel from Keboola

Lead Engine - $0-$1M ARR in Four Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $1M ARR, adding $200k ARR each month
Time Frame: Four months

"Before, Lead Engine was in its infancy as a company...we were just getting our feet under us and didn't have all the knowledge and structure that we needed. We were a bit all over the place, but we were still growing. 

Now, the training has allowed me to put Lead Engine on a path to our first $1M in ARR in our first year. It has given us better process, structure, and know-how to effectively reach audiences that we never imagined. 

Nick and his team give excellent support and are with you every step of the way. It takes time and dedication, but it's completely worth it. My only regret is that I didn't know about them sooner!"

Patrick Spielmann, Co-Founder and CEO at Lead Engine
Co-Founder and CEO: Patrick Spielmann
Location: St. Paul, MN
Vertical: B2B Lead Gen

Fig 1: Recommendation by Patrick from Lead Engine

Kinobody - $2M-$12M in 24 Months

State 1: $2M
State 2: $12M
Time Frame: 24 months

“After being stuck for over a year, unable to break past the $100,000 dollar per month profit, I decided to consult with Nick at I explained my situation and how I was unable to really scale beyond $8,000-$10,000 per day with about $4-$5k in daily ad spend. 

We looked at my entire funnel and began to really boil down my messaging and my target market. We adjusted my funnel and copy to really reflect what makes my offer so unique and compelling. Then we began to come up with a whole new ads strategy and script. Once we had everything locked in, I simply couldn’t believe it. 

It was almost as if we had doubled and even tripled over night. Our conversions improved about 20% with the changes to the funnel. The new ads were smashing it out of the park, delivering a 2-3x in ROI. Many of my new ads now have millions of views and have generated hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks. 

We are now averaging $20,000 to $22,000 per day in revenue with just $6,000 - $8,000 per day in ads spend. We tripled our monthly profit in just a few really simple steps. I'm blown away haha. Feels great to finally bust through a plateau when you've been stuck for almost two years."

Greg O'Gallagher, Founder at Kinobody
Founder: Greg O'Gallagher
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Fitness

Fig 1: Helping Greg from Kinobody Write His Sales Letter & Go Higher Ticket

Fig 2: Video Testimonial by Greg O'Gallagher of Kinobody

Foxpass - Doubled Sales in 12 Months

State 1: Struggling with growth
State 2: Doubled sales
Time Frame: 12 months

Aren from Foxpass is an incredibly smart entrepreneur who's created a better, faster, cheaper way to manage and maintain security best practices for growing companies.

He's currently addressing many different verticals: Fin-tech, entertainment, medical, tech, and E-commerce. 

Aren participated in the Y Combinator incubation program and came to us in mid-2018, while he was wrapping up the documentation of his core case studies and thesis. 

He has incredibly strong technical skills, but at the time, he was not thoroughly versed in the sales and marketing best-practices. His team went through and framework, and got a full grasp on what tasks needed to complete, in what order, and how. 

He hired a full-time marketer to execute the steps and doubled in one year.
Founder and CEO: Aren Sandersen
Location: San Francisco, CA
Vertical: Network Security

Fig 1: Update from Aren - Doubled Sales in One Year

Figure 1 shows Aren's results working with - doubled sales in one year.

Hubbli - $30k MRR to $70k MRR in Six Months, Now at $1M ARR

State 1: Stuck at $30k MRR for 10 months
State 2: $70k MRR, growing 300%, reduced CAC by 50%, now at $1M ARR
Time Frame: $30k-$70k MRR in six months, $360k ARR to $1M ARR in 14 months

"Hey Nick, happy to be a case study for you at any time. 

Your program helped me go from being stuck at $30k MRR for 10 months, to growing to $70k MRR in six months. 

I now close an average of 1.5 sales a day, and 92% of my deals close in one call, with a $5k transaction on an annual subscription. LTV of the customer is $30k."

"I've been going through Nick's program and I can vouch that it, and he, are the real deal. Our growth has doubled in the last few months and I have reduced my CAC by over 50%."

Jono Landon, Founder and CEO at Hubbli
Founder and CEO: Jono Landon
Location: Toronto, ON
Vertical: Education

Fig 1: Strong Investor Demand for Hubbli

Figure 1 shows an email from Jono. Notice the subject line, "the term sheets are piling up". 

LTV Numbers - Achieved Product-Market-Fit from Scratch in Six Months

State 1: $0, no product, starting from scratch
State 2: 10 paying customers with positive contribution
Time Frame: Six months

Tyler was an engineer from NASA who wanted to start a SaaS company. He had a strong technical background and had honed his development skills through years of specialized training. He had deep domain expertise and insights relative to the info product merchant segment and consequently was able to identify a problem relative to paid traffic multi-channel attribution.

