The "Aha" Moment


Alrighty. So in this video, I'm going to be talking about the aha moment in every business now and all the businesses that I started, I was able to find and validate this aha moment in technical terms, it's called like the profitable unit case. And so I'll just give you some examples and tell you some stories of when I found the high moment. So the first one was when I was selling door to door, I'd be dropped at like nine 30 or 9:00 AM in the middle of a street Ramsey. I've never been. And I was able to knock on doors and scrape up like 3000 bucks I'm in one day. And I wasn't, is it risk anything other than my time? And I was able to sell and deliver the service and make a customer happy all in like a short period of time.

And that was the aha moment. So it was, it was a moment where you realize you understood all the inputs to get the output, and all you needed to do was do that a ton of times you have a successful business. So that was like the first instance of the aha moment. I remember I was walking to an airport and I was just like, I kind of connected the dots. And I was just like, well, all I need to do is do this a ton of times. And I'll see how the business could fail. Another example was I had a door to door auto detailing business. So similar thing with the aha moment that happened in day one I went door to door sold. It did the job, made the customers happy. They paid the transaction was completed and they were actually like excited.

And I knew from that point, it was like, at that instance, it was profitable. All I needed to do was build a machine that duplicated that another aha moment was with a sales process IO. It took a lot of time to figure out this, but as soon as it hit, I knew that it was going to be successful. And it was an online lead from Facebook watch an hour long presentation looked at call one call closed after like 10,000 bucks. And it was at that point when I knew that the thing was going to work and we just did that like thousands of times. So it takes a lot of energy to get to that aha moment. You need marketing skills and sales skills. You need engineering skills, but if you get there, don't underestimate that the importance of that event, because basically all you need to do is just not mess it up and just wake up everyday at like eight 30 and do your job and things probably going to be pretty successful. So if you don't have that aha moment, you might be lacking in either marketing sales or engineering. And those are some of the things that we help our kids improve. So hopefully this was useful. And if you need help finding that aha moment, then click the link and book a call with me or well, and my team members.

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