How to Go From 3-35 Salespeople in 2 Months and Double Revenue and Profit Using a Commission-Only Remote Structure


Alright so in this video, I'm going to talk about the story of how I grew my sales team to 35 people in only two months. So back in January, I was racking my brain, trying to figure out how to get to a million a month, maintain steady margin, healthy margin. And we're looking at what's blocking the throughput? And we were asking, "Well, is it product, and service, and backend?" "No. It can handle more." "Is it marketing?" "No, we haven't even hit saturation point. We can keep going. We could go harder and harder with marketing. I can do more marketing. I barely even do any content. I can do some of that."

So it wasn't marketing, it wasn't product. What it was was just bodies, sales people. So, at the time, when we were at like 500,000 a month, we only had three or four salespeople. So what do I need? I needed bodies. I needed salespeople. So we isolated that to be the one thing that was going to move the needle. And then I just came up with a strategy to recruit salespeople, using job boards, video sales letters. And within the first week, I think the first week it was five or seven new salespeople. And we were busting our butt to build this ramping playbook. And I was recording all these videos to show these new sales reps how to do the job. And these guys were commission only. And then they started producing, they started working in a week.

So then I was like, "All right, I want to keep going. I want to keep growing this thing." So I did more marketing for my sales position, and I had all these people sign up. And these reps were making really good money. It was a really good opportunity for them, 10 to $20,000 a month. So then I started charging to work. So they get trained, they get a great product to sell. They are commission only, and they get these morning meetings, and it's a really good environment to be a part of. And in the end of three months, they could be making $20,000 a month. That's a pretty good trade for that. So I brought in more people, and I started charging a fee to work with us because we had so much demand, and we wanted to just filter people better. And then we got up to 30 people inside of a month, and we doubled the business in two months.

And then, I started helping other people with this strategy. So our customer base is essentially getting to the first million. Now we have an offer that gets people from a million to 10. So we had some of our higher end customers try out the same strategy that I used, I call it the remote, commission-only sales team in 30 days. They used it. One guy, Ryan, he hired seven reps in his first week, and he paid the fee, and he liquidated the cost of working with us, in the consulting, in one week. So he got positive ROI before the reps even started. Ryan grew by 100% in the first month. And then another 50% in the second month of doing this. Another guy, Alberto, he hired 30 reps in one week. He made 400% before his reps even started pushing. We're continuing to hire. So this new thing that I figured out is crazy, crazy powerful for folks over 500,000, they just want to double in a month. It sounds crazy, but you know what? It works.

So my name is Christian Munoz. I'm 19 years old, currently the top performing rep here at I've been here since August 1st. And I started out not even knowing what SAS really meant. Just being 19, I was a commercial roofer. I was doing hard construction, [inaudible 00:04:02]. So I came on board, and I was able to ramp up. And recently, ever since I got put back on the calendar, I've had 100% month over month growth, at least, with my cash collected. And last month I sold $100K, and I made about $18,000 roughly. Just under $18,000 last month. We're 12 days into this month, I'm at $60,000 cash collected. Pushing for $25K to my pocket this month. And hoping to break some records. I was able to try and go from being somebody who had some potential, but it could've gone either way, to being so good that they can't ignore it. And that's pretty much it.

So you're interested in learning how to do this for yourself? Then book a call with us and we'll show you how to do it.

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