He did not have his product built yet, but he had a strong desire to express his insights into features that could help the people he understood so well. He came to us from a referral in June 2019.

Within the first week, we identified a gap in the market using the research method and framework available to customers. Tyler built his first design in one week and demonstrated it to a prospect using the method taught to him. The prospect bought for $3K per month.

Tyler then signed up another two customers and validated that he could deliver the promises made by building an MVP. He had to rebuild the product from scratch a few times over five months after encountering technical limitations, but that did not phase him a little. Building this type of software is a walk in the park compared to Nasa responsibilities.

He now has compelling case studies, his customers are renewing, and he's starting to write his sales arguments using the data collected from the case studies, which he'll use for a marketing and sales campaigns. He now has over 10 paying customers, who are happily paying and grateful that Tyler's solution exists. Tyler is well on his way to building a precious asset and helping a ton of people.
Founder and CEO: Tyler Ryan
Location: Burbank, CA
Vertical: Sales Analytics

Tyler's Background

Fig 1: Tyler's First Close with Positive Contribution

Figure 1 shows Tyler's first close with positive contribution within weeks of using the framework and action flows. Notice he pre-sold his offer using a mock-up.

Sisu - $0-$216k ARR in Nine Months

State 1: $0
State 2: $216k ARR
Time Frame: Nine months

"[] helped with building out our funnels and a strong foundation of social proof/credibility to convert cold traffic.

My favourite quote that [Nick] shared is "a business is a system that takes one dollar and produces more than one dollar". The accelerator simplifies the process. Prove your unit case. Throw more money at it. Track your conversion rates, and scale.  

Proving your case unit is the most valuable thing you can do as an entrepreneur/marketer. teaches you how to do that. 

Follow up with me in three months and I'll have even better numbers for you. We've just barely passed $100k/yr... expecting exponential growth from $100k-$1M.”

Zac Muir, Director of Marketing & Sales at Sisu
Director of Marketing & Sales: Zac Muir
Location: Bountiful, UT
Vertical: Real Estate

Fig 1: Sisu MRR Growth

Figure 1 shows Sisu's MRR growth over the course of a year, all while being profitable. This was shared by Sisu team. - Got Her First Sales for New Offer in a Few Months. 

State 1: Low resonance with existing product
State 2: New product built, profitable unit case solved
Time Frame: Three months

Sabrina is a wickedly smart entrepreneur from San Francisco.

She studied computer science and physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and also was awarded a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition.

Sabrina had deep domain expertise relative to the process of hiring technical talent within high-growth companies. Consequently, she was able to identify an acute problem - engineers being unhappy at the workplace, which results in high turnover due to...(ask Sabrina).

Determined to solve this problem, she built her first solution that leveraged a Slack mechanism.

She came into contact with some of our content, conducted her research, and signed up for in Feb 2019.

After going through our foundational sales training learning how to outbound prospect and sell over the phone, she was booking meetings with prospects at a rate faster than the rate at which she could complete them.

Prospects were engaged, however, not throwing credit cards and purchase orders at her just yet. Sabrina understands the discovery process and is also an incredibly rational thinker, so she was unfazed.

She looped around and booked "discovery meetings" with her prospects using the discovery method taught by During these discovery meetings, she was able to uncover critical insights that she had not had before (she spent 2.5 hours speaking to one customer and going real deep).

These new insights led to the conception of a slightly different offer - one that aligned better to the niche's more urgent needs. She built the mock-up in one week, pre-sold it, then made the product inside of two weeks. She validated her new solution and collected case studies. She's now moving quickly and helping even more people solve a problem that she understands so well.
Founder and CEO: Sabrina Atienza
Location: San Francisco, CA
Vertical: HR-Tech

Sabrina's Background

Fig 1: Sabrina's First Close with Positive Contribution

Figure 1 shows an update from Sabrina after she closed her first deal with positive contribution. 

Feng Gui - Increased Revenue by 200% in Three Months

State 1: Low self-serve conversion rate, struggling with growth
State 2: 200% revenue growth
Time Frame: Five months

Initially... first of all, when you speak about ROI, I mentioned in the beginning of the call, I didn't do any numbers, but the sales has increased by... they've doubled. And we did not do, yet, any ads or any kind of marketing. Everything is still organic. So what it means... every person that comes to our website we've doubled the conversion. So people are buying twice than they've bought before and that's all because of the material that we have in the website. That material was improved because of the program. 

Two months after starting the program, it's starting... going from this to this. You need to keep on going, you need to make it better. You need to find the competitors. I mean I do have fun, I do watch movies, I go out with my family. But I never just think that the business will perpetual itself. So the angle was changed and I'm hoping through more little sales scripts, like you're teaching, and eventually also using ads to scale it even more. I think at some point, maybe the goal would be to merge our company into like a huge conglomerate like those kinds of companies. Huge ones so they can convert us into a de facto. Or just continue having a lifestyle and business that keeps us happy. So whatever we have right now, to continue having it and aim for more.”

