Operating With Low Emotional Variance


All right. So in this video, are you talking about having low variance, emotional variance? And it's what I talked to my sales team about sales guys. They make $3,000 in one day and then they make $0 million. In another day. I told them the story that my chemistry professor taught me back in first year university in engineering school. And it was just like a five second story, but it carried with me for like nine years or 10 years, basically it's having low variants. So you imagine your like emotional state as fluctuating, you have peaks and valleys, right? So he said in order to get through engineering school, cause it's pretty rigorous. You want to keep those? The amplitudes pretty like tight, pretty small. So if you get a good Mark, you keep that peak, just a little peak, you know, your girlfriend breaks up with you.

We'll try. And the, his whole point was in order to like get through this really rigorous time, you had to be really emotionally stable. And he only said that once there was like five second story, but it was burned into my brain. I was like, Oh, okay, got it. And I applied that principle throughout obviously school, but also in the business world. So, you know, customer signs up great something breaks, servers break. Okay. Small trough, figure it out, make a hundred grand in one day. Great. Not a big trough lose 20 K in one day. Okay. Not a big peak, not a big trough. I constantly have to remind my sales guys to operate like that. And the guys that do that, they don't get really excited on these wild roller coasters. Those are the ones who make it through the long haul.

And those are the ones who become the best salespeople. Those are the guys that become the best entrepreneurs. They don't get phased too much. Some like actionable things to watch out for. Don't drink alcohol because alcohol will put you on a roller coaster. Okay. sugary food, a lot of sugary food will do that. You have a lot of, you know, have candies or something like that. You'll have these big peaks and troughs. A lot of caffeine, caffeine will mess with you. Just poor diet, not enough sleep, you're going to be all over the place. So those are some actual things you can do to just keep kinda level-headed. Yes. So that strategy worked for me and hopefully it'll work for you.

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