The Dangers of Following the Wrong People and the Antidote


All right. So in this video, I'll tell you a story about following the right people. And I'll tell you, you know, I made a mistake. I was following the wrong people. This is when I was I was like 22 to 23 or 24. I wanted to learn like the technology entrepreneur route. Right. I knew that that's where I needed to be. So I just looked for the most successful person, the best person I could find. And I found that person, and there were other people associated with that person who I had this bias. It was like association buys. Charlie Munger talks about this bias in his paper, the 25 cognitive biases or whatever it's called, but there's association bias. And there are these other people other than this one mentor who I was listening to. And they were the successful business owners. And they really liked to tell me certain strategies and they wanted to impose their beliefs on onto me.

And I was listening to them. I was doing what they were telling me to do, but I wasn't getting the results. And I couldn't, I, I didn't, it didn't make sense to me because I was like, wow, these people are so successful. They sold their business, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it just wasn't working for me. And then one day I was parking my car in the underground parking garage. And I saw this guy who I believe to be a very successful guy. And, and he was driving this like 1995 rusted minivan. And I saw that. I was like, Oh, Hey man. And then I saw this van. I was like, wait, what? And I get being modest and stuff like that. I get that you don't have to have like a fricking rolls Royce minivan. But if this guy was so successful, like why is he driving this 1995, like rust bucket?

And I just was like, okay, so that's a red flag. Like, even if you're a super successful get like a Toyota Sierra or whatever, at least like a nice Toyota for your family. Come on. So when I saw that it flipped a gear in my head and I was like, okay, enough that I wasted like two years listening to this person and following the instructions and I just wasn't getting anywhere. And then that was the event where I was like, okay, I'm on the wrong path. So then what I did was I was like, I'm going to be ruthlessly strict with my qualifications for my next, if I'm going to follow somebody and I need to see concrete proof that that person has done what I wanted to do. So I started researching and I had to go all over the place, all over the U S to find these people.

And I validated that what they were doing and what they were saying was true. And it was like, there was a legitimate proof. Then I found them. I had to pay them a lot of money to learn, but I, I did it right. And within six months I got the results that I was after. Like, it was, it was crazy contrast two years, listening to someone who didn't know what they're doing, but pretended versus someone who actually knew what they were doing. And they were not good teachers, they were rough around the edges. That didn't matter because they actually had the secrets. So I follow those people and it was just such a big difference. So the point is, if you're going to fall, somebody be really, really strict with your qualification. If they can't show you something, if they can't prove something, that's a red flag. And if they have something to hide you want to find it because it'll save you years and years of of time that strategy worked for me. Hopefully a strategy will work for you.

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