How It Works and Q&A


Alrighty guys. So in this video, I'm going to explain what it's like to work with me and how does it actually work? We have all these big promises. How does it actually work? Okay. So when you work with sales process IO, we will be able to get you. We have a few promises. If you're at 10,000, we'd get you to 500, a thousand a month in 12 months or less. That's a huge promise. And we can do it without raising money. That is a huge promise. There's not too many people who can promise that if they are promising that they can't back up their promises. If you're starting from scratch, we can get you to your first million in 12 months or less. This is very we've done this back to back to back, to back to back, okay. This involves selling and engineering.

Okay. If you don't have opportunities, if you don't have appointments on the calendar, we'll help you pack your calendar. If your marketing agency is not working, or you are engaging people who are expert marketers and it's not working, then you're going to be able to solve that problem. You can achieve 50,000 to a hundred thousand to 300,000 a month cash flow. This is the key. This is w a lot of people will speak to growth. Oh, we're going to grow your business to this level. We're going to grow, grow, grow, grow, but they don't speak to cashflow. Okay. And the whole value of the business is dependent on the cashflow. If you go, if you go to an investment bank and you ask them to do a discounted future cashflow analysis, they're going to take a look at the future cashflow and bring it back to the present value.

And that's how they're valuing the business. And they're going to assign probabilities to those cashflow, to the cashflow in the future. And they'll do a probabilistic discount, a future cashflow analysis. So if you don't have cashflow, then what's the point, the business from an investment, from an investor's point of view, the business is actually worth zero or less than zero. If it's producing negative cashflow. So we try not to fall into the trap of, you know, going for headlines, going for growth and, you know, kind of losing our way. We want to remember the fundamentalist. We want to remember that a business, the value of the business is dependent on its ability to produce cash in the future now and in the future. Okay. So we're going to be helping you get to that cashflow at that positive cashflow state. And if you're a bar, you know, you could be at a million, but you're, you've only put away a hundred thousand in cash.

You know, you've only netted a hundred thousand in profit, or you, maybe you only net at 50 you're, maybe at 3 million, you only at a hundred, there's a better way. There's a better way. Okay. And we're going to show you how to do that. I'm very passionate about helping our customers do that. If you're starting from absolute scratch, which means you don't have a product, don't have an offer that we're gonna be able to get, we're going to be able to help you get your first three customers the three months or less without even building anything. Yes, it's possible. Yes. If you're an engineer or you're a builder, you're going to have to resist a lot of you're gonna, you're gonna probably resist this. Don't worry. I'm in. I was in the same boat. I've made the mistake. I've built stuff without selling it.

And I got hit in the side of the head. So we're going to, if you're starting from scratch, we're going to help you get to your first three customers or so in three months or less without building, we're gonna be doing mockups. You're going to be doing simulations. Okay. So we're gonna be helping you do that. If you are already at a million dollars, we're going to help you get a fi four to five XRY on paid traffic. Okay. That's how you scale to 10 million and we'll show how to do that. We're going to help you hire and ramp reps to a million in three to six months. Okay. So you can bring out a brand new baby face, fresh green tomato rep and get them to a million dollars in three, three to six months or less. Okay. And of course, we're going to give you the, how do we actually do this?

Well, at the end of the day, it's lead generation marketing, but then the rubber needs to meet the road at some point, and you're going to have to get sales. So we're going to help. We're going to show you how to close a hundred thousand dollars deals. $50,000 deals, 20,000, $10,000 deals over the phone in really short time periods. Okay. So Nick, how does it work? Let's get into it. So first things first, when we when you work with us, the first thing that we're going to do is we're going to do an audit of your current skills, your case studies, your offers, and we're going to help you produce a model. And we're going to figure out what is the best course of action. Where is the highest yield? Okay, what customer is giving you the best? The highest, the most profit, what customers are the best customers to work with?

And we have a scope and we have, I've personally, I've worked with over 850 clients, and this is all I do. And I don't have a family. I don't have kids. I don't have a dog. I don't have a cat. Okay. It's just all I do. And so when you're working with me, we're going to be able to come up with this model and I'll be able to point you in the right direction and I can save you just so much time. Okay. So as a result of doing it, going through this model and and going back and forth with me, you're going to be able to book appointments on my calendar. We'll be going back and forth a little bit, depending on your level, what, like what level you're at. We'll be able to go back and forth a little bit, and you're going to be able to determine your best buyer with the least competition that gives you the highest yield.

And you're going to save just so much time, okay? This, this, these first few calls and this trajectory setting is going to just be so freaking valuable for you. And of course, we're going to give you our fundamentals. We're going to give you our assets. We're going to give you the reason why we do all of this stuff as well. Okay. And and then we're going to be we're going to be on our way. So once we have the direction set, then we're going to derive the messaging. This is key. So what does that, what does that mean? What is deriving the messaging, right. Well, you need a message to go out to the market. You need to attract people, use a sales script. You need to be able to sell them. There needs to be a sales argument and underlying sales argument.

Okay. In order to derive this sales argument, we're going to need to understand the niche. We're going to be able to, we need to understand the environment conditions. We're going to need to understand the transformation, the benefits, the reasons why someone's going to do something. And there needs to be jobs that need to be done that arise. And you're able to do them via your product or your services faster, better, cheaper, easier. Okay. There needs to be some reason why the customer is going to be working with you or buying your product in the first place. So we're going to be deriving the sales argument, okay. Using these spreadsheets and the sales process IO app that I built. So I built it on Ruby, on rails. And essentially we, what we do is we take in hundreds of inputs. Okay? So we have these different objects.

We have the niche object. We have the environment object. We have the promise object. We have the benefits and the activities object. We have the, how it works objects. We have the offers and the we call elephants and market types and case study objects. We have all these objects that are gonna be defining. There's like a thousand or few hundred inputs that we're going to be inputting into a, into the sales process sales process. I go on rails input a section, and then we're going to be outputting. And th this that's the spreadsheet version, but I also built the rails app version. So then I'll show you why the rails, that version is so handy, dandy. You're going to be inputting all the inputs. Okay. And we'll show you how that works. So this is the, the, the, the app version of the spreadsheet put on all your inputs, define your environment define your activities to find the useful unique insights, to explain what those are, to find the case studies, to find the promises, to find how it works.

