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December 10, 2020

Nick Kozmin has made a donation to help fund scientists at University of Toronto and St. Mike's In Toronto. 

"The equipment the donation will fund will be used to develop rapid diagnostics - especially to determine the likelihood of responding to therapy." - When talking to Claudia dos Santos, I found this to be high urgency. The rate at which we learn of a problem is key to doing anything that solves that problem. With viral threats, the rate at which the variant is learned determines the rate at which the solution can be deployed. The faster we know what the heck we are dealing with, the faster we can assemble and deploy the medicine or strategy. 


Link To Article

These scientists are doing great work and uncovering insights that engineers can use to build and do useful things. Without scientists doing the research, we are flying blind.

If you are interested in learning more about Claudia's work or helping, you can reach her here



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