Alrighty. So in this video, we'll be talking about EBITDA earnings before interest tax depreciation, amortization. That's what you really care about. You feed your ego with revenue, feed your family with profit or EBITDA for free cashflow. A lot of customers, they come or prospects. They come to sales process say, Oh, and they've been swimming around, Oh, I'm going over to this marketing agency. Oh, we're going to go get our ads, right? Oh, we're going to go do some social ads. Oh, we're going to go do some SEO. Oh, we want to do sales. We need sales team. Now what they're really saying is my EBITDA is broken. I need it fixed underneath the hood. What is sales process IO? What is it really? Is it sales consulting? Is it marketing consulting? Is it engineering consulting? No, it's a solution at the end of the day that, yeah, there's a combination of things. There's a lot of features involved and there's a lot of things that you do. But at the end of the day, the problem is EBITDA. Really? What is product market fit? A product exists in a market, such that the unification is profitable and sustainable. What that really is, is we've got the fit, the problem solution fit and is profit and it's durable and sustainable. And if you're really smart, you can introduce network effects. That is what we're trying to

Did, help solve it.

I know it's bodacious, but I really believe that we solved it.

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