Find the features, find the QA, define their social proof. Find the team story. You just have to find the team members, all of that stuff needs to be defined. And then what we're going to do is we're going to click a few buttons. So whether if you're on, if you're using the manual process, you're going to take these objects and create a sales argument manually. Or if you're using the sales process, I go on rails. A app, the sales argument will automatically be created for you. So we're gonna take those inputs, all those objects that you're going to be fleshing out and define and flushing out the attributes within these objects. And then you're going to be building what I call sales letters, and I'll show you how that works. Essentially, we're going to be adding all of the components. We're going to be adding promises to it.

We're going to be adding social proof to it. We're going to be adding activities to the sales letter. We're gonna be adding case studies to the sales letter. These are niche dependent. We're going to be adding how it works and the team members and the FAQ. So you're going to be storing a lot of information, but this is actually how you build it. And this is how we build the sales argument. This is how we derived the sales argument. And at the end of the day, it spits out the skeleton. This is a skeleton, and this skeleton is it is the, the sales argument. It looks, doesn't look very pretty. Okay. I'm not a designer. Okay. I didn't take this. You know, we, we, it, it's just very, it's like a Buckley's you remember the Buckley's commercials? It tastes awful, but it works.

Okay. Sales process IO looks pretty bad, but Holy crap, this stuff works. Okay. So you're going to be getting the sales argument skeletons, and that we're going to be translating this into the actual sales letter. This is a written version of a sales letter that we're going to translating it into video sales letter. So that's kind of how it works. So that's the argument. Derivation, let me go back to, I have a few tabs open here. There we go. So we're going to be a driving the sales argument, and then we're going to be producing all the ads. So as a result of using the platform and the sales process sale on rails, a tool it's going to, you're going to be able to have all of your ads written for you. So we're going to be essentially, we're writing the ads for you.

We're going to help you install the inputs. And then we're going to be spitting out these ads. And there's like 40 or 50 ads. There's a unique, useful insight ads. There's case study as there's there's activity, all the way, new ads, there's different types of ads. And this thing will spit out all the variations. So it's very difficult to write 40 ads because you have to keep track of everything and stay stupid, super organized. This will spit out all of the variants and then Facebook and LinkedIn and YouTube. You can just, you could take those ads and create you just put the variants in and it just mixes them together. And it runs its own like Facebook, for instance, it's very, very smart. You put in like five angles and it'll just spin around and pick the angle that resonates the best for the for the, for the conversion objective, which is a little bit later on.

I'll show you what that is later. But yeah, essentially the platform will write all the ads. It'll write all the nurture emails. So there's like 40 to 50 nurture, nurture emails as well. Okay. So what do you actually put in the autoresponder? Okay. So we're going to define all of that. It'll define the case study pages. Okay. So you're going to need a separate case study page. You're going to define the optin pages. We're going to be showing you how to write all of the, this, these are lead capture page copy. Okay. So that's what it's going to look like. And so once we have the skeletons that, so the first week is going to be defining the path, getting everyone aligned, getting all the team members on board. And then the second week is the message derivation. Now we're going to be going back and forth.

You're going to be writing your argument. You're going to be booking calls. We're going to just go back and forth and, and make sure the, the make sure that the argument is sound. And then the next step is we're going to build assets. So once we have the skeletons, once you have skeletons is so easy, we're going to help you build your assets. And so these assets, you already have the copy. We're going to be doing opt in pages, booking pages, video sales letters. We're going to give you the slide decks, okay? And we're going to be going back and forth and helping you craft this presentation. That makes a lot of sense. And it gets people engaged. We're going to show you how to record what Mike to use how to edit all the stuff, all the things that you're wondering when you're going through this process, we're going to be able to help you.

We're going to be able to help you through all the steps you're going to be going through it. We're going to be able to help you at each point. Okay? So we're going to be building those assets together, the blog page the blog index page, all that stuff's going to be covered. And that'll take you a week to two weeks, depending on your skills. If you're using a builder like ClickFunnels or HubSpot or lead pages, you'll be able to it moved really fast. If you're building everything by hand and by scratch, you're going to move a little bit slower. So we recommend, we definitely recommend using a landing page builder. It's not about the colors. It's not about the font. It's not about the speed of the page. Contrary to what everyone says on the internet. It's not about those things. That's like a three to 5% Delta.

It's what do you put on the page? That's what gets you the results that gives you the hundred X Delta. Okay. So three to 5%. A hundred X. Okay. So we're going to be focusing on that. So, and the reason why we want to use builders, because we can build pages really fast. Okay? So once the assets are built, then we're going to be testing traffic and conversion mechanisms. So we're going to be starting out with organic or outbound prospecting, which is essentially the process of sending cold emails, lining up appointments or using what are called discovery or discovery appointments, and then di booking like full-out demos. And they're gonna be closing over the phone. Here's the thing. If you can't do end to end, if you can't do organic, you can't do outbound prospecting. It's called an end to end deal. Then marketing is not going to help you, right?

This is not going to help because all marketing is, is like a, it's a megaphone, it's a it's duplication of that sales argument. But if your sales argument's off, then all the traffic in the world is not going to be able to help you. So we want to focus first focus on outbound prospecting. We're going to show you how to do what's. What is called digital alchemy, sending cold emails out to market, lining up appointments over the phone, closing and dialing in that dialing in that sales process. And most people can't do this. I came from a door to door background. I studied engineering. I studied physics and I, but I also got this weird. I have this weird mixture. I was a door to door when I was paying him for my loans. I was able to do door to door sales, and I was able to get all these reference points.

And, and I took this door to door sort of way of doing things. And we applied it to the internet and it works like crazy. Okay. So we call it digital alchemy. And so we're going to be teaching you outbound prospecting. You'll be sending emails. You're going to be booking appointments in the very beginning. If you want to, if you want to, if you go really tight with your messaging, you can achieve a 30 to 80% demo booking rate. Okay. Sounds crazy. Right. Everyone's talking about one to 3% automation doing all that, using all these tools, doing automation, using robots to figure out what message.

