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Nick and Greg at the "Kino Mansion", Speaking About Greg's Offers


All right. So I'm here with one of my clients, mr. Gregory, O Gallagher from Keno body. And Greg's doing really, really well. He's been working on keynote body since when 2011. Yeah. So, and he's grown, he's grown it massive massive company, 300, 400,000 plus customers right around there. And so Greg is, um, very, very, very good at getting customers getting reach. Okay. Uh, Greg and his, his, uh, his content team run by Michael Monte. Amazing. And if you go look at his stuff, it's crazy. Uh, crazy professional just sucks. People in it gets, people fired up. They love his, uh, they love his message. And so Greg's really, really good at getting customers. And when you combine that branding and content with paid traffic, it's insanely effective. Like the, the cost that you're getting customers really, really low. And it's because you're so prolific.

Um, so now what we're trying to do with Greg is he's at a, he's still at a great level. We're trying to get him to the next level by expanding the lifetime value of the customer. And so Greg started introducing, uh, uh, supplements. Uh, what was it last year? Two years ago?

Yeah. About, about a year and a half year and a half ago.

Yeah. And so now what we're doing is we're taking that. We're keeping our eye focused on the transformation is three sort of flagship products. He's got the Greek God, which turns people into the Greek gods. He's got the warrior shred, which gets people really lean and, and wirey and strong, like the Brad Pitt and, uh, fight club luck. Right? And then you have the aggressive fat loss and the aggressive fat loss is basically for anyone who's just trying to lose, lose pure fat really quickly.

So there's three different types of transformations and he's been absolutely crushing it, selling the programs to each of those transformations. Now we're going to be tacking on a stack of supplements for each of those transformations and a more involved coaching program for each of those transformations. So that allows, it's not, it's not really like upselling. It's just allowing the customer to achieve the transformation and giving them more tools to help them achieve that transformation. That's really what we were working on, um, a few weeks ago. And Greg is he's going to be rolling out this, this new funnel. And the goal is to double his, um, double his business.

You know what, it's easy when you're working with people for things get way too complex. But when I worked with Nick, I was like, damn, this is like, this is it. It's so simple. And it's so customer focused, you know, what is, what are we really doing here? And he got really bold down group. What we're doing is we're selling this transformation. People are, they're spending a hundred dollars to spending $200 because they want the transformation. They want the results. So how can we give them the best result possible and whatever we're offering them, what are the supplements, the coaching, how does that help them with their transformation? And that made it really, really clear. Um, and we, you know, crunch the numbers and we kind of found a way to 3.5 X, the profit just based on hitting some conservative numbers with these new offers, dialing down the sales script. And so, uh, you know, we've hired people in the past and like working with Nick is way better, way faster. Um, so I'm very excited. And, uh, like Nick said, like, you know, Keno, body's amazing thing. People are getting amazing results. People are joining thousands, people joining every single week.

I've never seen any person in fitness, but even in other areas of business, the amount of transformations that this guy has, it's like insane. We came up with an ad a few months ago. It was, if you're going to follow someone and fitness, look at their transformations. And I was joking with Greg and I was like, look, all of your competitors, they're posting transformations that you wouldn't even post. You're just, you're embarrassed by them.So Greg's just sheer number of like the impact that he has on the market is insane. Like his working with a guy like him is awesome because his stuff is actually real. I can't find anyone who, who has those transformation. I'm a customer of his as well, who can deliver those results. So when you combine that the core fundamental value with really good funnels and marketing and branding, um, you can't, you can't really go wrong.

Greg Shares How He's on Pace for 8 Figures


All right. So I'm here with one of my clients, mr. Greg Gallagher from Keno, really fast growing fitness brand. He's been absolutely killing it. And we've been working together for the last two years and I've been helping him with his funnel. Well, why don't you just explain kind of how we helped and you know, where you were before and where are you now?

Yeah, my business got to a really good level, but I was having a hard time getting to the next step, getting that eight figure Mark and funny enough in the fitness industry. There's a lot of people that get stuck at that point and I needed to get past it. And Nick really helped me ice down, narrow down. What is my brand? What is it about? He simplified it for me. He gave me some, some scripts, some tools to really let my brand shine. And the first ad he gave me became one of our best ads yet. That's made millions of millions of dollars. That was a three month one. That was the Hollywood. Yeah, three months we filmed it. It's called what we call it's called the Greenhills out. Cause we filmed it with green Hills in the background and it's crushed it. He's helped me write some emails which have improved conversions. The stuff he does, he was pretty damn amazing. So when you got Nick in your corner, you see pretty fast results, but don't, we don't use them. If you're in fitness, don't do it. He's mine. Knock it off. Okay. Thanks Greg. Appreciate it. Thank you.

Greg Working on Marketing Copy at Nick's Place in Toronto

Greg Sends a Text Message That He's Making Some Serious Proft After We Reworked His Offer, Pricing, and Marketing

Greg Shares His Conversion Rate


"After being stuck for over a year, unable to break past the $100,000 dollar per month profit, I decided to consult with Nick at I explained my situation and how I was unable to really scale beyond $8,000-$10,000 per day with about $4-$5k in daily ad spend. We looked at my entire funnel and began to really boil down my messaging and my target market. We adjusted my funnel and copy to really reflect what makes my offer so unique and compelling. Then we began to come up with a whole new ads strategy and script.

Once we had everything locked in, I simply couldn’t believe it. It was almost as if we had doubled and even tripled over night. Our conversions improved about 20% with the changes to the funnel. The new ads were smashing it out of the park, delivering a 2-3x in ROI. Many of my new ads now have millions of views and have generated hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks. We are now averaging $20,000 to $22,000 per day in revenue with just $6,000 - $8,000 per day in ads spend. We tripled our monthly profit in just a few really simple steps. I’m blown away haha. Feels great to finally bust through a plateau when you’ve been stuck for almost two years.”

- Greg O’Gallagher, Founder at Kinobody

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