The Heart Attack Story


All right. So in this video, I'm going to go through the heart attack story. Uh, I have a sales rep. His name is Marco,

And he's one of our top guys.

I think he's like 24 years old. He's making like $35,000 a month.

He almost had a little heart attack. Actually.

It was going through this period where he was ramping and he was doing sales calls all day. And he didn't take any days off One day where he felt really weird and he had to go to the hospital and his, you know, his heart was his chest was hurting his tightening up. And so he goes to a hospital, gets checked out. It turns out everything was okay.

Okay. And then, uh, he comes to work the next day

I remember on Slack. He was, you know, saying, Hey, like, I'm thinking I'm having a heart attack. I gotta go to the hospital BRB. And then he comes back. He literally just came right back and he's just like, all right, guys, I gotta keep going. You hit this point of like crazy resistance. And he kept going. And so what that signals and what that meant when we saw him do that was what he was willing to give up to be a part of the team. And what, like that was, that was clear as day. And then, so that allowed everyone to trust him.

Another example of this in action is, uh, I started the business and I had to do, I counted them up in Calendly. I did 1,001 on one support calls. I did over a thousand sales calls. I did over a thousand group webinar calls in like a period of like a year and a half. Some of the days, like where at the end of the day I was talking to a customer and my head would just start screaming. And I had to keep going. That happened a few times. And, but I kept doing, I kept doing my thing because I knew it wasn't permanent. And it turns out like the rewards come after that point. So there's like a hump. And you gotta prove to yourself that, you know, this is what you're willing to give up. And then once you get over that, that's when the rewards actually come another example. This was one of my mentors. He almost actually lost a kidney. He was working so hard guy made like 18 million bucks in one year. But the point is that anyone who has these really, really crazy results, they likely went through a ton of resistance and got over that.

If you're going through resistance or if you're getting headaches or you're feeling like, you know, you might have a little heart attack. Well, uh, we've all been there. Okay. So keep going. Don't have a heart attack. The rewards are right after that point. So that paradigm works for us. Hopefully

That works for you.

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