No, no, no. There's a way to get 30 to 80% demo booking rate. Okay? If these, if these, these robots knew how to do that, they're that good? They would, they would be getting those types of demo booking rates. So we're gonna show you how to get those types of demo book and grades. We're gonna show you how to close over the phone. Okay. You're gonna be able to shorten that sales cycle, compress that sales, like, are you going to be uncomfortable? Okay. Especially if you haven't done this type of selling before, you're going to be uncomfortable, but it's okay. You got to get over it. You want to be millionaires, get over it. Okay. So once we do outbound prospecting, we're going to value we're going to validate the outbound chat, all that. We're going to validate the sales process, that we're going to start validating some of the scalable lead sources.

So like Facebook, like some of the ad platforms. So we're going to be testing where you do a little budget. We're gonna spend 500 over here. We're gonna spend 500 over there and spend 500 over here. And then we're going to validate the return. Before we start scaling up, we're getting, we need to validate that we can actually make money. And the funny thing is, if you start doing ads without perfecting the sales argument with outbound, then you're, it's so expensive to get your reference points. So you have to spend maybe a hundred to 200, $300 an appointment, and then you're just striking out because you're, you, haven't gone through the reps. It's a big waste of money and it's gonna, it's gonna scare you off from paid ads. You're going to be scared offering paid ads. So we want to make sure you're ready for that by by starting with outbound prospecting and organic traffic sources first.

Okay. And then this is what it looks like. So we're going to help you write your emails that we're going to help you. We're going to help you go through this process. We have a process there. We know all the nooks and crannies. If you don't do one of these things, it's not going to work. That's the whole thing. You'll notice here. We mined the leads from LinkedIn navigator. We saved the search. We researched the Le the lead and pick out something. Then we for for each lead, we're going to take some, we're gonna research them and pick out something personal. Then we're going to send him a LinkedIn message that we're going to send an mm message. If their director or above, if they don't have their email address, we're going to mine. That we're going to show you how to do that.

Then we're going to compile the cold emails. I'm going to show you how to write a cold email. If one word is often, the cold email is not going to work. Okay? If one word that's how sensitive these things are, this is copywriting. If one word is off, if you use the word, I, instead of we you're, you'll, you'll break the whole thing. Okay? So it's very sensitive. And you need to, you want to make sure that you're learning from someone who knows what they're doing and he's actually gotten results. Okay? Now we're going to show you how to do cold calling when to cold call, what to say in the cold call, how to do it, what tools to use all that stuff is going to be covered. So that's outbound prospecting. That's validation. Once things are validated, we're going to scale up marketing.

Okay? We're going to start spending some dollars on this is how once you're at a million, we're going to get you to 10. And the way to do that is with paid advertising. Okay? Back in the day, you would need like a farm of salespeople. You need a farm of cold callers. You need to stick them in a big building on like three floors and have them just hammer the phones all day. Now it's a little different now it's you have one person with a credit card and or you can like a bank account and just spend anywhere from 50 to 300,000 a month on ads. And that the traffic it's so easy to get traffic these days, you just need money. Okay. But you got to make sure that you can take that 300,000 and turn it into a million. That's the key.

So we're going to scale up marketing. We're going to validate the the profit at scale. Okay. We're still going to increase the SPEDs and we're going to instill a sales team. And and so what the sales team is, is we're going well, we're going to help you install this. They were going to give them training is way fast. If you bring on a sales person and they go through our step, you're going to ramp them so much faster. It's going to save you so much time. You're not going to have to do all these morning meetings. And, and especially if it's the first time wrapping a sales team, like that's hard. Okay. It's difficult. So we're going to help you ramp the sales team and there's a way to do it. And there's a way to keep it profitable. There's like a secret sauce.

Okay. So we're going to show you that secret sauce we're going to help you. And then we're going to scale and or raise money. I like being bootstrapped. Okay. I like that. I don't like some people celebrate raising money and they think like, I get that. Some companies need to raise money. If their, what they're doing is pretty capital intensive, or it's a winter take on market. And they need a bunch of money to just go and, and and sweep the market. Or if there's network effects involved and they need to invest into building the network so they can get the profits later on, I get that. But this method is very capital efficient, that when you're working with us, we're going to show you how to be extremely capital efficient, and you can raise money if you want.

So how does it work? What are the offers? So there's three different types of customers. That sales process. The first one is the zero to a hundred thousand in three months. That's what the offer is called. I thought of calling it something else, but I was like, screw it.

I'm just going to call it what the person gets, what? The result, zero to a hundred thousand in sales in three months, you don't need a product. Okay. You don't need, you just need to learn how to sell and be ready to be uncomfortable. Okay. That's, that's how it is. So you're going to get your first hundred thousand dollars in orders, and then you're going to go and collect the case study. So this is customer discovery. Okay. Who are you going after? What problem? You're going to have to do some research. You're gonna have to learn about the environment you're going to have to do what are called discovery interviews. You're going to have to pitch, okay. You're going to have to get no's of rejections and get slapped around a little bit. That's totally fine. That's all, it's all part of the process. So we're going to be doing customer discovery.

Steve blank calls is getting out of the building, going to do customer discovery, to figure out who we're going after. Then we're going to get our first sales and we're not going to build anything before we have sales. Like I've done that and it just doesn't work. So we're going to get our first sales, or you can get, get our first orders. We're going to use prototypes simulations, mockups. We're going to put together something that we can present to prospects. And we're going to get sign ups. You're going to go after these early adopters and get signups. And then once we have our signups, we're going to get our engineering hats on and we're going to start building, okay, we're going to be building with purpose and we're going to be collecting case studies. Okay? So that is what you get at the outcomes of this is you either get to a hundred thousand dollars in three months or less, or you learn that what you're doing is wrong.

Okay? So we have some customers that come to us. They're like, Nick, I will need to know. I don't want to wait eight months. I don't want to wait 12 months to learn that my idea is wrong. I want to do this in one to two months because the, the, the, the cost of being wrong and not knowing about it is huge. What's a year of your life worth. What's realistically, what's a year of your life worth in not only hard cost, but also opportunity costs. So if we can save you, let's say you sign up for the, for the first program, zero to a hundred thousand three months. So you sign up for this program and you, and you don't, you realize that what you're building was wrong, that actually is a win, because that saves you so much time, so much time and frustration, and then taking out loans and raising money.

