How to Structure Your Day


So in this video, I'm going to talk about structuring your day. So how do I structure my day? The first one was when I was a superstar sales person, I would get up every day at 8:00 AM, eat my little meals and then go sell for like 12 hours a day. Go make like two grant. So when I was like 20 years old and then I would go to sleep and then I would just do that for like 30 days in a row. You know, if you're going to start a business, you got to take that same discipline. If you're a solo entrepreneur, solo founder, you got to focus on sales first. And then like in the morning, every day, this is what I did. I would get up at like seven 30. I'd walk over to Starbucks. I'd see all these people with their little suits and ties on.

I'd be like, Hmm, how are you doing? And then I would go back into my little apartment and then I would just get on the phone and just start closing deals. That was every day, but just in the morning. Cause it takes a lot of energy. And then in the afternoon you're building that's when you get the engineering stuff done, like it's, you're building, you're, you're doing support. You're doing a lot of that stuff. And then the weekends, when it's quiet time, that's when you think, and really do the building, the deep work, if you really want to get it, go out and get it. I just thought it was August, but it turns out not a lot of people operate like that.


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