Rafael Mizrahi, Co-Founder and CEO at Feng GUI
Founder and CEO: Rafael Mizrahi
Location: Rehovot, Israel
Vertical: Digital Agencies

Fig 1: Video Testimonial by Rafael Mizrahi of Feng GUI

Vibo - $2k-$25k MRR in 12 Months

State 1: $2k MRR, burning cash, about to shut down
State 2: $25k MRR
Time Frame: 12 months

"Working with was life-changing for me. I was about to close my business and I couldn't raise money. I started going after my niche, which is what you guys teach.

For the first time I felt someone understood my problem... It went from my business partner about to leave me to being excited to bring on new people to work in the company. 

Not an easy ride, I've been working my ass off. But if I keep going, keep pushing and doing what you guys teach, I feel like within a year, I'll be where I dreamt to be when I started this idea."

Michael Mahler, Founder and CEO at Vibo
Founder and CEO: Michael Mahler
Location: New York, NY
Vertical: Music

Fig 1: Vibo MRR Growth

Figure 1 shows the MRR growth of Vibo from when the company started working with

Effct - $6k-$146k MRR in Four Months

State 1: $6k MRR
State 2: $146k MRR
Time Frame: Six months

"Things are cranking away. We had $146,000 in revenue in March with ~$60,000 in income. By far our biggest month ever. We have elections in about a month, and then we'll be rebuilding our client base, and hopefully resigning lots of happy clients for the next election cycle. 

Lots of our clients are local, and from previous relationships. But, I feel like they know we play ball, and that's why our ad spends and retainers are getting larger. Still looking to really get down prospecting and qualifying in a predictable way. That will help us scale and go nationwide."

Nick Brown, Co-Founder and CEO at Effct
Co-Founder and CEO: Nick Brown
Location: Denver, CO
Vertical: Public Sector

Fig 1: Closing Profitable Deals

Figure 1 shows an email from Nick from Effct. Notice he says, "I've closed $20,000 in sales with a 50% margin in the past two weeks through methods."

Team Members

Nick Kozmin

Founder & CEO

Nick founded in 2014, helping SaaS companies in the Toronto area. He then started a training, consulting, and software offer in 2018, bootstrapping it from $0 to $5M in 18 months. 

Prior to founding, Nick built and sold a successful car detailing business, MidnightDetailing, to GoWrench Auto in 2015. 

Nick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queen's University, where he completed his thesis on organic photovoltaic cells.

Derek Szeto


Derek has been an Advisor to since 2014, and was the first customer.

Currently, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Butter, an RBC Ventures company.

Previously, Derek was the Founder and CEO of Wirkn. 

Prior to Wirkn, Derek was the Founder and CEO of, which was acquired by the Yellow Page Group in 2008.

Derek holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University.

Jason Kim


Jason joined in 2019.

Previously, he worked as an investment professional at Constellation Software, where he performed duties related to capital deployment in software M&A opportunities.

Prior to Constellation, Jason worked as an investment analyst at a large Canadian investment management firm, where he researched investment opportunities in the public equity markets.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree from Queen’s University, where he graduated with First Class Honours.

Mitch Lougheed

Sales & Customer Success

Mitch joined in 2019.

Previously, Mitch worked at Forest Hill Yorkville, a real estate brokerage firm, where he sold over $5M of luxury residential real estate in his first year.

Prior to that, Mitch worked as an engineer at UGE, where he helped design and develop over 300 MW of solar projects.

Mitch also founded a successful contracting business called Ontario College Contractors, where he and his team specialized in residential construction projects.

Mitch is a graduate of the Architectural Technology program at Georgian College.

Marco Hlywka

Sales & Customer Success

Marco joined in 2019. 

Currently, alongside his role at, Marco is the Owner and Founder of CARV’M Training, a multi-award-winning private wellness club established in 2018, where he built the business from scratch to $936k ARR in 18 months.

Prior to CARV’M Training, Marco worked as a District Sales Manager for nine commercial fitness clubs across Southern Ontario, where he led a sales team specializing in high-ticket personal training offers.

Marco holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from McMaster University.

Jacob Zavita

Sales & Customer Success

Jacob joined in 2019. 

Previously, Jacob was at DiscoverOrg, where he helped over 500 companies grow by focusing on data cleanliness and sales operations. 

Prior to DiscoverOrg, Jacob worked at Fleet Logistics, where he led the sales team from $0 to $100k MRR, helping the company secure its series A round of financing. 

Jacob holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Oregon State University.

Camila Savia

Admin Assistant

Camila joined in 2020.

Currently, alongside her role at, Camila is a model at B&M Models, a boutique modelling agency in Toronto. She is regularly featured internationally in both print and commercial work.
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