The Fatal Mistake Of Misinterpreting Interest For Demand


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to tell you a story about my first SaaS business and the fatal mistake of misinterpreting interests for demand. I graduated school. I had this auto detailing business that was doing really well, but I couldn't do it in the winter time. Cause no one is going to wash cars in the winter time. I couldn't convince people to do that. So yeah, I started building like the SAS business and I did some, I knew how to sell, cause I knew how to do door to door and had the background. And so I made a couple phone calls, some cold calls to some private schools. Cause I had a tutoring business in university and I sold tutoring to these private schools. So I made some phone calls and said, "Hey, I got an idea for this platform. You mind if I come in and pitch you on it?" And they're like, yeah, sure.

So I go in to a few private schools and I'm talking to some of the principals or the headmasters and I pitched my idea. I had a little mock up and they're like, yeah, yeah. Sounds good. Like we're interested. I go back three, four months later. I'm like, alright, here you go. And they're like, Oh yeah, yeah, nevermind. I was like, fuck. So I spent three months of my life and you know, a couple of bucks, luckily I was able to build it myself. But you know, maybe it spent 20 K and there was no demand. And I was like, this feeling sucks. And at that point I was like, I'm not going to build anything until I know there's demand for it. So now this is what I do in my everyday life.

Now, when I come up with a new offer, I like try to sell it. If it just sucks, the idea needs to be good enough that doesn't even have to exist. I can be the worst sales person in the world. I can swear at the customer I wouldn't, but they're still gonna buy. And that's how I know I actually have something that's useful and that there's demand. They still, they, they transact, they put down a deposit of first payment. They sign a contract, not just, Oh, I'm interested. Ever since I started using that strategy, you know, we get offers and products together real fast and we get product market fit real fast.

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