Why A CEO Needs To Be A Master Copywriter

In this video, I explain why the CEO needs to be a master copywriter. Hiring someone to do marketing for you will work ONLY if the cause-effect relationships with respect to the core business thesis are accessible to that marketer.


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to talk about the importance of the CEO being the master copywriter. Now, a lot of our clients, when they work with us, one of the biggest things they say is like, "Can I just hire someone to do this? Can you do this? Can I just get someone in to do all of this copywriting for me and the messaging and all of that stuff?" And they just don't want to do it themselves. They could, of course, get someone to do it for them, but the problem is it just doesn't work.

I'll tell you a story of ... because I've tried this experiment, like I want that to be true too. I want someone to write amazing copy for me and copy that just lights up the market and it's just like magnetic. I would love that. So I tried out the experiment. I hire the smartest people I could find, these guys were the top of their class, they had experience like top of the class, best schools in the country, trained them for months. And I had them like write some copy and write like an argument that was fairly important and it was going to be used in marketing. At the end of the two weeks when it was submitted, the structure was right, the language was right, the points were right. But when you read it, it didn't light you up. It didn't have the power to light up the market.

And so I was like, "Okay, this is good. This is good work. It was done exactly to spec, but it didn't have that extra little bit of flair." And then what I did was I just wrote something and it took me 10 minutes in front of everybody. I just wrote the points and the arguments, and it only took 10 minutes that lit up the market. My point is that, it took three weeks for someone who's really trained and really qualified to write that. If we were to pin the two against each other in the market, my would actually make sales and make a crazy high return. The other one might make a little bit of return, but it's not going to be anything to write home about.

So the point is, the CEO with the most reference points needs to be the one to write the copy and the argument, that's how it gets good. So I could pull together all these points and arguments in 10 minutes and make a really compelling piece. And that was just way more efficient than having somebody else do it, not to mentioned just way more effective. So for the CEO, who is thinking that, "Hey, I want to get somebody else to write." You take a step back for a second, just spend 10 minutes and get the core points down. And then all of your like cause effect relationships, just put those down on paper. And then you can let the marketer and the designer flesh all of that stuff out. But the root needs to be right.

For those of you, if you're a CEO and you want someone else to do it, take a step back. If you're going to work with us, we're going to show you how to get those pieces together. And we'll show you strategies on how to syndicate them and produce and all that other stuff that other people can do. But we really want to show you how to get those core points down so that when you do blast it out to the market, it actually makes ROI. All right, so that's a strategy that I use. Hopefully my experiment is useful and this information is useful to you.

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