Example of Going From $0-$13m in 2.5 Years


Alrighty. So in this video show you an example of how the product market fit stuff and scale stuff is applied. So our sales process IO stuff was applied to our own business to find product market fit and scale it up using the sales team. And there has been no financing. So, or there's, I didn't raise money. Didn't do that financing, anything like that. Just built, did the coding myself until I had in the building myself until I had money to hire more people. And then I hired more people to help me and that's explaining the product market fit stuff. So yeah, essentially this is the net cashflow against time graph. So with product market fit, you're swimming around. I actually didn't even start this until like 18 ish. When did I start selling it like April?

I was still working with some clients and stuff in April 18. And then I just started putting together the, I started basically building the product in 18. And then I just jacked it up to like 500 K a month with a couple of salespeople and we brought on some like we were growing really fast. And we just were putting stuff together and like reinforcing the, the actual like backend stuff. So then we took some time to just build bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bell, bell, bell, bell build. And then we just jacked it up even more with the remote sales team. So I hired a sales team to grow we're building and not really growing just because we were just doing the engineering and then boom. We just pressed a button and we put the, we did the sales team hired like 50 people.

And again, this is all bootstrapped. Okay. There's no there's, there's no, there's no funding and yeah, so the, the framework we use our own frameworks. So how do you find product market fit? Right. So how do you get to that first, like 50 K a month, right? Where are you selling? How do you get to that first 50 K a month? And then scale, scale, scale, scale scale, get to 500,000 a month, see where it starts to break and then boom. Scale it up some more. Okay. So this is all part of the sales process IO S it's all part of the sales process sale process. Okay. So we have a framework that we'll show you how to do that. And if you don't want to use money like fundraising money, then you don't have to, you don't want to hit you.

Don't have, you have $0. You can start from $0. She's gotta be smart. You gotta work hard. That's it. Okay. If you did raise money. Great. Now, like I just think of money as like energy, so good. Just don't burn it and just like, we're going to turn it into a positive cashflow stream. So it's works for people who didn't raise money who are broke, is rocks. This works for people who did raise money and they're billing, like silly things, and they're just burning cash and everyone's confused and running around with their head chopped off, like you're running around like a chicken with their head chopped off. And this does work for those people who are sitting pretty and growing fast and, and they just want to just fricking tear the fricking doors off. So yeah, there's a, there's a few segments. Okay. So hopefully this, this video was a useful.

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