How Committing To Being First Place Made Me Millions (Trailer Park Story)


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to talk about the ... My team likes to call it the trailer park story. I tell this story when I am motivating my sales team, and this story goes back when I was 20 years old. That's a long time ago. I was selling door to door and this was just when I was getting started. And I was really good at selling door to door. It only took me two days to become the top salesperson in my location. And then a month to become the top sales person in the whole organization. And one day I was, we were selling this service called driveway sealing. So we would run around and I was spraying liquid asphaltene and tar all over these driveways. I'd get it all over my ... Most carcinogenic thing in the world. I probably got, yeah, it took 10 years off my life by breathing this stuff in.

But yeah, I was running around. I was selling these driveways and we mostly sold these driveway sealings to upper, higher income areas, higher income households with driveways. Right. I was just a bull. I just kept going, kept going, kept going. And I ended up in a trailer park. This trailer park was beside this high income area. And me, I was just, I didn't think about it. I just went from one street to the next. I ended up knocking doors in this trailer park. They didn't own the driveways. They didn't even own the trailer. They were renting the trailers. So I didn't know this. And I, at the time, I didn't really care. So I just started knocking doors. I started pitching the driveway, and I was like, "Hey, this is going to help the driveway last longer," and which they didn't care about.

And it's going to prevent cracking and it's going to look good too. And one lady she's like, "Yeah, sure. Go ahead." And so I did the driveway and then the other neighbors started coming out and they're like, "Oh, wow. That looks really good. Do you want to do mine?" And I was like, "Yeah, sure." And I did like 25 driveways in this little trailer park thing. And it turned into like a party. It was like, no one even needed the driveway thing. They didn't own their driveway, but it was another reason why they wanted to buy it. They wanted to be, they had a barbecue, they wanted to be involved. I kind of made this like party. And the only way people could join the party was if they got their driveway sealed by me. And my boss was driving around. He sees all these people outside with barbecues and music playing, and I'm just working my ass off, just sealing all these driveways.

It's like, "How, how the hell did you do this?" And I was like, "Man, these people just want it done." And I just thought it was like a normal thing to do. But the point was it doesn't, it was just like a commitment. Because I was in a competition. I wanted to win the day. And it was just a commitment to getting first place and whatever that environment was, I had to make it happen. That's the moral of the story. It's who cares if you're in a trailer park? Who cares if you're in the best area ever? You can always make something happen. That's the point. There's no such thing as bad days. There is no such thing as bad environments. It's what you make out of them.

And I just did that naturally. But, and then looking back on it, telling that story, it really motivated some of the salespeople to keep pushing and keep going. Even when they think it's not a good environment, it's not a good lead. It's not a good day. It's not a good week, whatever. Right. So, that's the driveway sealing story. And hopefully that helps.

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