How To Unleash The Dogs - Assembling Your Commission-Only, Remote, High-Impact Sales Team


In this article, I’m going to be walking you through the Remote Sales Team program by

There’s a big problem in the market right now. Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing $300k, $400k, $1M, $3M per year, and you want to scale up. You want to unleash a pack of dogs and completely dominate the market.

What you’re going to need is a sales team. A very well-trained, productive sales team. Not only do you need the sales process down, you need a machine.

The machine involves the recruiting, management, and training, and it’s a pretty complex machine to get right.

If you get it working, you can tear down buildings. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling - SaaS, services, information, it doesn’t matter. The early adopters for this program have been in SaaS and high-ticket information products.

I’m in a mastermind group of entrepreneurs doing 7-8 figures, selling SaaS and high-ticket info. For two years, the big problem that kept coming up in our calls was related to sales teams. I realized that this was a really acute problem that needed to be solved.

I solved this problem for myself, and I’ve been building sales teams for a while. As of the time of writing this article, we have 25 reps. We have teams of sales reps inside the company to foster internal competition. We’ll probably do over $12M in sales this year.

CoPilot AI; I built a sales team for CoPilot in-person but the reps worked from home. I took them from $0-$1M ARR in 10 months, and they’re now doing over $2M ARR and growing fast.

AdvisorStream; I built a sales team for them and they went on a tear. They went from $0-$1M ARR in 12 months, and are now doing over $5M ARR.

I also built a door-to-door sales team when I was 23 years old. I hired a bunch of salespeople to go door-to-door for my auto detailing business. The lead gen people went door-to-door and the inside sales folks sold them over the phone. That was a really successful business.

So the big question is: How do you build a commission-only remote sales team in under 30 days? Commission-only is the key. We also need to compress the ramping time down to a few weeks.

Create a Zero-Risk Sales Organization

The first thing we do is create a zero-risk sales organization. What does zero-risk mean? This means that reps actually pay you to join. The biggest problem with hiring salespeople is you don’t know if they’re serious or not, and you don’t know if they can hire the commission-only environment.

If you invest too much in someone you don’t know right off the bat, it’s too risky. Maybe they’ll stay on for two months, and they leave. In that case, you just wasted a ton of resources. You might’ve wasted salaries. Then you have to rehire people. Our training shows you how to get reps to pay you to join.

This creates a zero-risk sales environment, and it also allows you to find the best reps that are extremely serious. If the reps are willing to put skin in the game and they can find the money to get ahold of this opportunity, they’re probably going to be really good commission-only salespeople. It’s a little screening cheat code that we’re going to show you how to do.

Another axiom here is that reps only get paid on the cash collected. So we’re aligning the incentives of the rep with the incentives of the business.

Managers also only get paid if their teams perform. Each sales team has a team manager who sell and also manage the reps. We call them mini-CEOs. These mini-CEOs get compensated on the cash that their teams bring in.

At any size, this structure is profitable. This structure I created is profitable at one rep, it’s profitable at two reps, and it’s profitable at 25 reps. The unit economics don’t change - that’s the key. You’re not bringing on extra managers, having extra overhead, or taking on extra salaries you have to spend. The costs are linear.

Say It Once

You’re going to be leveraging the power of written word and video, so you’ll only have to say it once. All processes should be mapped out and clearly communicated through docs and videos. Communication via emails or live calls should not be necessary if the systems are good enough. At the limit, no one talks to each other, and the business crushes.

Achieve Hyper-Profits

You’re going to achieve hyper-profits. One benefit of having a remote sales team is that you’re location independent. This means you can operate this in Canada, Panama, the Bahamas, or anywhere else. If you want to use some tax efficiency strategies, you can do that because it’s completely remote and not bound by location.

Erase Borders

Another great benefit is that you can hire anyone in the world, and cover different time zones. Just station a remote salesperson in a foreign region, and they’ll be able to take those calls.

Crush Competitors by Being First

If you are the first to employ this type of strategy, the gain is crazy. The efficiency gain is crazy, you eliminate overhead, you can move fast, you’re super elastic, and if you’re first in your industry to execute this type of strategy, you’re going to just crush. It’s not even fair.

If everyone is operating with an in-person or inside sales team, and they’re taking 8 months to ramp a rep, and you can ramp a rep in two weeks or less, the advantage is insane.

Remote is Better

Everything you can do in-person, you can do remote. It’s actually better to do it remote because you eliminate the commute time, the mental bandwidth that your reps have to spend doing BS just to get into the cockpit. You’re going to unlock this crazy efficiency that a lot of people are not really familiar with. They either haven’t needed to test this, or they’re unwilling to test this.

If you empower a remote team, the output is so much greater because you eliminate the commute time, and increase efficiency, focus and time for disciplined practice. Reps can sell in their own environment, stay focused, and practice and train on their own time. The remote is super powerful; way more powerful than in-person.

I’ve tried it all - I’ve built teams doing door-to-door, inside sales, and remote. When I was experimenting with remote, I didn’t know if it was going to work. But I saw it worked way better.


These are the timelines for building a remote, commission-only sales team:

  • 1 week to get set up
  • 1-2 weeks to get resumes in the door
  • 1 week to hire
  • 1-2 weeks to ramp


Case Studies

You’re going to need case studies. This means you have a product or service that’s been able to deliver on your claim.

We’ll show you how to reach out to your customers and get them to offer themselves as case studies.

Sales Script

You’re going to need an in-depth sales script that covers everything from qualification, to case studies, to product specs, to getting the payment method, to objection handlers.