I'm like, gosh, okay. So if you can get in validate your idea fast, you're going to need the sales skills. And then of course, you're gonna need the engineering skills to, to do that. So that's super, super valuable. A lot of customers start there. If they're not at a hundred thousand, the next offer is a hundred thousand to 1,000,009 to 12 months. Okay. This is for people with at least one case study. They have a customer already. They have a customer that's paying the money and the customer has results. The customer is pleased. Happy. Okay. With the result that this is, you fall into this bucket. So what are we doing for you guys? We are going to be deriving the sales argument. Okay. We're going to be building the funnel. We're going to be standardizing the sales process. Okay. And then we're going to be validating the scalable lead source.

And when we get you to a million dollars in nine to 12 months, okay. We have so many case studies back to back, back to back to back a million dollars is what the cup, if you have a good offer, getting to a million dollars is not that hard. Okay? So we're going to get you there. You just need to write some good copy and follow the process. Okay? So that's for folks who are already past a hundred thousand and they want to get to their first million. Now, if you're already at a million that we're going to get you to 10, this is fun. This is what I, this is fun because I can, it's the same amount of energy for me to take you from zero to a hundred thousand than it is to take. Then it's the same amount as from zero to a hundred, as it is for a million to 10 million, same amount of energy.

Okay. It's just, there's different things that we do. Okay. So from a million to 10 million, we're going to be writing. What's called black hole content. Okay. We're going to be going to the mountains. Okay. We're going to be going into isolation. And then we're going to be coming up with the sales, the deep, deep sales argument. And we're going to be scaling ads to 50,000 to 200,000, 300,000 a month. Okay. And of course, we're going to be installed on the sales team and managing the sales team. We're going to show you how the comp structure is, how to hire, how to fire how to manage, how to track, what are the metrics that we track? Oh, I can save you so much time. And then on the media buying side, how do you buy, right? Are you an add buyer? Are you spending a thousand dollars and then looking at the results the next day and giving up and throwing in the towel.

Are you pressing the wrong button? There's a button on Facebook called the death button. If you press it, your dad, I don't know why it's so visible. There's a lot of things you guys need to know when your scale it up. Okay. A lot of mental stuff as well. A lot of just mental there's a lot of stuff you're going to have to go through and it pays to have someone in your corner who's already been there. So if you're already a million, when I get to 10, get in here, get in here. It's expensive. Okay. It's expensive. Okay. Don't be, don't be scared. It's expensive. A hundred thousand, a million expensive. Okay. Zero to a hundred thousand expensive. Not, not as expensive as these other offers, but guys, this is what you always value. This is okay. You know what value this is?

So don't be a penny pincher. If you are looking for a lower cost thing than go get a lower cost person, go get a lower cost guy, go get guy with worse numbers, with worst worth, worse track record. And then save your money. Cause one day you're going to be wanting to work with us. Okay. But if you're ready to get going, you're serious, then work with us. Okay. I scour the planet for people doing better than us. I scout, I look at other people's offers, right? I trying to find what's better. Cause when you're at, when you're at the very top, it's difficult to find who's doing better. Okay. So trust me guys. I'm always looking for new stuff. I'm always looking for the best stuff out there. And if I find it, guess what I'm doing, I'm going to test it for myself.

I'm going to implement it for my customers. So rest assured you're in good hands. When you saw it for sales process sales process IO. I don't do anything else. I don't have a wife. I don't have kids. I don't have a dog. I don't have a cat. I, everything is taken care of. I can't even, I don't do laundry or cook or anything. All I do is my job. Okay. All I do is my job. And that's why you know, that's why it's working so well. Okay. So if you're comparing other people, I'm fulling, I'm still young too. Okay. I still have the energy. And yeah, we're just warming up. So depending on where you're at, if you're at, if you're an entrepreneur, you're just starting out, get into the zero to a hundred thousand, just do it. You're going to save so much time.

You're going to be. Cause I did it. I went through the process of, of building something without first getting sales and it socks because I went back six months later after I built everything, I coded everything. Then I go back and be like, Oh nevermind. And I ran out of money. Not cool, not cool. So that helps then from a 10,000 to a million, I can just, I can do a few things and just get you there so fast. And then from a million to 10 million, all I need to do is write an ad for you. I'll show you how to write just an amazing ad. You said you write the ad, you do the structure. I'll show you how, like you go gather the content and then I'll just do a little typey typey a little, add a little flair, put it a little spin on it.

And whew. You're going to get yield. You're going to get yield. Okay. what else do you guys need to know? Team members? Okay. I started this one in 2014. I said engineering physics at school called Queens university. Okay. Derek was my first customer and now he's mentor and advisor. He's been with me since 2014. So me and him are buddies and he is he was the first customer and he's running a company right now called butter. Derek's awesome. Jason, Kim, he went to Queens. Oh, Derrick went to Queens. He take a bachelor of commerce at Queens. And Derek was the founder of red flag deals. So Derek started his business when he was 19 years old and he sold it when he was like 28. Derek made a couple bucks. Okay. Jason, Kim, he's a new member of our team.

He's helping with product and support. Mitch. Okay. AKA, we call him Ken. Cause he looks like Ken doll. Yes. Mitch is real. Okay. and he's in sales. So if you're talking to Mitch, you're lucky. You're a lucky person. Marco. Okay. Awesome guy. Very smart. He's in sales. He's been with us. I think he's been with us just as long as Jason has. Very, very sharp guy. Mark was actually a customer and then he liked what we were doing so much that he became he started working with us. Fitness guy runs his own business. Super smart guy, Jason Chen. He's an engineer as well. Okay. Really? Really smart guy works crazy hard. Great guy. If you're talking to Jason, he knows his stuff. Everyone knows their stuff. Okay. Or they wouldn't be here. Jacob, he joined he's recently he recently joined.

He's getting ramped up. Okay. And he's, he's a workhorse. He's very, very bright. Okay. So if you're talking to Jacob, get ready, he is, he will help you. He will. And this guy cares Camila. She is helping us with the backend stuff. You'll be talking to Kameelah if you need help finding documents or stuff like that. Okay. yeah. So that's how it works. How do I know if I'm ready for the accelerator? Well, there's never a perfect time. You're never going to feel like you're at a hundred percent, there's 101 things that you could be doing. But if you are an entrepreneur and you fall into one of those buckets, just sign up, just do yourself a favor and sign up. Okay. We offer a guarantee. Okay. So worst case scenario, you sign up and you realize it's not for you.

