The Organic Content Funnel


Alrighty. So in this video, we're going to quickly introduce the organic or channel partner traffic inside sales funnel. And we're also going to touch on the organic or channel automated funnel. Now, one of my clients actually have a few of these clients that are using this type of funnel. One of the big ones is Kino and he relies heavily on organic traffic. And he also spends money like a madman on ad, but a lot of his revenue and his traffic comes from organic sources like Instagram or YouTube or Facebook or his blog. And that's actually how he got started. He built up this massive following on YouTube and he built up this massive following on his blog and his Instagram. And he's doing extremely well. Now he blew up his business with paid ads, but he did start with this type of funnel. So now a days is very, very noisy.

It's very tough to start a YouTube channel. It's very tough to grow your Instagram following like crazy. And so we recommend if you're starting from scratch and you're testing a new offer, we recommend that you start with either outbound prospecting or paid traffic, but you can also work on your organic channel because in the long run, it's going to be very valuable. If you build up an audience, it's a very, very valuable assets. I'm going to show you an example of this funnel. I'm going to show you keynote body's funnel. So he has he has his content. He has a blog. He has his social media channels. He's got his YouTube channels and they're all going to his opt in pagers quiz. Okay. So let me go over to Greg Gallagher's channel here. This is his YouTube channel actually helped Greg with his ads actually helped Greg write this ad.

This, this one almost has a million views. There's, there's tons of different ads that help him, right? But if you look at the call to action on this video at all, all these videos, they lead back to the same opt in page, which is the quiz. And you can see here, he actually tagged it. It was a YouTube quiz. Okay. So he's actually tagging his channels and that goes into his funnel. And that goes to his, his video sales letter page. And if we go to, let's see this one here, that was a cool video that was shot with Michael Del Monte, one of our buddies. And you can see here, take my physique quiz and he's linking everyone out to the exact same quiz. Okay. And if you go to his Instagram account, you can see here that he has 275,000 followers. And he's posting almost like every day or he's a couple of times a day.

You can see here that is called the action is the quiz and you can see it's IgG quiz. So he's actually tracking YouTube against Instagram. Okay. And so he's generating a ton of content every day and he's just, and he's, and he's driving people to that opt in page. And then from there they're going, if he was running a inside sales funnel, he would get them on a demo, but also, but Greg is actually sending them to a small purchase, which is a program. And then he's upselling them down the road into his his other types of products like supplements and other types of coaching programs and stuff like that. So this is a pretty, this is a tough funnel to get going because it is really noisy. But it is really effective if you can do it properly.

So again, you're just syndicating content out into the social, into the social world, your, your blog you're posting on your blog, your posts, you're posting YouTube videos, you're posting on Instagram and then you're driving people into opt in page and then down a funnel. Okay. So I just wanted to show you this funnel because some people will be in this position. Okay. And we'll get into the math behind all the other funnels. But yeah, this is an example of an organic or channel funnel and that what a channel partner will do is just send traffic to an opt in page. So what I could do, if I wanted to do a deal with Greg, I can say, Hey Greg, can you send your audience? Or can you post on Instagram, a link or a post that links out to my opt in page? So I can say, Hey Greg, can we link out to this opt in page sales process, IO slash like case study, and then I can drive his audience to my opt in page and capture leads that way. Okay. So that's an example of the organic and channel partner, traffic, a funnel really effective. We don't recommend starting with this. And and I'll show you why in the next few videos, but yeah, this is an example it's really, really effective if you get it going and if you get the snowball going. So I appreciate the time and attention, and we'll see you in the next video.

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