The Benefits Of Isolation - Take A Page From Schroedinger


This video, you're going to talk about isolation. So can't get much isolated, more isolated than this on a ice Lake. And what I've noticed over the last few years as bill building the business building products and spiritual growth and whatnot, the gains are made in isolation. I've noticed that I noticed it first when I was studying for tests in school. So I was an only child and I was, I spent a lot of time alone and was always pretty good at school. And everyone was asking me, how do I study it? I would just sit alone and read the book. And that's how I did studying. And then when I got into the business world, when I was building things or writing things, I just did the same thing. I would just sit in my bed or all by yourself, no phone and just like do the work.

And so if I need to get something done, like I'll go into isolation. Schrodinger, when he, I think it was in 1925 he solved the hydrogen atom and he went up to a CA cabin Switzerland with one of his mistresses for a year or two. And he solved quantum mechanics. So the hydrogen atom. So I think Schrodinger understood that too. So don't worry about isolation. It's actually a good thing. That's when you can get a lot of deep work in your brains, not no minding any other, anything else or anything other than your task. And that's how you get that really solid work in that's where you make the biggest gains. So if you're in isolation, use it, you're going to make some gains, maybe join me in the ice Lake. Just go over to the other, you know, you can be isolated just over there, but I'll hold down this part,

You go over there.

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