And then you get your money back. Okay. Within the first few days that's like, but best case scenario, you actually solve your problem. What sets you apart from the competitors? Why are you better? This is actually a really good question. Let's get into it. So, and I think the sun's going down, there's a nice little sunset coming in. So the biggest thing is that if you don't learn from someone who's already done it, then you're like, what's the point? People who are talking about it, like if they actually knew how to help, they would have done it. So the biggest mistake is learning from someone who's not actually super successful already. That's the key they could be. Maybe like for me sometimes, you know, I'm not the friendliest person in the world. Okay. But I give my, I give everyone the, I help them.

I know what I'm talking about. Okay. You don't want me to be your cheerleader. You don't want me to, like, that's not my job. My job is to help you do a certain thing. I know how to do it. That's all I do. I can't make sandwiches. I can't make grilled cheeses, but I know how to make you money. Okay. So just let me do my job and I will, I will help you. So the main point is that you want, if you're going to learn from somebody, learn from someone who's already done it. Yeah, we make, are we focused on making our customers money? We don't focus on BS metrics. Oh, we're going to help you raise money. We're gonna help. You know, we're gonna, we're going to help you build a valuable business. Okay. and also we're engineers and we're winners.

So there are a lot of these people. They have these rags to riches stories. I never had a rags to riches, even though I was like, you know, not when I was starting out, I didn't have a capital have Dow, but we were always winners from day one. Okay. Sports academics, top of the class. The only reason I took engineering physics at Queens university, it was because it was the hardest one. I didn't even know. Like I was just like, well, I'm here anyway. Might as well be like the hardest what's the hardest one. There was one called Apple math, which is applied mathematics. I'm just really in depth, math or engineering physics. I was like, okay, I'm going to take that one. When I did door to door, top sales rep in a month. Okay. When I did my detailing just completely dominated the market.

Yeah. So we don't have these rags to riches things. It's just, we just frickin win. Okay. Another thing is you don't want to outsource, we want to teach you how to do this in house. You don't want to outsource your sales copy. You don't want to outsource your marketing. And so if you're going to be working with an agency, just don't, don't waste your time. Okay. Don't waste your time working with an agency because they're incentivized and properly. They are trying to take on more clients as a result of them taking on more clients, their bandwidth is diluted and the, as more clients come in, the customer experience gets worse. It's a weird thing. So as the more clients come in, the customer experience gets worse. So there's a limit and it doesn't really make sense. So the, the, it converges with one, when the, when the agency only has one customer, they get the best results.

And instead of having an agency with one customer, you might as well have this person in house where might as well be you. Okay. So agencies don't really work. They can work if, if you bring them on to learn in the first few months, then they can work. Okay. But you definitely want to do this stuff in house. Okay. Other coaches, other consultants, just look at their track record. Okay. just look at the track record and proof. I show you tax returns. I show you nets. I have nothing to hide. Other people do. Just go ask them, go ask them. You want, I do this to my financial advisor too. He wants to manage my money. Okay. Well, what's your, what is your what's your, what are your nets? What is your, where do you invest again? The guy that I actually worked with on the financial advisor side, he's I haven't really a financial advisor.

He's just, he's doing it himself. He's a trader. He makes millions of dollars a year trading and he's his communication sucks. And he's not very, he obviously is. He's very skilled at doing the, doing the thing. So he has a track record. That's why I trust him. That's why I work with him. So yeah, if you're going to be working for someone, look at the track record. Is there success based pricing? Do you only get paid if we're successful? I don't know why people still ask that. Oh yeah. We're going to, we're going to guarantee that we're gonna make you a million dollars. You don't have to do anything. And we're only going to get paid if we're, if you're successful and you can wake up at 12:00 PM every day and get hammered every night and we're still going to guarantee it guys, come on.

There's no free lunch. Okay. If we're going to take success based pricing, I'm going to take some of the company. Okay. So knock it off with the success based pricing. You get what you pay for. How does Nick have time to help all of these clients? So my mastermind clients, my, my 1 million to 10 million, they, I don't take on too many. And then even the a hundred thousand a million, I don't take on too many. We keep things. For me when, when you need a lot of my time, depending on what you need, right? We, we structure it. We organize it. We make sure that you always have what you need. Okay. And we don't take on too many clients. And we don't, if we, if we are feeling the limits, then we will stop taking on clients. Okay.

Is this for startup companies or more established companies? It's for both. Okay. If you are a startup, this is great for you. If you are more established company and you just want to scale more salvage companies are really smart. They they're there. They exist for a reason. So typically we like working with really established companies. They're super smart. The leader, the leadership team are great. They execute, they have a track record and we work well together. Okay. how much energy is required? It takes a lot of energy solving for product market fit, creating millions of dollars I fit in. There is no small task. Okay. So you either have you either trade money or you trade calories. Okay. So if you don't have any money, you gotta work hard. How much does it cost working with us and and buying our products, not the cheapest thing in the world, but you get a crazy ROI.

It's almost laughable how much the ROI is. You look at some of our case studies listen to the interviews. It's almost laughable. Okay. how can I trust this? Well, just look at the track record, but also look at the reference lists. Okay. So I did all, like I referenced things properly. I did all the work. I read all the books. Like I said, I don't have anything else that I do. Okay. I was like, I, I defected from all of the social stuff and I just focused on this. So I did all the homework. Okay. So you'll, you can take a look at our reference list. Why do you have 50 case studies at more than 800 customers? Guys? 50 case studies is a lot. Okay. But we're continually getting more. We're getting more every day. These people ping me every day with success.

Okay. What's a long term play for you guys. It's going to be our fund. That's longterm play. Why is program support 12 months, but the actual play is only three months. Well, some people take longer to get the, the whole, like the, get the result. So the action plan is three months, but it'll take you. You might need to go through it multiple times. You might bring on new people in between six months down the road, you bring on a new person. They have to go through it. So it's the 12 months will just work for me if I'm in the UK, India on the moon. Yes. If you have an internet connection, it's going to work. Okay. So I did this in Toronto. I'm sitting in Toronto. Okay. you might even be able to see the skyline with the reflection, but yeah, I did this in Toronto and I could have done it in Jamaica.

