Valued - Conception To Revenue In 3 Months

Sabrina shooting me a quick email to inform me that she got her first few sales. She's definitely one of the brightest entrepreneurs out there! I loved working with her!

Check out Sabrina's business...This didn't exist a few months ago. She listened to her prospects, built a product in a few days, then sold it! Superstar!

  • Niche: HR
  • Result: Napkin - Revenue In 3 Months
  • Client : Sabrina Atienza, CEO


Sabrina is a wickedly smart entrepreneur from San Francisco. She studied computer science and physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and also was awarded a Forbes 30 Under 30 recognition. Sabrina had deep domain expertise relative to the process of hiring technical talent within high-growth companies. Consequently, she was able to identify an acute problem - engineers being unhappy at the workplace, which results in high turnover due to...(ask Sabrina). Determined to solve this problem, she built her first solution that leveraged a Slack mechanism. She came into contact with some of our content, conducted her research, and signed up for in Feb 2019. After going through our foundational sales training learning how to outbound prospect and sell over the phone, she was booking meetings with prospects at a rate faster than the rate at which she could complete them. Prospects were engaged, however, not throwing credit cards and purchase orders at her just yet. Sabrina understands the discovery process and is also an incredibly rational thinker, so she was unfazed. She looped around and booked "discovery meetings" with her prospects using the discovery method taught by During these discovery meetings, she was able to uncover critical insights that she had not had before (she spent 2.5 hours speaking to one customer and going real deep). These new insights led to the conception of a slightly different offer - one that aligned better to the niche's more urgent needs. She built the mock-up in one week, pre-sold it, then made the product inside of two weeks. She validated her new solution and collected case studies. She's now moving quickly and helping even more people solve a problem that she understands so well.

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