Traffic and Conversion Mechanisms Explained


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to talk about traffic sources and conversion mechanisms. I'm going to explain what they are, and we're going to give you the differences between them and which ones you should be using when you're starting out or depending on where you are. Okay. So remember in the previous video we had traffic, so this is just getting people's attention and then we needed to sell them. So we needed to convert leads into customers. And that's what a conversion mechanism is. Okay. So let's first talk about traffic. So first, first traffic source, I absolutely love it is paid social ads. Okay. So that's Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google. You're paying these platforms and you're getting display ads from them. Okay. I love it because it's fast. You can test things really, really quickly. You can test your offer your lead magnets really, really quickly.

It's effective. You know, that you're getting in front of the right people because the targeting on these platforms is fantastic. It's expensive, but you can get a har a high ROI. If you know what you're doing and your PR and your funnel is converting. And it's very scalable. If you nail it so paid social ads is a great way or a great place to start. If you're coming up with a new offer, just go generate some leads with paid social ads and then try to close them. Okay. Now in the other corner, we have paid search or SEM. Now this is extremely expensive. You don't have a lot of volume and it's difficult to scale. So the best products for search engine is they're like when customers already know they're already looking for it and they just want to go buy it like black socks or plumbing services, or some sort of like plastic surgery or something like that, where they're searching for it.

SCM is a great channel for those types of businesses. Then we have content. So we have guest blogging, blogging. Now this is real. This is really, really slow. And a lot of like beginner, marketers, they start off doing this to go and they have, they build a product and they think they're going to go generate leads, doing this, but it's extremely slow. And it takes so long to build high quality content. And then like you, you might wait like three or four months before you can generate leads from your content. All right. And if you do generate leads, chances are, they're not really targeted for your offer. Cause there's just random people. You know, it's very, it's, there's a very low likelihood of someone. Who's a great fit for your product. Just stumbling all along your your stone, stumbling upon your content. All right.

So we use content to supplement our outbound prospect and to build credibility, but I don't recommend doing content if you're just starting out. Okay. If you're just starting out, we're going to use stuff like outbound prospecting and paid social ads. Once you exhaust you get those things pumping along, then you can add content. Alright. Now the next channel is organic. So social media. So this is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit. You're building up your Instagram pages, your Facebook pages, your YouTube subscriber list. It's very slow. But it is worth its weight in gold. If you know how to use it, I guess not in gold, but, or it doesn't have any weight, but anyway, it's really, really effective if you know how to do it. And the best thing is you can supplement your paid sources with this type of marketing. Okay. So one of my clients is a keynote body.

Greg Gallagher, his a lot of his sales come from organic Instagram, but the majority of his sales come from paid traffic. That's what most people don't know. Okay. then we have outbound prospecting. Now this is very, very, very effective if you know how to do it properly. So this is basically cold emailing, cold calling, outbound prospecting, using LinkedIn. It's very scalable if you know how to do it. And it works. Okay. So we're going to show you exactly how to do this. Now we have channel partners and affiliates. Okay. So this is going to someone in an adjacent niche or an affiliate or a partner, and you're pushing eyeballs from them over to your lead capture page. And you're generating leads and customers that way. Okay. So most cost. Most people, they get really excited about channel partners and affiliates, but you can't do them unless you can stand on your own two feet using these channels first.

Okay? So some people they'll, they'll skip selling direct and validating the product and their offer and the funnel. And then they go straight to channel partners. And then the whole thing collapses, like if somebody sends a 10,000 people through the funnel and it's not validated, it's going to break and everyone's going to be embarrassed and it's just not going to work. No, one's going to, everyone's going to be pissed off. So you definitely don't want to start with channel partners and affiliates. See if you can sell it on your own. Cause if you can sell it cold and it works with paid social ads, and then you go to channel partners and affiliates, then you're just going to clean up. Okay. So those are the different types of traffic sources. Now let's talk about the conversion mechanisms. Okay. So how do we turn the leads?

All right. Into customers? How do we do that? So there's a few conversion mechanisms. And in this training, we're going to focus on inside sales and VSLs and sales pages. Okay. But a there's outside sales, which is just face to face, like think like a real estate agent. It's a, it's an effective, it's really expensive. It's hard to scale. You can use them if you are selling other like door to door or you're selling huge items or high ticket things like million dollar deals probably gonna have to get on a plane and go, go, woo. Some people. Okay. But we don't cover that in this in this course we cover inside sales. So inside sales is basically people or a group of people sitting in a room inside a building, selling over the phone and doing demos. It's really effective. It's relatively expensive, less expensive than the outside sales, but it's much easier to scale.

And this is how we're scaling this company here at copilot adviser. Okay. We're using inside sales and it's, and I'm going to show you exactly how to build up an inside sales team. Okay. Then in this corner here, we have video sales letters. These are my favorite. These are my absolute favorite because it's basically your best salesperson, 24 hours a day. And he can sell to a thousand people at one time. Okay. It's effective, it's cheap, the best way to scale. And all of my peers that are making over seven figures like netting over seven figures, they mastered the video sales letter. Okay. The only thing is you can't sell really, really high ticket products with video sales letters. Okay. So you can't sell like 5,000 a month or something like that with VSLs. But you can sell two 99 a month.

You can sell one 49 a month with a VSL easy all day. Okay. But yeah, you can't really sell a really high ticket with VSL. You can generate appointments with VSLs. I have a funnel that does that. So they, you send them to a VSL and then you warm them up and then they go book an appointment. And I, my funnel is just killing it with a VSL. So that's one way to use it, but you can't, you can't, it's not push button revenue if you're selling high ticket items. All right. Now the last, the last way to convert leads into customers are sales pages. So this is good for selling inexpensive products, like think Amazon, or, you know, you're going some Shopify store that basically what the, those are just sales pages. And I always like, if I was selling like something on Amazon, I would slip in a VSL cause I know how powerful it is, but we're going to show you exactly how to build the sales pages and booking pages so that they convert really, really, really high.

Okay. So those are the conversion mechanisms. Those are the traffic sources. And in this course, we use outbound prospecting to generate leads and paid social ads to generate leads. And then we use inside sales to, to a close. And this is an in any SAS or service. This is usually the way to go. All right. You can make a ton of money just using outbound prospecting, paid social ads and inside sales. All right. So hopefully that makes sense. We know this is a lot of information, maybe watching this video again, but I'm going to show you exactly how all this stuff applies in the sales funnel. All right. We'll see you in the next video.

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