We have a template for the sales script. Everything is mapped out, down to the qualification questions, product specs, case studies, and how to get the payment method.

Our own sales script is 79 pages long - every single nook and cranny is mapped out. That’s how you ramp a rep super fast. You have to define all the points where someone can get tripped up.

Before you ramp a team, you need to have a script that actually converts.

Marketing Funnel

You’re going to need a marketing funnel set up. This includes the landing pages, the quiz pages, the booking pages, and the content. Without a strong marketing funnel, it will be harder for the sales team to be productive.

We’re going to show you how to create really compelling content - sales letters, video sales letters, funnels, positioning. If you don’t have the marketing right, the sales team is not going to be as effective as you want.

When you sign up for the remote sales team program, you’re going to get all the foundational stuff. You’re getting to get the foundational direction-setting, the content mastery, the funnel building methods.

We need the funnels, CRM, and tech integrations to work, to get the sales team to work. Once the plumbing is there, we can start recruiting.

Recruit Using Hiring Video Sales Letters

We’ll show you how to hire using a hiring video sales letter. Use job boards and the organic channels to drive traffic to what’s called a hiring video sales letter. Here’s ours:

The hiring VSL is a 25-minute video that funnels to a quiz form where applicants can sign-up for a live webinar. This is a group hiring webinar, where there’s an offer you make to the reps.

We’ll show you how to recruit using this strategy, and get people to pay you to work for you.

Use Agent IDs

Each agent ID should be assigned an agent ID that is stored in the cookies. This parameter that sits in the cookie persists through all the forms. So, if a rep reaches out to a prospect with content that is appended with their agent ID, then that agent ID follows that prospect through to the CRM.  If the deal closes and the agent ID is in there, the rep gets the commission.

Set Up the Tracking Sheet

You must track everything - emails sent, open rates, calls scheduled, closes, cash collected, and revenue sold, among other things. One rep sent 3500 emails in his first month, achieved an open rate of 36%, booked 81 discovery calls, booked 28 demos, and achieved a 50% close rate. Tracking is extremely important, to know that the machine is working properly.

Reprogram Your Reps Through the Ramping Playbook

We have an in-house training for our reps called a Ramping Playbook. It effectively reprograms them to become superstar sales reps.

Among the topics included:

  • How to organize your personal life
  • How to do LinkedIn prospecting
  • How to use LeadLeaper to scrape emails
  • How to do outbound prospecting with cold email
  • How to use the CRM
  • How to do organic promotion
  • How to do discovery calls
  • How to invoice for commissions
  • How to pitch in front of the mirro
  • How to do ‘script wars’ with team members
  • How to close and collect payments
  • How to get over the 1-yard line
  • How to handle failed payments
  • How to become a manager

We give our clients access to the Ramping Playbook, and it’s up to them to use it. The key is that you have all the instructions and methods mapped out via written word and video in a comprehensive guide. This allows reps to ramp very fast, and will deliver massive leverage and efficiency gains. Instead of 6 months, you can ramp a rep in two weeks.

Manage Your Reps Effectively

Conduct morning meetings with your reps every day to start the engines up. We start our meetings at 8:30am and they run until 9am.

Set your incentives right. The short-term incentives have to be compelling to get the reps to take damage each day and sell, while the long-term incentives should get the superstars to stick around and manage teams.

If you get the incentive structure right, the reps will go on a tear.

Pricing and Offer

I spent nine years learning this stuff. This is my gift to the world. This stuff is going to make so much money for customers. It’s already working for the early adopters and the ROI is insane.

I became a multi-millionaire at 26. It’s not slowing down; we’re just warming up.

It’s pretty expensive but this is for people who are already doing $500k or $1M, and just want to unleash the dogs.

We have a portal with training videos that took years to build and record. We can assign the modules to various people on your team, depending on their role.

If you become a client, we have three calls per week that you and your reps can join to get questions answered. We also have 1:1 support calls with our team, and you can book whenever you want.

The training is continually updated, as we gather more insights. We’re getting better and better everyday. Because we’re teaching people stuff that we’re doing, as we go through time, we get better, which results in the product getting better. You will always have access to the information first.

We also have a customer-only Facebook group, with over 1000 people.

We provide an investor network. The big names will recommend us but they won’t tell us. We go against the grain but the people who know, know this stuff works.

This will be the best investment you will make; I can say it with complete certainty because I use. It works with any industry; it works with SaaS, high-ticket enterprise services, information products, and low ticket automated offers. It’s a beautiful machine and the result is the chequing account will go up every month.

You know how I know this stuff is super valuable? Our customers flew through March, when the pandemic hit. We didn’t even flinch. None of our customers defaulted. This is a need-to-have.

I know how valuable this is. For the right person, this is an insane ROI.

If you’re interested, speak to someone on our team:


Will I need to become proficient at video?

Yes, you will need to become comfortable on video.

What if you’re selling super high-ticket? Will sales reps still work on commission-only?

Yes. You lend against future commissions.

How does this work for low-ticket?

You will need to sell at high velocity. We’ll show you how to do that.

How do you use ads on Facebook, GDN, and YouTube?

This is covered in the training. This is important to get the sales team firing.

What case studies do you have?

We have over 1000 customers with very strong case studies. See here:

Most of our customers don’t want their competitors to know they’re working with us. It’s their dirty little secret.

Our clients include Henry Bee from CoPilot, Pavel Keboola from Keboola, Alex Becker from Hyros, Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens from, Jeremy Noetzelman from Press Advantage, and Tommy Nguyen from StoragePug.

Some are backed by big firms, others are bootstrapped.

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