I could have done it and Czech Republic. I could have done it wherever. There's an internet connection. That's fine. I actually started at a window list in a room. The apartment always had windows. It wasn't an app back. Come on. But I started my, my office. I was in no windows. Okay. And it was quiet. Cause I liked the quiet. I couldn't handle the sirens. That's why I just kind of put myself in that, in that, but it still worked. Okay. How does the guarantee work? We offer action-based guarantee. So if you execute the steps, we know this works. Okay. You execute the steps and you're still able to get the opportunities. You, you're not able to get appointments on the calendar and you do all the steps. Did you do, did you reach out? I'm still able to help you money back guarantee.

There you go. Okay. But you can't just buy her stuff and be like, you know, two months later you get hit with a credit card bill or you get a divorce and you're like, Oh no, no, no. Okay. You have to do the work. And so we back it up, back it up. Okay. Can I just hire someone to do this for me? No. You can't. You want to make millions of dollars? No, you can't do that. If you're already, if you already have a ton of capital then yes. But the thing is you might as well do it yourself. Like it doesn't, it's not that hard. Okay. But teaching someone how to do this, like if they're junior person and getting them to do like hiring a person to do this, it's going to be difficult because the co like you can just the core copywriting, the sales argument that you're going to have to do that you can hire someone to build the pages.

Sure. You can hire someone to do the outbound prospecting once you solved it. Sure. That's easy. You can hire someone to do the sales cost. Sure. That's easy. But deriving the argument. Nope. Not gonna work. Okay. you can try for yourself. Are your clients mainly be strapped or backed by VC? We have both. We have lots of companies who are backed by VCs. We have companies who are backed by the biggest VCs of round. And we have companies who are bootstrapped. We have companies that we have guys and girls that start companies out of their basement in the middle of nowhere. Okay. And we're able to help them and they were able to get results. How long has the relationship last? But hopefully it lasts for a long time. Okay. 12 months and then do a renewal. Hopefully you guys renew. Well, this worked for me if I'm using my existing CRM tool.

Yeah. Works with HubSpot Salesforce. Any CRM. Okay. CRM is just a glorified spreadsheet. Okay. It'll work. Are you interested in investing in investing in our company? Maybe if you're a superstar in terms of content, do you interview us or do we write it? We will help you. We can't write it without the domain expertise. How are we supposed to write your content without going five, 10 years of domain expertise. Okay. It's like, it's like asking a Newton. It's like asking a, you know, a news assistant to write that the Newton's laws, it doesn't work like that. It's new and that I had to write it. Okay. So we're going to guide you through the process. What do you need? What are the objects? How do you fill them in? We're going to try and get that information out of you and we're going to put it and then we'll help you organize and help you create the assets.

But at the end of the day, you gotta, you gotta be the person with Newton's laws. A like a copywriter is not going to be able to do that. It's not gonna work. How does the feedback from the sales calls get incorporated into the marketing generation? So you're gonna be listening to the sales calls and then you get me tweaking things on the fly. This is why you want to be in control. You want to change? Copy. You know, you want to be in control. Are you going to be the ones who are taking the calls and closing? No. We're not gonna be the ones who are taking the calls in closing. We're going to be helping you do that. If you can't sell there's no, there's no, no hope. We're gonna, if you, if you're unable to sell right now, we're going to spin that around so fast.

Okay. You're going to be just closing deals. Yeah. I don't care who you are. What case studies in my industry do you have? So there's different types of people that we sell to you. We have the early adopters and then we have the skeptics, the pragmatics pragmatists, and then the leg guards, lot of the leg guys, and the skeptics are going to ask this type of question, what cases you have in my industry. Right? Who, what competitors are you working with? A cracks me up every time you're basically asking what are my competitors doing so I can copy them. Right? So by the time your competitors are doing that, you're, it's already too late. So yes, we have case studies in so many different industries. But if that's a, that's an indication that your leg art it's copycat. And if you do that, it still will work.

But the gains are made by using just reason. Use your own reason. Does this make sense? Right? so yeah, but we have case studies in all different types of industries. Okay. But don't yeah, that always cracks me up. How does your relationship work with Y Combinator five? Sorry. I was Techstars. So we're not formally affiliated with them. They do their own thing, but we have lots of companies that go through these PR. It actually blows my mind. There's a lot of companies that go through these incubators and they still need so much help. They, a lot of times their offers, I don't even know really what's going on over there, but their offers. They're not making any money. Everything's cool. They're really cool. Right. But where's the money guys. So when someone comes into, when service starts working with us, we're like, all right, guys, we're gonna start making some money.

We're gonna start getting sales a lot of times the offer changes. And but the thing is the people that come from the 500 startups, Y Combinator all these accelerators, they're so smart. They're so smart. And so when we give them our stuff and we start working with them, they just like run. It's just, it's like, you know, we just give them a little toolkit. We help them. And then they're good. Does this work for service offers our hourly rates? Yes. It doesn't matter if you're selling software. It doesn't matter if you're selling consulting and you're selling services, hourly rates, it's, you're selling a package, you're selling something. Okay. It's just the mechanism that you used to deliver. The value is going to be different than so I'm doing software, but it's the same sales process. People don't care. They don't care if you do it with software, they don't care.

No one cares. They just care that you solve the problem. What is a video sales letter? It's a video version of the sales letter. What if I'm in a different time zone? How do I get support? We, we try to time the support. So Australia's sometimes it's a little tough, but we, we do time it so that you guys can still get support. And if you really need it all stay, if you're a client of mine, I'll, you know, wake up at seven in the morning and help you. Okay. Or I'll 10:00 PM. Like I said, I don't have cats, family, kids, any of that. Okay. I'll be able to help you. What if I'm not B2B SAS? That's okay. You don't need to be B2B SAS. Some of my customers are in the fitness niche killing it. I just made Greg so much money.

He's in the fitness that she's not B2B SAS. Okay. But the copywriting techniques apply that the same thing, he's just selling a different and mostly B2B you're selling make money, right? With B to C, you're either selling mating opportunities, whether you like it or not status mating opportunities or you're selling health and fitness, which if you were to boil it down even further, it's really mating opportunities. Why is someone going to get in shape in the first place they need to live longer. And why someone trying to lose fat is they wanna attract mates usually. Okay. And if they're not doing it for health reasons so I've never written copy or produce a video sales letter before. Can I still implement the process? Yes. You can. Most people don't, this stuff is relatively new. Most people have never done this before. So you and everybody else.

