Thinking In Terms Of Days Will Make You Millions


Alrighty guys, I'm just out for a little stroll in the woods. Got my Canadian hunting hat on just in case there's hunters out there might mistake me for a deer or something or a moose. I'm not a moose. Anyway. So in this video, I'm going to talk about getting everything out in the day. So when I'm training my guys on sales and even my clients in entrepreneurship, I talk about wringing everything out out of your day. And if you, you think in terms of days, not years, the years, the months, the weeks they're fantastic, the months are fantastic. The years are fantastic, but it all starts from the day. I learned this in door to door sales because that's how we were comped. We were comped on the day, the sales and the day, the revenue they brought in in the day.

And I did door to door sales, really aggressive door to door sales for a while. And I learned this when I was younger and every day I would just go out and try to ring everything, ring everything out, one more door, eight 30 in the morning, all the way until the sun went down, ring it all out. One more door. When you're got nothing to do one more door. If you're waiting one more door, one more touch, 0.1 more hit. And I never had an off day when I abide. When I bided by that rule, I never had an off day. There were days when I was selling door to door where I would zero in zero as a sales person. You're kind of like, you know, that sucks. So, and you feel like crap, but there are days where I was zero up until we started at eight 30 in the morning and I zero to like three or four in the afternoon, sometimes even five, five at night, man.

But I would keep just putting my effort, putting my inputs in, keep putting the, putting the inputs in one more door, one more door, one more door. And then, you know, if I zeroed, well, five o'clock came around and I would just light it up. I know I remember this one guy, Ray said, you compensate competitions in door to door sales. And I would beat him every day. Every this guy was doing it for years and I just came in at a young gun, just beat every day. And one day he Rose up in the van cause we drop us off. And there's a big van that pick us up and hit. For some reason, he was in the van with the manager and he's just laughing. Cause I had zero and it was like five o'clock and then I just lit it up and he thought he was going to beat me that day.

But he didn't. And I just remember that the look on that guy's face when 9:00 PM rolled around, he was just like so sad. But anyway, I learned this principle from door to door sales. Every single day, you get something, you, you put your best effort in, you bring it out. You don't have an off day. Even if you don't make the progress of the customer or you didn't build the some build something, you don't see the immediate gain. You're pushing it until the very end of the day until you're absolutely exhausted the end of the day. And then those days will turn into those good days will turn into weeks. You will never have a bad week. You'll never have a bad month. You'll never have a bad year. And so, yeah, that's useful for internet entrepreneurs. Okay. Well, all my clients are internet, internet entrepreneurs, very useful mindset.

You've never had a bad day. When my salespeople say they have a bad day, look what the fuck is a bad day. What does that even mean? Oh, things didn't go my way today. Oh boy. You know, I don't understand that. So you're saying you have a bad day, bad month, bad year. Bullshit. I call bullshit on it. Just wring out everything. You cannot add day. If you're not able to talk to customers, read, read, get better, get sharper, get smarter. If you if you're bound by something like you can't build, then sell. You're either writing, which is selling or building or walking and exercising. Okay. So hopefully that helped. If you see me on the streets, don't shoot me. Okay. I'm a human. I'm not a moose. Okay. Hopefully this was useful.

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