Kate Chelovich (Vizirecruiter.com) - Salesprocess.io Mastermind and Program Review


So right off the bat, I think that when you're in the program, it's a wealth of information. You really have everything at your disposal and your fingertips ready to go through it. But, coming into this in person event, allowed me to ask very personal questions that I might not have brought up on the call, either just because the nature of that venue.

So being the one-on-one gave me some opportunity to really deep dive into our specific business and what was going on with our specific needs. And, I feel like we're able to propel forward from those conversations.

Yeah, I think especially when there's so many resources available at your fingertips, and again, you have to figure out where you're going to laser focus. And, I think being in person, taking a deep dive into our specific business needs, helped me figure out what that action plan is going forward. So I know now, the next four things that are on my plate versus before, when it's kind of like you're just going through the motions, you're figuring it out. It was nice to have that conversation and assurance that this is where you head now.

And, I think just as an entrepreneur or someone in your business, who's going through this, it's very solo. The whole... No one else on my team understands the effort and the amount of time and dedication and the mindset that it takes to do this program. And, it's a lot, in a good way. And, you know that the value is going to come. But, being around other people that are in the program at the same time, was definitely really helpful because I shared their frustrations in their business and thought to themselves, it was nice to bounce ideas between.

And, it was nice to have insight into someone else's business for a minute to say, "All right, have you tried this? Or, I've got a lot of good feedback from other people in the same industry as me." Right off the bat, it kind of kicks you in the ass to do all those things that have been on your back burner. Like getting client testimonials, getting customer feedback, getting those things into motion and getting a process going. And, I think that was so important, to have the effort shift, to collecting the truth bombs.

So now we're at the point where we're putting it into motion and we're starting to get those qualified businesses come knocking at the door to say, "All right, I watched your video sales letter." Which was mind blowing because I was like, "All 28 minutes of it?" Yes. I watched her video sales letter and I get it. So I do think that they're starting to come into play and it was a lot of things that had already been in your back... You need to do that, I need to do that. And, it sort of just gave you a guide. Follow this guide, get it done.

I think working with Sales Process IO is great because it's sort of a guide. It's sort of all... It's the person in your ear like, "You need to do this." And, that's what you want. You want someone, as you're managing so many hats in the business and you're responsible for so many channels. You really need someone who's coaching you. And, that's just like an exercise coach. This is your next step, that's what's happening in this program where, "Do you have this lined up because a customer is going to ask this? Are you prepared?" You're going to have all the confidence to sell your product that you know is going to work because you've done the work, the leg work up.

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