How To Turn Nickels Into Dimes In 30 Days Or Less


So I just wrapped up a three day online mastermind workshop with some of my clients three days straight, eight hours a day on the monitor. They were, they sat at home three days, straight, eight hours a day. Guess what? We're working on? Sales letters, sales letters. How do you turn a nickel into 10 cents and 30 days with paid advertising on the internet? Is it the speed of the landing page? Is it the color of the button? Is it the explainer video? Is it a video sales letter? What is it? How do you make, how do you turn a nickel into a dime in 30 days or less using paid traffic? The key is sales letters. The stuff you can't, you cannot skip that a sales letter, a good sales letter is the difference between turning a nickel into 10 cents, a nickel and a 25 cents or a nickel into a penny. Okay. You know, we got, we went into this event and we were, you know, I was expecting to get into a lot of the paid advertising stuff, but we spent three days straight for a few of the clients on sales argument, derivation.

Okay. Sales argument, derivation, the stuff we're doing, it's going to change the game. The game's already been changed. It takes 24 hours for people to see my shit and, and copy it. When I, when I put out a new ad, it takes 24 hours for people to copy it or less 24 hours or less. Okay. Sales process, IO customers. You guys know who you are. You guys are sitting pretty with your long form. Copy. You're sitting pretty with those laser tight sales arguments. Okay? So that's the secret. The secret to turning nickels into 10 cents turning nickels into 25 cents and 30 days or less is the sales letter. We have a full framework for this. I've been working on the same problem since 2013, working on the same problem since 2013. Okay? So you need help building nasty. Everyone's talking about funnels, everyone. It's all about the funnel.

It's all about paid advertising. It's all about the landing pages. It's all about the tools. It's not about the tools. It's not about the landing pages, not about the advertising medium. I get five X ROI on LinkedIn. I get five X ROI on YouTube. I can get five X ROI on Facebook. I have five X ROI on Instagram. I have five X ROI. If I shouted from my freaking balcony, what matters is the message, the quality of the sales argument. Okay? That's the stuff that matters. So if you guys want to turn nickels and dimes over the internet, okay? There's a full framework. It's hard. It's hard. Wharton, Harvard, MIT. Those are the guys they're pushing their brains to the limit, doing this stuff. Okay? It's not easy. It's not easy. So you're looking to turn nickels and dimes and you want to do it right? You want to actually make it work.

Then you speak, you come to us. You don't come to us because you like us. Okay. Don't come to us. Cause you like the colors on the website or the whatever you come to us because you need to, you come to us because everything else has failed. Everything else has failed. You tried doing this on your own failed. Tried hiring a marketer for $85,000 a year. It failed, tried hiring a, I don't know, try reading a book, tried to get in a course, fail it. Are you turning nickels into dimes? Are you turning nickels into 25 cents?

If you're looking to do that and you want a clear path, then you work with us. Okay. Is it expensive? Yes it is. Does it work? Yes, it does. So get your blue blockers on. If you're ready to turn nickels and dimes blue blockers on, get your Watergate tight. You got a lot. You need a lot of water. Okay. Quiet space. Quiet. No distractions, no TV, no. Anything like that? Blue blockers on water. Maybe do a little intermittent fasting. So your brain's good. Get the coffee, the coffee brewing. Get that T that's, Texas strong coffee. And and we'll get to work.

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