The 5 Skills One Needs To Become A Million-Dollar Producer


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to explain the five keys to becoming or staying a million dollar producer. So if you're an entrepreneur, you should be doing these things to bring in at least a hundred grand a month or 80 grand a month where we can do 200 grand a month. One person can bring in 200 grand a month. If, if you're really good, if you're a rockstar. And so if you follow these five steps you'll be a million dollar producer. And so I've been able to do this. My team members have been able to be million dollar producers month over month. And the truth is, is that it's not very glamorous and it's a lot of work and I'm going to go through these five things. So if you really want to be a million dollar producer, this is what you w you have to follow these five five things.

So the first thing is you have to stay extremely organized. So your life runs off a calendar. Every single thing in your life is scheduled. Your appointments are obviously scheduled. Your followups are obviously scheduled. Your dinners are scheduled. Your workouts are scheduled your time with your wife or your girlfriend or your boyfriend. There's, it's scheduled your you're. If you have a dog, you schedule that, that, that walk, okay. You have to be extremely organized in your CRM. Everything is tracked. The data is accurate. Your tasks are tracked properly. Everything is tracked properly, and you're extremely organized. That's the key in order to be calm, a million dollar seller and stay a million dollar seller. The velocity is so high. You're selling a lot. You're talking to a lot of people and things can't fall through the cracks. So in order to prevent things from falling through the cracks, you have to be extremely organized.

So that's the first key. The second key is you have to stay extremely disciplined. Okay? So becoming a million dollar stellar and staying a million dollar seller requires that you just sell all day. You have to get good at saying no to pretty much everything your friends want to go out for dinner. Nope. Can't do that. Your parents want to do some something. Nope. Can't do that. Sorry. Right. Maybe, maybe once or twice a year. Sure. But pretty much you're Mia. You cannot do anything during the week. You have to recharge on Saturdays and Sundays. You're basically a zombie on Saturdays and Sundays, and you're just re recover. You're recovering from the week. This is, this is actually what it takes to become a millionaire. So you're pushing so hard during the week. You're not going out. You're not drinking beers with your friends. You're not doing anything except for selling and recovering.

That's pretty much it. So you have to be extremely disciplined. You have to pretty much say no to everything. Okay. Now maybe once, maybe once every couple months sure. Go out for some friend time or whatever. Okay. You have to tend to your, your relationships as well, but pretty much any fun. Forget it. Okay. If you really want to stay at the highest level, forget it. Okay. And you just have to that's that you have to be willing to do that. If you want to be the absolute rock star, and you want to beat the top producer and you want to be the best sales person around. Okay. So that's the second point a state extremely disciplined. The third point, the third key is you have to eliminate life maintenance. So what do I mean by life maintenance? Any, anything like cooking? Anything that's like, if you're chopping carrots yet means you're not selling you.

Can't, you can't, you cannot be preparing food. You cannot be cleaning your house. You cannot be doing laundry. You can't be walking around trying to F like plug in certain things like any life maintenance you have to completely eliminate, which means you have to hire a chef. You have to hire a house manager, a cleaner, a laundry person. Anything like dishes, no way, no way. Jose, you can't be using mental energy. You can't be making decisions in that area in order, in order to be the top, top salesperson to be laser focused on one thing, you have to completely eliminate life maintenance. Okay. Completely gone. And it's my sound a little bit weird. So people are gonna think you're insane, but that's what it takes. Undivided attention, completely focused on selling and being a top producer. That's what it takes. So you have to eliminate life maintenance.

Okay? The fourth key to becoming and staying a million dollar producer is you need a stable family and home life. If there is turbulence in your life, if you have problems with the relationship where you have family problems, you have girlfriend or boyfriend or some sort of turbulence. You're not going to be able to produce and stay consistent. You're going to be all over the place. You can be like a rollercoaster. Okay? So if you want to be, if you want to be a million dollar producer and stay a million dollar producer, your family life needs to be rock solid, which means you have to, if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, or you have a relationship, you have a wife, you have your kids that needs to be handled. You have to dial that in and be, be a really good partner, be a really good family member and focus on that.

That's really, really key. So dialing in that family life and making sure that that, that is really stable is super important. Because if it's not, if it's unstable, it's gonna ripple through your work. You can't stay focused. You can't have, you won't have the energy. You're going to be drained and you're not going to be able to produce at that high. You're not going to be able to, to to stay at that high level. And you're gonna, your results are gonna be all over the place. So usually if I've trained tons of salespeople in my day, and some people are like superstars for like one week, but then the next week they're, they're off the wall or they're, they're completely off the rails. Right. And it's because their, their, their home life is not stable. Okay. So if you're wanting to be a million dollar producer, work makes you try if you can, to stabilize your home life.

Okay. and that means completely eliminating any, anything that could cause instability, drinking, no way, any drugs, no way. Jose, that will is a recipe for disaster. If you want stability, you have to you have to really focus on, on making that home, home life stable, which is kind of it's, you know, most people don't think about this stuff, but that's really the key it's having that stable home life. So the last point is in order to become a millionaire and stay a million dollar producer is you need a ton of energy and you need to focus on, let me just put this back. You need to focus on maintaining your health and your, and your sleep schedule. So you're going to have to work out. You're going to have to do some cardiovascular activities. You're going to have to eat healthy. You're going to, you're going to have to get eight hours of sleep.

It's really important that you, that you take care of your health because in order to put 10, 12 hours of work in a day, you're you need the energy. Okay? So you're eating complex carbs. You're eating high protein. You're not eating a lot of sugar. Sugar will mess with your insulin, your, your emotions, and it'll mess with your energy levels. So you have to be really aware of what you're putting in your body. And me have to also be aware of how much you're sleeping. So I admit minimum eight hours of sleep. You need rest. You need like vampire sleep. Well, you know, a vampire, they just, they're completely out cold. They're like perfectly, still, you need eight hours of vampire sleep. And so if you can do that and you eat healthy and you have a stable home life and you eliminate all of the life maintenance, and you're extremely disciplined and you're extremely organized, then you're probably going to be a million dollar producer.

Okay. So that's the video. If you're, if you're wondering if that's the, what to do, if you're wondering how to do all this stuff and actually how the mechanics work, then I recommend jumping on a call with us at sales process IO. If you're a star, if you're a founder or you have a startup, you, you want to ramp it up. You want to take it to the next level, book, a call with us. And we'll, it will help you even further. So if you like this video, great. And if you're, if you are interested in the accelerator, we'll see you on the call.

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