The Introvert's Dilemma


All right. So in this video, I'm going to talk about what's called the introverts dilemma. I'm just downtown Toronto. It's a beautiful day out, sunny suns in my eyes a bit. But yeah, this video is essentially gonna address the the introvert dilemma. So as an entrepreneur, as an introverted entrepreneur, you might be able to build amazing products, you know, get the case, studies, get the results for your customers. You know, you're able to spend a ton of time in front of the computer every day and just do great work and provide a lot of value and a lot of those results. And those outcomes require introverted activities where you're, you know, you're thinking a lot and you're, you're studying a lot. You're working pretty hard all by yourself. And so as an entrepreneur, if you're able to do that, a lot of the times it could be you, you might not be able to, once you do get those case studies, you might not be able to share them with share your ideas and your message with the world and drive demand and drive demos and tell people about your product and, and, and drive sales.

This is fair. This is very common. And it's often because you know, those folks with the introverted, you know, tendencies, they often struggle with the extroverted stuff. And so a marketer is a salesperson. It's, it's a lot of like yapping, okay. It's a lot of being extroverted and, and, and communicating. So the dilemma is, well, the best entrepreneurs, they have both. They can be introverted when they need to and extroverted when they need to. And so the introvert's dilemma is how do you become extroverted? And, and how do you get, how do you do marketing? And some people think that some introverts think that, you know, they can get, they can get someone else to do it, right. They can, they don't have to learn these skills. They're just going to doing product. And that's what they, that's what they want. I do.

But in reality, the best entrepreneurs can toggle between being an introvert and being an extrovert. So the best entrepreneurs, the deadly entrepreneurs have the ability to build amazing products and provide tons of value. And also they're able to communicate and write case studies, do videos and, and, and get attention and get people to listen to them. So the deadly entrepreneur has the introverted skills and the extroverted skills. And the good news is that it's actually easier for an introvert to learn the extroverted stuff in the marketing and the gapping, the gabbing, right? It's easier for an introvert to learn that than it is for a talker to go become an engineer. And I'm an engineer by trade as well. I was trained as train is an engineer, and I was lucky enough to have, you know, be trained in that engineering discipline. And then also at a young age, I was trained in the sales and marketing area.

So, and that's how you know, we've been able to build crazy fast growing businesses. So if you're an entrepreneur, understand that if you're especially an introvert entrepreneur, understand that the key to the marketing or the key to like the demand and having people bust down your door and, and flood your pipeline is having those extroverted skills. And you have to be comfortable writing good content. You have to be comfortable getting in front of the camera. You have to be comfortable yapping and gabbing. Yeah. So if the, if that sounds like you, if you're an introvert, you have a great product of case studies, but you don't have those yapping skills yet. You don't have those marketing, those paid advertising was case study building skills as video building skills, you can't sell your way out of a paper bag. Maybe you're not that bad, but some people literally can't sell, sell the way I have a paper bag. If you're, if you're struggling with a sales stuff, then you would be a good candidate for sales process. I, yeah, we turn technical folks or people with good products into rockstar entrepreneurs with with explosive and we help them achieve explosive growth. So that sounds like you book a demo with me, sign up or book a demo, at least look how nice it is. Look at that view. Holy crap. It's a beautiful day. It's in Toronto, it's, it's 80% cold. And then that 20% is actually really beautiful. Okay. We'll see you soon.

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