The Paid Traffic Funnel Explained


All righty. So in this video, I'm going to explain one of the funnels that we're going to be covering in this program. There's a few funnels that we're going to be covering. The first one is the paid traffic inside sales funnel. And this funnel is going to make you so much money. It's not even going to be fair. If you can solve this funnel, you can just print appointments on your calendar, or you can just print tripwire offers or trials. If, if, and it's going to be very, very predictable, it's going to be a function of cash. Okay. So I'm going to go through this funnel. So first order of businesses and our traffic, we're going to be going out to the advertising networks like Facebook or LinkedIn or Google or something like that. We are going to be buying traffic, and then we're going to be sending them to an opt in page and we're going to be collecting leads.

And we're going to be looking for at least a 10 to 20% conversion rate on that event. Okay. So 10 to 20% of the people that visit that landing page are going to become leads. Okay. And then from there five to 20% of those people that become leads are going to be taking the next action, which is going to be booking a demo or starting a trial. Okay. Then from there, once people book a demo or start a trial, 60% plus or 65, 70% of the people are going to be showing up for your demo. Okay. Or if they're doing a trial, you can, you can put a calendar page in front of the, the thank you page of the trial and get them on a demo. And then from there 20 to 40% of the time, or the 20, 20 to 40% of the people that show up for demos should be closing.

And then of course, 95% of those people that close should be successfully onboarding. You should make sure that you're not dropping any balls and they're successfully onboarding. Okay. And then of course we have our contingency plans that go in between these steps. So if someone hits the page, but they don't opt in, then we're going to hit them with retargeting campaigns. Okay. And then if they, if they opt in, but they don't book a demo, we're going to hit them with email marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns. Okay. Then if they book a demo, but they don't show up, we're going to be conf we're going to be sending our confirmation campaigns or rescheduling campaigns. And if they show up for a demo and we do a demo, but they don't close, they're going to be following up like crazy. And then of course, if they become a customer, we're going to make sure that they are extremely successful.

So I'm going to show you a real life example of this funnel. And this funnel is working like crazy. It's generating tons of revenue is really it's working fantastically. And let me just show you an example. So this is my Facebook funnel here, and I am in the backend and the analytics. And you can see here that I'm driving traffic to an opt in page. And then 23% of the time people are opting in. And then 22% of those people are taking the quiz. And then 71% of those people are actually booking a demo. And let me just remind you of this funnel. So we have an opt in page, okay. This is a, a page that were dropped. We're driving traffic to, and we're collecting leads. And then from there they're watching a video sales letter pay. They're going to a video sales letter page or in a sales page.

Okay. And then they are clicking the link here and they're going to a quiz. And then from there, they are going to the apply page. And then they go to the thank you page. So when they book a demo, they get shot over to the thank you page. And this is what this is this this chart is showing her this this graph is showing. So let me walk you through one of our campaigns. This is a culture. This is our Facebook campaign. And we have other traffic sources. While we have LinkedIn ads going, we have Google ads going. This is example of cold, cold traffic campaigns. You see here last month we spent about $19,000 and we generated 583 leads, 128 quizzes and 114 booked demos, or we call them book strategy sessions. And we're seeing here a cost per lead of about $33, a cost per quiz of about $151 and a cost per appointment of $169.

And you can see here that this is the blended is the blended average. You can see, we have a cold traffic campaign. And then we also have our retargeting campaigns that are hitting people who hit the page, but didn't necessarily opt in. So you can see here, we have 120 day website visitors, and then we have a lead, no booking campaigns. And this is part of our retargeting stuff that we're going to get into a little bit later. Okay. So that's an example of a paid traffic inside sales funnel. And if we jump over to the CRM, if we go to last month, you can see here, we generated 172 demos, and we completed quite a few. We sold 39 plus 15. So out of 172, what's 39 plus 1554. So 54 divided by one 72 is about a 31% close rate. Okay. Which is right in between 20 and 40%.

And this is over all. Okay. So as you can see, we have a greater than 20. Actually, if we look at our analytics, we have a greater than 20% opt in rate. I put in this training 10 to 20%, but we have, obviously we have a 23% opt in rate for our cold traffic campaign. And then we have a five to 20% lead to booking camp lead to booking rate. And you can see here that it's actually 20%, but then we have to multiply it by 7.71, because this is the quiz. And then the demo booking is a little bit later. So 22 times 0.71, we actually have a 15% or almost 16% demo booking rate. So we're right on the near the higher end of this spectrum here. And then we have approximately a 70% show up rate. And then of course we have a 30% close rate in the, and you saw that in the CRM.

So this is an example of an paid traffic inside sales funnel that I showed you the retargeting campaigns. And then we also have the email follow up campaigns that I'm going to show you here. We have an email booking loop. So somebody ops in and then we're immediately sending them an email. And we're seeing if they booked a demo or if they submitted a questionnaire. And if they haven't, we are sending them another email a day later, and then we're waiting a day and we're checking if they booked. And if they haven't, we're sending them another one and then we're waiting a day. And if they haven't booked, we're sending them another email. And then we're sending, we're just, we're just putting them through the meat grinder and getting them to book an appointment. That's why this is at 16% because it's because we're hammering them with with email campaigns and follow up campaigns.

And then of course we have our confirmation rescheduling campaigns, and this is done inside the Calendly software, the scheduling software that we use. And then we also do follow ups the day before, or the day of, in the morning of the demo. And we say, Hey, are we still on for today? And we're just confirming the demo and make it and reminding them that they have demo today and we're making sure that they show up. And then you saw that the, we have the 30, 30% close rate, which is which it was shown in the CRM. So this is an example of an inside sales funnel. A copilot adviser has a great inside sales funnel. They're growing by leaps and bounds. And you can see here, if we go to, they have a calendar funnel and they have their top of funnel content, their case studies and all, they have a great page. And we're going to show you how to build these types of pages. And they are just on a tear right now, I'm using this type of funnel. Okay. So that's an example of a paid traffic inside sales funnel. And we'll get into the other types in the next few videos. All right. So thank you for the attention and we'll see you in the next video.

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