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So as of a couple of weeks ago, as you know, we started implementing the, uh, the whole like sales team mastery, by the way, a thing is insane. Uh, I knew it was good. That's when I watched Nick's video a couple of months back in like may that's what got my attention. And I was laughing out loud how good it was, where we spend 10 bucks a day on Dean. I can't even keep up with the amount of people, like opting in and we've already brought in two sales guys. You've each paid at the thousand. Um, I, it blew my mind. I was like, when I told my, my COO about it, he was just in shock. So it's been crazy. Uh, and we've been, yeah, dude, it's been wild. Um, so props to you guys. I know you guys recording it, so whoever's watching man. That that's insane. That's incredible. Whoever's watching this. My module nine is insane. I almost want to, I almost don't want, I want a lot of people to get it, so you guys kill it, but at the same time

Hey, if anything, raise your prices. Yeah. Well worth it. Well, well, well, well worth it. Yeah.

Um, appreciate. I appreciate that.

Definitely. You guys are killing it. I appreciate it. And like I said, last time, if you guys moved to Raleigh, North Carolina,

Let me know for sure.

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