Graeham Ford-Geliz ( Mastermind and Program Review


So the videos are good. They're great. They're very instructional and informative. But there's the real world of business is very complicated. And so I was able to ask very specific questions specific to my business and where I'm at the other alternative things that I can do. And Nick was able to you know, listen to all of that and filter it and come up with a very specific action plan. That is the best next steps that I've been taking. Like I have four action steps I'm going to take, and I can probably get all of this done in a week, at least get them started in a week. And that trajectory should put me on the, the, you know, the way up, right. Get it, that hockey stick growth. So I'm excited when going into this mastermind, I had a specific plan of my strategy going forward, where I wanted to do more of an automated self serve model based on some other things that are going on in my business.

But after talking with Nick you know, he talked about having the, the servicing that middle tier customer, you're going to get more ROI. There's more margin in there. And that will then help fund your business faster. That that's one thing that I learned I've heard that before, but it was very informative for the reasons why he was able to explain it to me better. So, so the, the thing, the thing that helped me that I didn't expect from going into the mastermind was his his concept of having the, the end state of that customer. And I thought I had one in mind, but he was able to clarify the objective of that incident and what it should be and how that fits into the buyer journey and into that individual's like mindset. And then how, so you have that end state, you have the content that goes along with that.

It's almost like a journey that you're taking through a process you're taking them through. And I didn't have that concept in my head at all. I was more, and then my business is one piece in that journey. I didn't have that concept. It's very clear to me now I understand marketing wise, why it's going to work. I know I can quit. That are a content that I had published social. And in my sales process, we'll go along that journey. Now it's very clear. So that was, that was really big. Yeah. So, so my experience working with Nick and the team has been very positive. So Nick really puts himself out there on the support calls. He's there consistently for, you will answer any question no matter how dumb it might seem to you, like he'll be there and he'll answer your questions. So you will get your questions answered. He's definitely there for you. So it's really up to you, right? I mean, yeah, he has. He gives you everything. He's obviously very smart and he's thought through all of this stuff for you. So it's, it's a great way to accelerate your business and that's what I'm here to do.

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