Okay. I've hired someone to do this for me already. Why do I need to work with you? Well, if they were working, they, you already have crazy growth. And if they don't have it, if they're already that good, very rich. Why are they working with you? Right? What are you going to do? Pay them a hundred thousand, pay them $80,000. Right. As a salary. He's like, nah, if they're really that good. And they're like rain, man. They're, they're not, they're not working for you. So, but the thing is, I start, I didn't start like what I'm doing now. I started working with companies. Okay. So I started wherever your person is that you just hired. I started there years and years and years ago. So what we'll do is we'll help you guys get ramped up faster. It's if you, as long as that person that you hired is smart.

They'll be able to take what we give them. And you guys would run like the wind. Okay? Some people get threatened. Some of the marketers. Okay. We're going to be honest with you. So maybe your marketer might feel threatened. Your head of sales might feel threatened. They're going to resist it. Oh, this is BS, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Your agency's gonna feel threatened. Okay. That's fine. But we're not there to step on the marketers toes. That VP sales toes. We're not, we're not, that's not our job. We're not trying to get their job. We're trying to give you the information, give you the best practices to help you. Okay? So just expect that if you bring us to your team, expect they're going to get resistance from some of these people. But that's quite normal. And, but the thing is once the, those people start working with us, then they actually warm up.

I'm not a born salesperson. Do I need to be? Nope, it's a skill. It's like playing chess or math. You, you know, you're no, one's a born math person. You learn it. Or writing English or writing Chinese. You'll learn it. It's a skill. What percentage of your cases are successful? What does it break down? Everyone who does the process is successful. That's why we guarantee a lot of people. Like, why do you think I put a guarantee in place? Right? It's guaranteed. If you do the steps, like it that's, it was so hard to solve that problem. It's very difficult. Okay. so yeah, if you go through the, if you do the work, you'll get the result. Okay. But if you don't do the work, if you, you know, you get distracted, you see a shiny object over here. You started going down the wrong path.

You just don't listen, you don't do that. Don't do the work. Then don't expect the results. But if you do the results, if you do the work and you get the results do you help me write and edit the templates? How much do you guys do? How much do we do? This is a great question. So we help you edit. We help you revise. You start, we give you the templates we get. We show you how to fill them in. And then we work on them together. Okay. Depending on your level of support, we'll work on them together. And yeah. So you're not out all by yourself, in the wilderness. Okay. What happens after 12 months? Are we flying? Solo? Just renew. Okay. We're constantly learning, constantly doing our own tests. How many customers can I get using a paid traffic funnel?

Some. Oh, how do I think I came up with all these Q and a guys. I listened to the sales calls. This is how, this is really legit. What happens on the sales call? How do you, how many paid customers do you want? Or how many can you get? Well, how many do you want? Do you want a hundred? Do you want a thousand? It's a function of how much you spend on the platforms, but the key is making sure that you're getting an ROI. Okay. How much should I pay an SDR? Anywhere from three to $5,000 a month. I take it so many courses. I know this stuff already. Why do I need this? Okay. So first of all, we're not a course. Second of all, if you already knew this, you would be already super successful and rich and wouldn't have a problem.

But if you're having a problem, then, then you don't, you don't know it. Okay. I was always very honest with myself. If somebody was better than me at something I would submit, I would just say, okay, you're you're, you know there was a guy who was making like $28 million. He was 28 and he was making millions of dollars. And I was not that I was only 24. So I was like, okay, Nick, you are stupid. He is smart. Listen to him. And I did. And it worked out for me. I did that when I was 20 years old. There's this guy named Ben Stewart, 32 years old, making millions from scratch door to door, this 400% door to door sales team. Again. I said, Nick, you are stupid. Ben is smart. Listen to Ben. Ben said, jump. I said, Ben, hi. Hi. Ben said, call this person back.

I say, yes, sir. Ben says, sometimes Ben would even say anything. I would ask a question. He would just look at me. I'd be like, okay. Okay. I got it. So anyway, point of the story is if you already knew this stuff, you already be doing it. Okay. So sometimes it takes a check, your ego. I know I had to do that sometimes, but yeah. Will you help me raise capital? Yes. If you, if we help you get a high return on your advertising and your efforts, it uses, it can be very easy to raise capital. You go to anybody, you go to you go to a bank and they'll give you money. Okay. if you get this machine working, so yes, you'll be able to raise capital and we'll show you how to position your investment thesis. But there's no tricks.

There's no tricks. We're not going to teach you how to trick investors in to giving you money. Okay. That's not even good for you. So I haven't got it because sooner or later the cows come home and you're going to have to pay these people back in some way or another. Okay. So yeah. Stop thinking about raising money. You start thinking about helping customers and I ain't getting sales. I'm not ready to buy today. I just want to learn about what you guys do. Sure. Okay. That's totally fine. Make sure you're armed with information, do your research. Okay. But if you have the problem, just do it, just do it. Okay. You're just, if you're too, you don't want to skeptic pragmatist. Sure. You're going to it's too late for you guys. Anyway. It's too late. Okay. that's the truth. One, because once you see everyone else doing it, it's too late.

The opportunity is gone. So that's okay. I'm selling into the enterprise. Can you still help? Yes. We sell into the enterprise. We do sell, we do it ourselves. Our customers do it. They're very successful. Yes. It's the same thing. Getting meetings, closing. That's it, there's a few more decision makers. But at the end of the day, there's one person that signs off and this gives the, okay. You just gotta find that person. I'll show you how to do that. Why can't I hire an agency to do this? I think I already covered this. Okay. agencies are good at building things like building the funnel, but they can't derive sales arguments. So we're going to have you do that. I don't have time to write content. That's hilarious. Yes you do. That's like saying you don't have time to to build a product, right?

This is the only two activities, sales argument, building products. That's it? Two things. Writing content and building products. Those are the two things you got to do. So that's like saying I don't have time to write a bell product. Yes you do. If Ray Dalio has time to write how the economy works. Okay. You have time to write your sales letter for your own business. Okay. if we do the program, how much access do we have for to Nick? So you still have access to me. We do group support calls in the lowest from zero to a hundred thousand group support calls, email support. And if you really need it, you have attended the group calls and you still need help. I'll say, I'll help you. Okay. If you're on my consulting program, you'll get access to when you need we're a two sided marketplace.

