Jason Hamilton (TestLauncher) - Mastermind Review


Yeah. So I was able to ask him questions in here, like real problems. So it's been a lot more in depth. And yeah, it's actually like very motivational to actually see him even interact with his sales team as well.

Oh absolutely, yeah. It didn't feel like it was put together quickly, because there was so much content and there was a lot of content that it's not readily available anywhere on the internet or reading books and stuff. It's all practical, actionable content that it's nicely condensed, and now I can unfold that over the months to get to execute on it and get results. It kind of sets everything in order. So I feel like a lot more clear on what I need to do next and where to go from here.

Absolutely. I think I'm setting up a proper cadence for myself, focusing on sales, and the actual process throughout the day and what I need to do to generate leads and close deals faster. I'm going to focus on that. There's a ton more, and then kind of go from there. I'm quite excited and motivated to kick off another level that I didn't know I had.

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