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Why do so many bright entrepreneurs fail and why are they so frustrated? What separates the rocket ship technology companies from the ones that just fizzle out? Why do so many really bright people end up wasting their time and energy? My name is Nick Cosmin and I'm the founder of sales process IO. So over the last eight years, I've been helping some of the fastest growing technology companies on the planet. And I've boiled it down to three reasons. First entrepreneurs are not focused on solving a specific problem for a specific person. Without this focus, the entrepreneur can't build exciting products, product development. Without this clarity is useless. So entrepreneurs fail miserably at marketing. They can't craft messages that cut through the noise. They end up talking features and specs and they forget about outcomes. And the result is that no one pays attention to them and they can't generate leads. So lastly, most entrepreneurs haven't developed the necessary sales skills. Sales cycles are too long. Pricing is too low and the cash register rarely rings. This is especially true for technical entrepreneurs and it's just because they haven't been trained by a stone cold closer yet.

So here at sales process IO, we are obsessed with helping entrepreneurs succeed by filling in these gaps. We're guided by capital efficiency. We're allergic to mantra that celebrates failure. And if our clients don't make at least a million dollars one year we're pissed off top entrepreneurs come to us from all over the world to get help building products that people love. Writing captivating marketing messages and building world-class sales organizations, folks from Harvard, MIT, Y Combinator Techstars companies who are backed by some of the biggest VC firms on the planet, come to us to get help over 500 technology companies and counting hundreds of millions generated our track record is not even funny.

So when you work with us, here's what we do. We first dial in your niche and craft a message that lights the prospect up like a Christmas tree. We focus on one person, one problem, and one market. If you don't have product market fit yet, we'll work with you to develop your solution using our lab program. Next, we give you a marketing makeover and train you on the most advanced and effective strategies. We get into your ads, your funnel landing pages, your press releases your outbound prospecting messages and your sales scripts, and the type of content that keeps your audience. Captivated opportunities will be flowing in. From there. We dial in the economics. We tune the machine such that the lifetime value of that customer is at least three times greater than the cost to acquire. We also need to make sure the cost to acquire a customer is recouped in at least 60 to 90 days within months, customers flood investor's bag and fortunes are found no matter where you're starting from, we can move the needle for you.

If you're at zero, we'll get you to a hundred thousand. If you're at a hundred thousand, we'll get you to a million. If you already had a million, we'll get you to 10. And if you're already at 10, we'll get you to 50. So if you're a serious entrepreneur and you have a strong desire to grow the heck out of your business, and you want to work with the best people in the world at this, I want you to book a call with me or one of my team members. We stand behind our work 100% with a ridiculous guarantee. Now we don't work with everyone because we have limited bandwidth, but if you want to become a rock star entrepreneur, it's time to make moves.

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