Can we still benefit from this? Yes, of course you can. Okay. The thing is the two sided marketplaces. Typically you started out by being lopsided one way. So you're going to start with one offer and then it reaches this critical mass point and you're able to to get a marketplace going. Okay. do we have to hire a videographer to do VSLs? No, you don't look, I'm doing one right now. It's dark the lighting. I don't even know if you guys can see me, but yeah. You know who I be working with Nick and my team members on me and my team members. Who's going to be sending the outbound emails. You guys, okay. Don't hire someone in other countries and try to pay them $7 an hour. And it's so nuanced. Like I said, if one word is off the whole thing breaks.

So we're going to show you how to get that really, really high conversion rate. What if I don't do inside sales? What if I do automated funnels? That's fine. We're gonna help you build a video sales letter, a webinar. He's going to do the same job. How many customers can I get using paid traffic already answered that if I'm currently using channel partners, will this help me? Yes. Channel partners are great. You're still going to need a sales argument. Now you're still gonna need a funnel. But if you have, if you have a channel partner and you have the funnel built, whew, you're going to do well. My customers are not going to watch a long webinar, long form pages look scammy. This is to internet marketing for me. My customers are way too sophisticated. No, they're not. Okay. they will, if it's good.

I know, so I know I have somebody on wall street in the they're. They run hedge funds. Some of the one guy runs a really successful hedge fund. I'm thinking of in particular, he does long form copy. Okay. In the form of reports, guests, how the richest people in the planet consume information, reading long form reports, how it works. Okay. So if people are giving you resistance, it's probably not written properly. And yeah, you're not going to be selling internet marketing products and programs. Okay. Don't confuse the length of the content with the utility of the content, right? That's like saying the Bible's too long. It's too long. It's not going to work. Pretty sure people read the Bible. They read it a lot. Okay. Well this worked for me. Yeah. It'll work for you. As long as you have a pulse, as long as you have the intent and you really want to do this, then it's going to work for you.

Okay? So whether you have a little bit of capital, you have a lot of capital, as long as you really want to do this. If you really are, you want to go down this path and this is how you want to build your wealth, then. Yeah. It's going to work for you that whether you're selling your current product or you're going to be coming out with a new product, it's going to work. Okay. my customer's not going to want, Oh, we already answered that one. We're doing a lot of inbound and referral business right now. Is there value for me? Yes, of course you don't the caveman think about this 10,000 years ago when we were living in like 40% huts or 40 person tribes, imagine the caveman who only depended on referrals to eat. Imagine that the caveman who are the cave woman who only depended on referrals to feed their family, do you think we'd exist?

No. Okay. You referrals are great, but you don't want to depend on them. You don't want that to be your only thing. Okay. so if you're already doing referrals, I scraped. That means your product actually works and people like it. And there you're getting this organics, you getting this organic thing going, which is great. That means you're good at what you do. Now. We're going to actually apply some advertising to that and ramp it up. Well, you helped me write my up my messages. Yes. Do I have to cold call an email people all day? No, you don't have to do it all day, but in the beginning, as you're solving for the message. Yeah. You're going to have to do it and you're going to get, you're going to have to get comfortable with it. And that's how it works. Okay. Don't be scared.

What's the minimum speed for spend for paid advertising. Start with 50 to a hundred dollars a day. How often will I be speaking with you? If you're my consulting client, you can speak with big. Maybe once every couple of days you can speak to me once every month, every six months, depending on what you need. Okay. All like everybody's making any money. A lot of our companies, a lot of companies referenced on your site, either look too small or where there aren't sales marketing leaders. We want to be confident that sales process would actually be driving new learnings. This comes from an enterprise customer. So if you're a big company the market doesn't care how big you are. The market does not care. The market cares about what problem you solve. So whether you're a big company with a hundred people, a hundred thousand people or 10 people, the market, the customer doesn't care, the customer cares about how well they communicate the value and what is the value that you're providing.

Okay. So yeah. And if you're in a large organization, you're going to learn a lot. Because it's sometimes it's difficult for even, it's difficult to get the information right away and a lot in a large organization. Okay. That's what we found. There's usually like a little bit of a lag period. So a lot of times when an enterprise customer comes to us, someone who's has, he was a part of a big company. They're leading a whole team. They have so many problems. They have a million things that they gotta manage. They're not at the front of the marketing and sales stuff. So we're going to give you that information. We're going to we're at the front lines, we're in the trenches and we're just going to give it to you. And then you guys are gonna use it. What would be the return on investment real high, how much time is required?

You're going to have staff spend one to two hours a day and depends. You're doing these activities anyway. What are you doing as part, part time, part, time business. So it's going to require some time, one to two hours a day of just actual, like focused work and then the rest of it, you're actually going to be building and you're going to be running your experiments and doing the process. Okay. But as far as like getting started and how much time is it going to take to learn? It's like one hour, a day, two hours a day. Do it at night. When your wife or your husband's reading in bed or work on like Peter, watch some stuff, take some notes. That's how it works. Okay. what else am I going to pay for what tools? So you're going to need a few things.

It's like $200 a month. If you're getting started, the big cost is paid advertising and salespeople. I don't have bandwidth right now. Okay. Everyone says that I don't have bandwidth right now. Well, what is your, the net increase in your checking account? Is it Nell or less than nil or ma if you don't, it's not, you do have bandwidth stop. All the other stuff. Start focusing on this problem. You have bandwidth just prioritization. Okay. can you help me if I'm starting from zero? Yes, we can. There are like 30 potential customers in my market by market too small. No, this is a blessing in disguise. You have a small market. This is a blessing in disguise. The reason is there's no competition. You can, if you have 30 customers go get 10. That's easy. There's no competition. It's so easy in order to get to a thousand customers, you have to go through all the other numbers, right.

You have to get to 10 and then 20 and then 50 then a hundred. So it's way easier to get to 10 if you're just in a really small market. So that's actually a blessing in disguise. That's so key. My customers don't buy like this long form. Copy doesn't work. We already covered that. Yes they do. My market is too small. Will this work? Yes, it will. I like small markets. Yeah, so that's how it works. Guys. Sign up if this rings any bells we're serious. We're the real deal. You're going to get a crazy return on your investment. You're going to do well. Okay. do your research, make sure you this makes sense for you and we'll see you on the call. If you sign up, we'll see you on your first call.

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