Sourcewater $0-$1M in 10 Months. Raised $7M Series A

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Sourcewater Raises Series A Round After Working With Us

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  • Date : 20 March, 2018
  • Result : $0-$1M In 10 Months
  • Client : Ben Read, Former Head Of Marketing and Sales


""Through the funnel, we've generated about 200 leads, probably on average like $35 per lead and in terms of a qualified meeting, we're spending about $850 per qualified meeting. I truly believe that the lifetime value of the customers is probably $50,000 to $100,000, so I'm willing to spend a heck of a lot more than the average buyer or marketer. So I'm really excited about the funnel. I think as I tweak it and throw some more angles at it and as I penetrate the market, I think that funnel is going to produce millions of dollars. That's the true, full, honest story of it." Ben Reed, CMO at Sourcewater


Ben Reed led the marketing and sales efforts Sourcewater, a West Texas-based company that developed the technology to track and arrange disposal water from oil fields. He is an insanely sharp cat with fantastic technical comprehension and communication abilities... and he happened to know his way around marketing tech stacks and sales - and extremely valuable skill set! He came to us in Nov 2018 after seeing one of our Facebook ads. Ben and his teammates had just finished validating their use cases - they were testing market hypothesis and running experiments for a few years until one specifically expressed the tech in a slightly different way than before... and BOOM. Utility was found, customers were jacked up, and Ben and the Team were ready to go to market. Ben whipped up an educational piece of content, recorded it, and drove traffic to it, using what he learned in the Framework. He and the team changed up the website architecture to funnel to clear CTAs and to highlight their case studies, value props, and unique insights. Ben used the sales training, Framework, and scripts to craft a compelling sales argument and install it into the sales organization. In Jan 2019, Ben validated the new script with a $25k sale. He then went on to duplicate the process and climbed to $1M in 11 months. In May 2019, Sourcewater closed its series A round of $7M. Since then, Ben has moved on to new projects, and the Sourcewater Team is accelerating the momentum created from the early push.

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